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Articles within the archive for December 2019

02/12/2019:A tour of Thatcham Research - Reference/Features
02/12/2019:Exeter Council weighs in with new RCVs - News
02/12/2019:International haulier puts Volvo FH rigids in the spotlight - News
02/12/2019:DAF dealer F&G Commercials changes name to Motus - News
03/12/2019:Mercedes-Benz reigns supreme for racehorse transporter - News
03/12/2019:Crouch Recovery boosts fleet with DAF XF - News
03/12/2019:Translink renews deal with MiX Telematics - News
04/12/2019:IVECO and Nikola unveil the all-electric Nikola TRE - News
04/12/2019:Future Industrial Services banks 50 hours a week with r2c Online - News
04/12/2019:Japan Centre Group adds to Isuzu fleet - News
05/12/2019:SM UK best fit for Arriva service vans - News
05/12/2019:Michelin delivers bespoke training for Midland Tyre Services - News
05/12/2019:TRL launches route risk assessment tool - News
05/12/2019:(Skills) Challenge accepted - Reference/Features
05/12/2019:Editor’s view: Trial makes perfect - Reference/Features
05/12/2019:Tech talk. Focus on: fuel husbandry - Reference/Features
06/12/2019:Injection and combustion: Six pots or three? - Reference/Features
06/12/2019:Workshop management: Shining example - Reference/Features
06/12/2019:Parts and the aftermarket: User testing - Reference/Features
06/12/2019:Maintaining gully emptiers - Reference/Features
06/12/2019:The case for swap body systems - Reference/Features
06/12/2019:Legal Update - December 2019 - Reference/Features
06/12/2019:Telematics prove the best ingredient for Nagel-Group - News
06/12/2019:Food wholesaler sold on power of hybrid refrigeration - News
06/12/2019:MAN all-electric TGM now in production - News
09/12/2019:Daimler estimates job losses from restructuring plan - News
09/12/2019:Gardner Distribution upgrades fleet with nine new Volvo trucks - News
09/12/2019:NGC Logistics makes switch to electric for Black Friday deliveries - News
09/12/2019:Equipmake opens new factory for electric bus chassis - News
10/12/2019:Renault Trucks shows its mettle for Perkins Distribution - News
10/12/2019:Driver shortages costing hauliers dearly – RHA report - News
10/12/2019:Council picks up seven Orion Plus buses - News
11/12/2019:Brigade launches Direct Vision Standard checking service - News
11/12/2019:New Era Fuels has slick operation thanks to FORS - News
11/12/2019:Electric bus service begins at Birmingham Airport - News
12/12/2019:Bus maker extends service life with Eaton’s FC800 EverCool hose - News
12/12/2019:Fleet upgrade galvanizes steel deliveries - News
12/12/2019:Council picks Mercedes and Geesinknorba for RCV upgrade - News
13/12/2019:Rail services operator gets to grips with Michelin - News
13/12/2019:Mercedes-Benz begins production of eSprinter in Dusseldorf - News
13/12/2019:Sweet success for Bibby Distribution with new tankers - News
16/12/2019:MAN Gateshead dealership opens for business - News
16/12/2019:Ocado tests range of CNG truck with IVECO dealer - News
17/12/2019:Volvo FM rigids lift fleet flexibility for Gatwick Group - News
17/12/2019:Coach operator rolls out Michelin-only policy after mileage boost - News
17/12/2019:Hendy achieves European top 20 ranking for HGV servicing - News
18/12/2019:Achates opposed-piston engine - simulation - Video Content
18/12/2019:NI council upgrades RCV fleet with Mercedes-Benz Econics - News
18/12/2019:NJ Docksey builds on fleet reliability with Jost axles - News
18/12/2019:Animal feed firm finds the right combination with Volvo and Muldoon - News
19/12/2019:Tuffnells sees tech benefits with new Sprinter - News
19/12/2019:Go the extra mile: complete the LowCVP survey - News
19/12/2019:Container transport firm sees swift payback with telematics - News
20/12/2019:Volvo announces electric concept trucks for construction and regional distribution - News
20/12/2019:Haulier says Volvo FH with top-spec tipping gear is ‘best ever’ - News
20/12/2019:Kitchen equipment supplier says Sprinters cater for fleet reliability - News
23/12/2019:RCV maker appoints new agent for NI and ROI - News
23/12/2019:Horseman Coaches orders five more Plaxton coaches - News
23/12/2019:ELB Partners retains FORS Gold status for sixth year - News
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