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Articles within the archive for August 2021

02/08/2021:DfT selects Leyland Trucks for electric truck trial - News
03/08/2021:Scania participates in pioneering UK HGV electrification feasibility study - News
04/08/2021:Biomethane refuelling station opens in Newark, Nottinghamshire - News
05/08/2021:Greencarrier returns to Krone and TIP as European fleet grows again - News
06/08/2021:50 Isuzu 13.5 tonners join JJ Foodservice fleet - News
09/08/2021:ZF Aftermarket recommends replacing flywheel when changing clutch - News
09/08/2021:Job vacancy: Business Support Manager - Jobs
10/08/2021:Enforced lane discipline - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Brake down - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:No slack in drum brake safety - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Being a manager - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Squaddie to Swindon - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Point and squirt - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Legal Update August 2021 - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Welcome back - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Shhhhh - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Hands-free help - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:New player - Reference/Features
10/08/2021:Volvo FLE FEE (2020 build) - TE Vosa
10/08/2021:Vauxhall Vivaro C (2021 builds) - TE Vosa
10/08/2021:Mercedes-Benz Citan (2015-2018 builds) - TE Vosa
10/08/2021:Mercedes-Benz Vito (2020 builds) - TE Vosa
10/08/2021:Volvo bus BllR(3) step C, B8R(3) step C, B8R(3) step B (Builds: 2013-2016 for BllR(3) step C and B8R(3) step B; 2016-2019 for B8R(3) step C) - TE Vosa
10/08/2021:Mercedes-Benz eSprinter (2020 builds) - TE Vosa
10/08/2021:Mercedes-Benz trucks ACTROS 963 ANTOS 963 AROCS 964 ATEGO 967 (2011-2017 builds) - TE Vosa
10/08/2021:Volvo bus B8L (3) (2018-2019 builds) - TE Vosa
10/08/2021:TSG UK Solutions launches commercial wash installation service - UPDATED 6 September - News
11/08/2021:TSG UK acquires Prime Fuelling - News
11/08/2021:Scania to enhance its bus and coach service - News
12/08/2021:A guide to employment tribunals - Reference/Features
12/08/2021:Knowles Transport steps up a gear with biggest ever single vehicle order - News
12/08/2021:MV Commercial opens new base in the south - News
12/08/2021:Hydrogen-fuelled fire engines are focus of latest funded project at ULEMCo - News
13/08/2021:Public consultation kicks off review of Traffic Commissioner function - News
13/08/2021:Second Rivus vehicle service centre opens in Bristol - News
16/08/2021:SOE Safety & Sustainability Awards sponsor FCL develops pandemic-era pathogen eliminating HVAC Air Filter to improve air quality - Reference/Features
16/08/2021:Plant provider chooses Volvo for rigids - News
16/08/2021:TruTac software is a ‘one-stop shop’ for JG Pears - News
17/08/2021:Mercedes Benz safety systems demonstration video - Video Content
17/08/2021:Wrightbus creates hundreds of permanent jobs, and opens finance arm - News
17/08/2021:Solomon to create 50 new jobs across its business - News
23/08/2021:Earl Transport’s long-term partnership with TIP grows a treat - News
23/08/2021:Merton bus garage gears up for full-electric operations - News
24/08/2021:Gray & Adams showcases fully-electric Vector eCool at the 2021 TCS&D Show - News
24/08/2021:Wheel security alerts displayed on dashboard of new Wrightbus electric double decker - News
25/08/2021:Government moves closer to launch of longer semi-trailers (LSTs) and weight increase for intermodal shipping - News
25/08/2021:MAN Truck & Bus UK opens five dealerships across Central England - News
26/08/2021:Introducing Motus Truck & Van, a new Mercedes-Benz and FUSO dealer - News
26/08/2021:Giant specification for Aylestone transport’s new Volvo FH 540 - News
27/08/2021:Real-world trial of wireless electric vans goes live in Edinburgh - News
31/08/2021:CV Show, NEC, Birmingham - Events
31/08/2021:Liverpool City Region orders 20 hydrogen double deckers - News
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