Best in Show04 April 2017

From trucks and trailers to sensors, systems and services: the CV Show (25—27 April 2017, NEC, Birmingham) has it all. John Challen and Brian Tinham pick out some of the highlights for NEC visitors

DAF Trucks

Having overhauled its product line-up in recent years, DAF turns its attention at this year’s CV Show to operating costs and, specifically, how it can help reduce them. Experts from the manufacturer are on hand to talk about programmes such as DAF Transport Efficiency, as well as improvements to truck running technologies, including DAF’s silent mode and its predictive cruise control. They are also available to talk about DAF’s support services, including DAFaid, MultiSupport, Parts and PACCAR Financial.

As for vehicles, check out DAF’s show examples of its LF, CF and XF ranges on show inside Hall 5, as well as the adjacent outside exhibition area with the firm’s new Showtrekker hospitality trailer.

MAN Truck & Bus

MAN is presenting four trucks on its stand as well as its new TGE van range – the UK debut for its new venture – with three examples. MAN’s 2017 truck range offers improved performance and driving dynamics, as well as reliability, says the manufacturer. Its new generation D38 engine offers up to 640bhp and reaches its highest torque – up to 3,000Nm – even at low engine speeds. Meanwhile, the new D26 offers a power spectrum from 420 to 500bhp with a simultaneously low tare weight and reduced fuel consumption.

From its new TG series, visitors to the stand can see: a TGX 26.500 6x2/2 BLS with XLX cab; a TGX 41.580 8x4/4 BLS with XXL cab; and a TGL 12.220 4x2 BL with DK cab.

On the van side, MAN’s new TGE is well worth some time. MAN hopes its innovative van range will enable the firm to “evolve into a full service provider with the right solution for every transport task”.

MAN’s new TGE is powered by a new generation of diesel engines specifically designed for reliability and long service life. The turbo-charged four-cylinder with intercooler power units were developed to meet the heavy and varied demands placed on today’s light commercial vehicles.


Vehicles to see on the Cartwright stand at the CV Show include: a straight frame twin-temperature refrigerated trailer, designed to comply with PIEK low-noise standards; a 52-pallet double deck wedge trailer featuring Cartwright’s four-ram direct drive hydraulic full-length lifting deck. Also a must-see on the stand is Cartwright’s 11-metre tandem-axle Streetwise urban delivery concept trailer, which features twin temperature refrigeration, side unloading through doors on both sides, and multi-function ramps for pavement or road-level unloading.

Ekeri Trailers

Finnish trailer manufacturer Ekeri Trailers is showing a new ADR EX III semi-trailer, as purchased by specialist carrier, LSS of Bristol. The company, which specialises in side-opening trailers and rigid vehicles, says this latest semi-trailer typifies its build concepts – including steel-skinned body, fully-opening doors on each side and twin-lock double doors at the rear.

Certified to ADR EX III standards – so complying with both military and international standards the carriage of dangerous goods – this trailer has a 33 Europallet capacity and has been fitted with remote central locking and Ekeri’s own fastening system.

LSS managing director Phil Stone is impressed: “We ordered our first Ekeri trailer over seven years ago. The multi-access side opening and robust construction combine to give us fast loading of over-sized cargo and guaranteed load-security – prerequisites for the high-value goods we transport throughout Europe.”

For added security, in the event of tampering Ekeri’s EkeGuard system sends an automatic text alert via GPS to the LSS traffic office from anywhere in the world.


Montracon’s new ultra-versatile MT45 plant and machinery carrier is making its debut at this year’s CV Show. The new plant and machinery semi-trailer is based on a standard platform specification, but with a range of optional modules designed to cover all the bases.

The new vehicle is plated for operation at up to 45-tonnes gtw, and among key developments is a low-profile trailer neck coupled with a reduced incline air-operated neck ramp. Together, these enable access platforms – down to small electric scissors and small fork lifts – to be loaded right onto the new trailer’s neck.

Other standard features include 300mm heavy-duty side raves, 2.5- and 5.0-tonne capacity side rave lashings, hardwood inspection hatch to facilitate axle maintenance and park brakes to all axles. Additionally, Montracon’s new trailer comes with Haldex brakes, LED rear light clusters and marker lights, LED stalk lamps at the rear corners, Jost landing legs, and 2.5m long x 1.0m wide hydraulically-operated rear loading ramps.

Other vehicles on Montracon’s stand include: a 9-metre bolted galvanised steel curtainsider built to the EN12642-XL load security standard and mounted on a 26-tonne DAF chassis. And you can see: a double-deck reefer; and a 13.6-metre curtainsider trailer – this last adding a splash of colour, being finished in the company’s 40th anniversary livery.

Volkswagen UK

VW’s new Crafter makes its UK debut at the CV Show and there is a range of variants on display – including a dropside and a standard panel van, as well as another highlighting VW’s Mobile Service Clinic initiative. This latter provides extended hours servicing and the ability to carry out routine service and repair work at business premises. Also, watch out for the Crafter that has just completed a four-moth journey covering 42,000km.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking about equipping your fleet with electric vans, there is also VW’s e-load up! compact van. Based on the up! passenger car, this new little van offers 1,000 litres of load space and a 360kg payload.

Powering the e-load up! is a 60kW electric motor that generates 210Nm of torque and is linked to the front wheels via a single-speed gearbox. The motor works in conjunction with a lithium-ion battery pack and the combination provides for a range up to 99 miles.

Volkswagen is still undecided over whether or not to market the van in the UK, but says it is keen to hear from operators and drivers.

PSA Group

More electric vehicle news can be found on the Peugeot and Citroën stands, where it is a case of ‘same vehicle, different badge’. Already on sale, but making their UK show debut in Birmingham are L2 versions of the Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo, joining L1 models already in the ranges of both French marques.

Benefits include more practicality, with 250mm more load length than the L1 (2,050 vs 1,800mm) and an increased load volume of 3.7m3, up from 3.3m3. Using the standard-fit Extensor folding passenger bench, drivers can increase capacity further to 4.1m3.

The same powertrain is used as in the L1 versions of these vans – the electric motor developing 49kW and maximum torque of 200Nm, with the 22.5kWh lithium-ion batteries offering a range up to 106 miles.

Asset Alliance

Finance and vehicle rental company Asset Alliance is showcasing a new generation of high-spec curtainside rental vehicles that, it says, “push the boundaries of safety to a new level”. The company has worked with Montracon to design these vehicles, which meet the EN12642-XL standard – meaning their curtains provide a degree of load containment.

Other safety features included as standard on its new 18-tonne and 26-tonne rental vehicles include: tail-lifts with safety gates; parking sensors; yellow locking wheel nuts; red seat belts and handbrake voice warning systems.

Asset Alliance commercial development director Dave Potter says: “This vehicle has been engineered to be one of the safest heavy rigids on the market… There are greater costs, and rental companies don’t normally do this, but we believe it is the right standard to have on vehicles to protect the safety of the general public and the driver.”

Last year, Asset Alliance invested £20 million in its new Flexi-Hire division, offering medium and long-term rental packages on a mixed fleet of 250 DAF and Mercedes tractors and rigids, along with 100 new sliding bogie skeletal trailers, double deck temperature-controlled trailers and curtainsiders from Dennison and Montracon.

Vision Techniques

For the first time, vehicle safety specialist Vision Techniques is demonstrating its runaway prevention, DVR recording and cyclist detection systems on a live vehicle on stand. Thanks to the partnership deal with building materials manufacturer British Gypsum, VT has brought a tractor unit to the CV Show installed with its latest life-saving technology. So you can test the technology for yourself.

Continental Tyres

Operational services are being highlighted by Continental Tyres, with the emphasis on helping to inform fleets, and hence put efficiency and safety first while also complementing its range of commercial vehicle tyres.

ContiPressureCheck, the TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) is being shown as a standalone system and with full telematics integration. The latest system, which has been further developed this year to include ContiYardReader, is due for roll-out this summer. The latter system allows fleet managers to monitor tyre pressures automatically for all vehicles in their yards, adding further accuracy to fleet maintenance and, according to Conti, helping to prevent tyre breakdowns.


If you are interested in data management, go to Chevin’s stand, where the company is demonstrating its enterprise-level fleet management software, FleetWave. You can see for yourself how the software helps organisations take control of their information and achieve improvements in nearly every aspect of fleet, asset and maintenance management.

FleetWave works by bringing together a variety of internal and external data – from job card and vehicle defect information to real-time supplier parts availability – into a single, secure system. From there, managers can instantly compile reports, and quickly analyse trends and performance changes – then set KPIs and streamline processes.

Marshall Fleet Solutions

Returning exhibitor Marshall Fleet Solutions is promising a few surprises. As one of the UK’s largest independent refrigeration (including installation), tail lift and commercial vehicle fleet service and support organisation, Marshall says it is using the show to highlight changes to its service portfolio and to introduce some additions to the line-up.


Kögel is presenting its portfolio for freight forwarding companies – notably with a Kögel Mega, especially pre-configured for the UK market. The fir says this Mega trailer is suited not only for conventional tasks but also for high-volume transport. Worth noting is its extra-stable frame, which harnesses a cross-beam construction enabling transportation of heavy loads in a wide variety of road conditions. Kögel says it can handle daily loading operations and extreme conditions. And note that the floor can bear high fork-lift axle loads up to 7.2 tonnes while the empty trailer, with its basic equipment, weighs in at just 6,300kg.

Intelligent Telematics

Head to the Intelligent Telematics stand to see what the company is calling “the only 3G vehicle camera solution currently available in the fleet marketplace that delivers integrated driver behaviour monitoring and proactive claims management”. This approach is – according to the company – already helping UK operators to achieve annual savings of £400 per vehicle as a result of improved driver coaching and risk management, as well as £1,600 of claim cost savings per third-party collision.

The firm’s IT1000 and IT2000 3G single-and dual-camera solutions are on show. Designed exclusively for commercial vehicle fleets, they use sophisticated 3G camera technology, so that HD footage of any collision, near miss or harsh driving incident is captured and transmitted within moments.


Parma’s main concern is commercial vehicle wheels – partly how they look, but more importantly keeping them attched. Product releases at the show include: Zafety Lug Lock (more options for the award-winning wheel security system); a 19.5-inch wheel trim ring (developed at the request of a major, unnamed UK fleet); and a new O-Trim style (advanced stainless trims for 22.5in wheels). Along with new products, Parma is also using the CV Show to talk about its rebranding exercise.

Bär Cargolift

For this year’s CV show, Bär Cargolift is presenting its latest lifting technologies. On show are: a lightweight BC 750 S2L with Bär SmartControl remote control; the Bär VanLift FreeAccess for panel vans; and the new control box Bär Control EVO for the Cantilever S4 Cargolift.

Payload is the key topic in light vehicle classes, which is why the BC 750 S2L provides an additional payload of 35kg compared to its predecessor BC 750 S2. The new S2L lifts 750kg at a load distance of 600mm while weighing just 160kg (with a 1,610 x 2,100mm platform). Bär says reoptimising all components of the lifting mechanism has resulted in weight savings of 25kg.


The latest generation D-Max is the star of Isuzu’s stand. Featuring a new 1.9-litre turbodiesel engine that offers 164bhp and 360Nm of torque, a one-tonne payload and 3.5-tonne towing capacity, the new pickup is claimed to be quieter, more refined and more economical than its predecessors. Inside the cab, a range of touchscreen systems is available, equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, New D-Max also features updated ergonomics and trim.


Winton’s focus is on its range of on-vehicle power solutions. One of the innovations on display is an updated version of its underfloor driveline power take-off (DLPTO) system. The latest unit weighs less than its forerunner, thanks to the use of lighter materials – such as plastics and alloys in place of standard steel – and a decision to reconfigure the drive structure. The use of lightweight cabling has also enabled weight to be saved – and all without compromising the strength or quality of the system, says the company.


A manufacturer and developer of tyre protection technologies, Ultra-Seal arrives in Birmingham with news of major deals. Both Schmitz Cargobull and Kögel have become customers, providing end users with tyres filled with Ultra-Seal sealant on their new trailers. The result, says Ultra-Seal is reduced tyre wear, fewer punctures and better tyre pressure control.

In January, Danish transport and logistics company DSV Road ordered 3,000 new trailers for 2017-2018 from Schmitz Cargobull and requested that Ultra-Seal be used in addition to the standard factory trailer specifications. Meanwhile Kögel has also started ordering Ultra-Seal on behalf of customers, including ICTS and Amco Logistics.

Giti Tire

Giti Genesis tyres – Giti Tire’s rebranded and reworked GT REE-Tread range – is being debuted at this year’s CV Show, along with first examples of its Giti branded truck and bus tyre range, which claims some 20 patterns.

According to Giti UK sales and marketing director Tony McHugh, Genesis retreads are next-generation, hot-cure, bead-to-bead tyres manufactured using Giti casings. He claims lower costs for operators and reduced environmental impact – stating that a recycled tyre saves 68 litres of oil, 44 kg of rubber and 88 kg of CO2 across the life of the product.

Giti Genesis is available in two patterns: the GDR690 regional drive axle tyre is available in 295/80R22.5, 315/70R22.5 and 315/80R22.5; the GTR990 regional trailer tyre is offered in size 385/65R22.5.

Additionally, look out for Giti Tire’s display of new product lines, conversions of existing patterns from GT Radial (many improved through increased load index and/or 3PMSF winter accreditation), and other tyres certified for use in the EU.

BT Fleet

BT Fleet is showcasing several of its outsourced fleet management service offerings, including the smartphone apps, online portals and ‘connected vehicle’ solutions that are the result of its multimillion pound investment in new systems.

Henry Brace, BT Fleet managing director, points for example to the company’s Daily Vehicle Check app, designed to give fleet drivers a paperless and reliable means of logging vehicle checks live. He also highlights the firm’s recently launched online booking management and management information systems.

“Our ambition is to deliver innovation through technology that helps our customers turn operational challenge into competitive advantage,” states Brace. “Our multi-million-pound technology transformation programme has now delivered products and services that are enhancing the customer experience and delivering significant efficiencies.”


BPW is showing a selection of drum and disc brake axles featuring ECO Plus 3 hubs with ECO Air Compact suspension and Airlight 2 (AL2-HD). The latter – which is making its debut at the CV Show – is a heavy-duty axle and suspension system, and designed for fleets with arduous duty cycles and axle loads up to 12 tonnes. This low-maintenance system has a clamped axle connection, to enable parts to be easily repaired rather than having to replace a complete axle.

BPW is also showing a range of products to support trailer builders. Along with its landing legs and Ermax lighting systems, the company is exhibiting Hestal trailer components. With EN12642XL rated sliding pillars, the firm also offers drop-sides and CargoMaster, a strap lift system that meets DVSA load securing guidelines.



Fleet industry asset management systems provider Jaama has added extra functionality to its multi web-based vehicle, driver and workshop management solution, Key2.

Lawrence David

On the Lawrence David stand is a builders’ merchant dropside rigid truck featuring a Hiab crane fitment. The firm has made extensive use of aluminium on the floor and dropsides in order to keep weight down and payload up. Alongside this is a home delivery van body concept featuring a bonded box body to boost aerodynamics.


Another first for the CV Show is Kinishi’s latest modular commercial vehicle platform. The company has improved its load cells, pressure transducers and proximity sensors to improve tyre pressure monitoring, object detection and on-board weighing.


Visitors can see 10 vehicles on the firm’s extended stand – all equipped with the company’s technologies. Look out for Mellor Coachcraft’s Orion E electric minibus and a DAF-based truck body – complete with Eberspächer’s Airtronic D2 cab heater and Handiwash unit – from Euromotive.


The manufacturer of the Treadreader tyre measurement technology is talkig about its latest products, including the Treadreader App, which works in conjunction with Sigmavision’s handheld scanner to give instant details of vehicle tyre treads.


The Road Haulage Association is partnering with Goodyear Dunlop to bring its crowd-pulling racing bug game, as the two share stand space at the NEC. The RHA is also showcasing: tachograph analysis; a new Shop catalogue; and training and compliance.

John Challen and Brian Tinham

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