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Welcome to Transport Engineer Video, the online channel dedicated to video content of particular interest to Transport Engineers or professional commercial vehicle fleet operations managers. The range of content is varied (and can be filtered below by topic) and includes: tutorials, technical and technology updates, interviews, and product overviews.

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How to set up charging infrastructure at a depot

Electric Autonomy has uploaded a webinar covering the key steps to planning and installing depot charging, including the costs to budget in, applying for grants and how to choose charging hardware.
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Why mobile crane inspections are critical

?WorkSafeBC has uploaded a video stating that when crane inspection or maintenance is skipped or is not thorough, critical parts can fail, which can have devastating effects.
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Bridgestone video demonstrates shearography

Bridgestone Commercial has uploaded a video explaining the third step in Bandag’s tyre retreading process: shearography.
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Video demonstration of mobile column lift set-up

A video guide to set-up of the Stertil Koni eBright wireless column lifts.
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DVSA uploads guide for walkaround checks

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has uploaded a video that shows the checks that drivers need to carry out for a lorry or heavy goods vehicle daily walkaround check.
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Maha's UK's test lane installation at Chassis Cab

Maha UK has uploaded a video offering a behind-the-scenes look at its test lane installation at Chassis Cab in Bury St Edmunds, to support maintenance, service and testing.
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Guy Martin launches oil video series

TV presenter Guy Martin and Morris Lubricants have launched a video series showing how the right oil can improve fuel efficiency and avoid breakdowns.
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Choosing a starter battery

Battery supplier Varta reviews selection criteria for starter batteries for internal combustion engines, including battery placement, load and depth of discharge.
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Downspeeding made simple

Bob Ostrander, chief engineer, drivelines at Meritor speaks in a video entitled Downspeeding Made Simple
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Day in the life - bin lorry hopper door fault investigation

?A mobile heavy goods vehicle (HGV) mechanic investigates a bin lorry after receiving a call from the driver who claimed the hopper doors at the vehicle opened while it was loaded.
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Overview of the IRTE Skills Challenge

IRTE’s Skills Challenge of bus and coach engineering technicians has opened for entrants. In the competition, contestants pit their wits against a number of tasks involving their practical and theoretical knowledge over the course of a day.
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STAS Trailers explains air suspension

STAS Trailers has uploaded a video explaining how air suspension systems work
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Yutong explains e12 electric bus principle

Yutong has uploaded a video explaining the main technical principle of its e12 electric bus.
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Simulation shows tanker horizontal slosh force

Sanscot by Technia has uploaded a simulation that shows the horizontal slosh force of a tanker braking at 0.5g to a full stop.
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New operational checks on swing-up stabilisers - updated

News of three separate reported fatalities involving the use of lorry loader swing-up stabiliser legs has led to a collaboration between the Tier One Health & Safety Forum and the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers & Importers ...
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First Bus Glasgow EV depot tour

The tour covers its huge, 160-bus capacity electrification system.
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Continental video explores rolling resistance

Continental explains the components that contribute to rolling resistance in tyres in a video.
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New video series helps Morris Lubricants customers understand how oil is made

A new video series has been release by Morris Lubricants - designed to provide end users and distributors across a variety of market sectors with an insight into how oil is made and the factors that should be considered when choosing a ...
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Checking belt drive components

Aftermarket parts specialist Diesel Technic has published an explanatory video about the belt drive in an (unnamed) heavy diesel engine.
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First-of-a-kind tail-lift immobiliser fitted to motorway services vehicle

Vehicle safety solutions provider Motormax has collaborated with highway service provider Ringway Jacobs and traffic management vehicle specialist Acklea to immobilise the vehicle if the tail-lift were not stowed correctly. Motormax’s ...
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Introduction to vehicle electronics diagnostics

A US-filmed, two-part course about the basics of automotive electrical diagnostics, but still relevant to UK commercial vehicles given the general nature of the subject matter.
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Maintenance theory explainer: the P-F curve

An introduction to the fundamental concept of the P-F Curve where we can identify the point of functional failure (what the user wants it to do) and proactively find it in the act of failing prior to that point.
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Scania introduces electric trucks for regional transport; production to begin ...

Scania is now introducing solutions built upon the next level of battery-electric trucks (BEV). The new generation, available with R or S sleeper cabs, features 624 kWh of batteries installed.
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EGR tour from Bosch

Bosch offers a tour around a commercial vehicle EGR.
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Demonstration of van brake service: 2017 Ford Transit rear axle

Before doing the demonstration, Harrison Walter, director of fleet at Samaritan Emergency Medical Services in the USA argues in favour of not just replacing the pads, but either machining or replacing the rotor.
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