DVSA Recalls

Latest recalls affecting commercial vans and trucks, as well as coaches and buses, brought to you by Transport Engineer magazine and DVSA (the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)

Current recalls include:

Renault Master III vans (2017 build)
The strap of the diesel filter may break, causing the diesel filter to disconnect from its holder. There is the possibility of a noise in the engine compartment, and in extreme cases, fuel leakage. Reference: R/2017/313. Number affected: 440. Vehicle IDs: VF1MA000056883504 to VF1VC000X57277118.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 906 and Vito 639 (2014-2016 builds)
The vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) may have been incorrectly updated. This may affect the operation of systems controlled by the ECU. A software update is required to deal with the issue. Four vehicles are affected. Vehicle IDs: WDB9066332P173780 to WDB9066352S989278 and WDF63960523381401 to WDF63960523381401.

Mercedes-Benz Econic 956 (2017 build)
The "high load" parameter setting of the Electronic Braking System may not have been correctly programmed. In extreme instances, this may affect EBS brake application and vehicle stability. A total of 264 trucks are affected. Vehicle IDs: WDB9560032V247877 to WDB9560632V248975.

MAN TGS and TGX (2016-2017 builds)
A steering shaft coupling may not have been correctly manufactured. This may create a clicking noise and the steering may become restricted. In extreme instances the steering may lock. A total of 174 vehicles are affected. Vehicle IDs: WMA18SZZ0HP087916 to WMA49SZZ7HM735683.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 963, Actros II / III, Antos 963, Arocs 964, Atego II, Atego 967, Axor II (2013-2017 builds)
The rear axle casings may crack and oil may leak. In extreme cases, the axle casing may fail. Reference: R/2017/259, R/2017/261, R/2017/263 and R/2017/264. Number affected: 8,382 units. Vehicle IDs: WDB96302420138062; WDB96401420038492 to WDB9643302L989377; WDB9670051L935840 to WDB9676332L881646; WDB9700552L819421 to WDB9700772L811262; WDB9630032L845295; WDB9630032L844594 to WDB9634062L844720; WDB96401420072421 to WDB96433020167849; WDB96300320094142 to WDB96342720100754; WDB9302032L782220 to WDB9302082L794321; WDB9630032L761350 to WDB9634272L867582; WDB9640032L928685 to WDB9644232L886400; WDB9505092L800944 to WDF9506022B978420.

Mercedes Benz Actros, Antos, Arocs and Econic (2016-17 builds)
The "catch" bolt for the range change gearshift mechanism may work loose. This may affect gear changes and it is possible drive can be lost. Reference: R/2017/242. Number affected: 592 units. Vehicle IDs: WDB93020810115487 to WDB96342720154393; WDB96400320153363 to WDB96442520138948; WDB9560032V248443 to WDB9560032V248443; WDB96300320152456 to WDB96302420138062

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Euro 5; Fuso Canter TF (2009-2013 builds)
The engine fuel return pipe is made of material which may adversely react with chemicals paint etc. These may cause the pipe to swell, become loose and leak fuel. Reference: R/2017/221. Number affected: 3,489 units. Vehicle IDs: TYAFB83SB4DV00045 to TYBFEB71GLDX05768; TYAFEB01BRDX00052 to TYBFEB71ELDX07192

Citroen Dispatch IV and Spacetourer (2016 builds)
The starter motor supply wiring harness may become damaged. The positioning of the starter supply terminal may be incorrect. This may allow it to foul other components and cause a short circuit. Reference: R/2017/262. Number affected: 12 units. Vehicle ID: VF7******GZ015868 to VF7******GZ023973

Ford Transit (2014 onwards) rear brake disc supplied by APEC
The half shaft retaining bolt holes in the rear disc may have an incorrect thread. Retaining bolts may fit but may become loose and fall out. This would allow the half shaft and wheel/hub assembly to detach from the vehicle. Reference: RCOMP/2017/010. Number affected: 628 units.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog (2015-17 builds)
The battery supply line for the engine electrical system may be incorrectly routed and could result in a short circuit. This will produce a thermal overload of the battery line and melting of the protective sheath may occur. There is also a possibility that all electrics could be lost, the engine could stop and fire could start. Reference: R/2017/155. Number affected: 4 units. No vehicle IDs provided.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus (2014-2017 build)
It is possible for the wiring harness in the main switch panel to chafe on a bracket cut-out, which could result in a short to earth. If a short circuit occurs, it could result in the loss of various electrical systems. In the worst case, the engine could cut out. Reference: R/2017/239. Number affected: 143. Vehicle IDs: WEB62801523126703 to WEB62841923132417

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Euro 5 and Canter TF (2009-2013 build)
The engine fuel return pipe is made of material which may adversely react with chemicals such as paint. They may cause the pipe to swell, become loose and leak fuel, in 3,489 trucks. Vehicle ID numbers: TYAFB83SB4DV00045 to TYBFEB71GLDX05768; TYAFEB01BRDX00052 to TYBFEB71ELDX07192

Mercedes-Benz Antos 963, Actros 963, Econic 956 (2016-2017 build)
Due to an error in the manufacturing process, the lower steering shaft universal joint may not have been produced to the correct specification on 920 trucks. Under heavy steering forces, it is possible for the column shaft to move within the universal joint connection. Vehicle ID numbers: WDB96300320131818 to WDB96300320131818; WDB96302020124652 to WDB96441620127493; WDB9560012V247031 to WDB9564332V247353; WDB96300320072814 to WDB96342720102315; WDB96300320072468 to WDB96401410098386; WDB96402020104390 to WDB9644262009256

Mercedes-Benz Actros 963, Arocs 963 (April 2017 build)
The bolts retaining the offside front leaf spring (or springs) and support bracket(s) may not have been tightened to the correct specification on seven trucks. If a support bracket disconnects this could affect the steering. Vehicle ID numbers: WDB96302020158308 to WDB96342320159926; WDB96423020160833 to WDB96433820160849

Toyota Proace (2016 build)
There is a possibility that the relay linked to the electrical circuit of the starter is out of specification. As such, the relay might be blocked in a closed position. If this occurs, there is a risk of the starter overheating and a theoretical risk of fire. Also, if left in gear, the vehicle could also start to move. Vehicle IDs: VBBHV####GZ036716 to VBBHV####GZ050511; VFAHK####GZ036997 to VFAHK####GZ050518; VBBHV####GZ035341 to VBBHV####GZ049023

Toyota Proace (2016-2017 build)
There is a possibility that the bracket holding the air conditioning compressor onto the engine is not properly tightened. As a result, there is a risk that this bracket might break during driving. If this occurs, the air conditioning compressor might become detached from the vehicle and could potentially fall on to the road. Vehicle IDs: YARVABHSHGZ066917 to YARVBBHXHGZ095035

Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus (2014-2016 build)
The wiring harness in the main switch panel could possibly chafe on a bracket cut-out, which could result in a short to earth. If a short circuit occurs, it could result in the loss of various electrical systems. In the worst case, the engine could cut out. Vehicle IDs: WEB62801523126703 to WEB62841923132417.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2016 model year)
The rear spring seat bases may develop cracks that could cause the seat base or bases to fail, and the spring(s) may detach. Vehicle ID: WDB9061312N672572 to WDB9061312N699159; WDB9061332N673108 to WDB9061332N699079; WDB9061352N673108 to WDB9061352N693964; WDB9061331N672860 to WDB9061331N699171.

Mercedes-Benz Econic 956 (2013-2017)
The front passenger seatbelt stalk may become deformed. This may weaken the stalk cables and may not act as intended in the event of a collision. On affected vehicles, users should check condition of affected belt stalks, and where necessary replace stalk and fit additional cover. Vehicle ID: WDB9560012V241265 to WDB9564332V247353.

Fiat Doblo 1.3D Multijet (2014-on) starter motor failure
Often, a slow start or excessive crank time can be incorrectly diagnosed as a faulty or worn-out starter motor; however, this is not always the case. THIS IS NOT A MANUFACTURER RECALL STATEMENT. According to Autoelectro, an independent remanufacturer of starter motors and alternators, sometimes it is not the starter motor that is causing this problem; in fact, it is caused by the engine’s main earth wire to the chassis being corroded. The damage triggers a poor connection and can result in excessive cranking of the starter motor and, consequently, may cause it to burn out and fail. Autoelectro advises technicians to inspect the earth wire connected to the chassis and replace if necessary. The wire on the Doblo can be found close to the gearbox and runs directly from the negative terminal on the battery.

Mercedes Benz Actros (December 2016)
The front axle housing could have sustained material damage during the production process, leading to a potential to fail without warning. An axle break can lead to wheel loss and the vehicle may no longer be steerable, increasing the risk of an incident. WDB96300320128286

Fix announced for Ford Transit 2.2 TDCi (2006-2012) alternator charging fault
According to Autoelectro, the Transit issue originates from water and dirt contaminating the crankshaft pulley, leading to excessive vibrations within the auxiliary drive belt system and, ultimately, causing a charging fault with the alternator. THIS IS NOT A MANUFACTURER RECALL STATEMENT. If a technician diagnoses this fault when inspecting this specific model, Autoelectro recommends that the crankshaft pulley and auxiliary drive belt are replaced, and that a splash guard be fitted to avoid reoccurrence of this problem. http://www.autoelectro.co.uk

Fix announced for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (1999-2006) alternator pulley failure
Autoelectro says its technical team has found a fix for a common problem relating to older Mercedes-Benz Sprinters (1999 to 2006). THIS IS NOT A MANUFACTURER RECALL STATEMENT. The issue centres on an alternator pulley failure, caused by a stretched or worn belt. Over a prolonged period, the vehicle’s drive belt stretches: as it elasticises, an incorrect load is applied to the alternator pulley set-up, which results in excessive vibration within the drive belt system and can cause the failure of the alternator pulley and/or bearings. Autoelectro’s advice is to inspect the belt and, if it exceeds 2,100mm in length, the part must be replaced. It recommends a 6PK2100 belt, with an additional guide pulley between the power steering pump pulley and crankshaft pulley. Focusing on diesel models, the issue affects part numbers AEA3201, AEC1299, AEC1481, AEC1489 and AEC1630. http://www.autoelectro.co.uk

Citroen Dispatch/Peugeot Expert 4 (2016-2017 build)
The tightness of one of the air conditioning compressor support mountings may not be correct to specification. This will result in an abnormal noise and possibility of the compressor becoming insecure. Remedial Action: on affected vehicles the tightness of the support should be checked; where necessary the support will be replaced. Vehicle ID: VF3******GZ065379 to VF3******HZ001616; VF3******GZ036449 to VF3******HZ006114

Mercedes Benz Actros & Atego (2016-2017 build)
Two different issues. First, steering wheel may come loose: The screw securing the steering wheel to the splines may be missing. This can lead to loss of directional control thereby increasing the risk of a collision. Vehicle ID: WDB96700120138665; WDB96340320124170; WDB96342320121324; WDB96342320132258; WDB96342320137012. Second, in the same trucks in the same build range, the vehicle safety system may incorrectly diagnose an imminent crash. In unusual situations the Active Electronic Braking System (AEBS) can misinterpret freeze frame data and cause the brakes to fully apply when not required. The driver does have time to cancel the braking activity. Brake lamps and warning flashers alert drivers behind. If the truck driver or the driver following are not alert, there is an increased risk of collision. Vehicle owners are to be contacted informing them of the concern and asking them to observe the notes in the owner’s manual regarding potentially initiated random braking procedures. When the new update to the sensor system has been validated the vehicles will be recalled for the control units to be updated. Vehicle ID: WDB96300320055396 to WDF9634031B984738; WDB96702420060811 to WDB96752610107130; WDB96400320090086 to WDB96442620099256.