DVSA Recalls

Latest recalls affecting commercial vans and trucks, as well as coaches and buses, brought to you by Transport Engineer magazine and DVSA (the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)

Current recalls include:

MAN Bus P12
The socket protective device on the inverter may be defective, which can result in a lack of protection from the residual current circuit breaker, placing objects and/or people at risk of damage/injury. Recall all affected vehicles to carry out a modification as per the manufacturer's technical bulletin. Vehicle ID: WAGP12ZZ4D5002254 to WAGP12ZZ4D5002254; WAGP12ZZ9B5001548 to WAGP12ZZ9B5001548; and WAGP12ZZ3D5002326 to WAGP12ZZ3D5002326.

Volvo FH and FM
During production the split pin for the brake pedal cross shaft may not have been correctly installed, which could result in a reduction of braking effort. Recall all affected vehicles to check and, if required, fit a split pin or further secure the currently installed split pin. Vehicle ID: A731408 to B742429

Mercedes-Benz Atego
Battery positive and negative cables may chaff between the engine and gearbox, resulting in a short circuit, with associated damage and possibly fire. In addition, the Circuit 50 cable may chaff and short circuit on the battery cable, causing the starter to engage and hence risk to persons working around the vehicle. Recall all affected vehicles to check cables and reroute as necessary. Vehicle ID: 9670211L819398 to 9670282L929540; 96752610096553 to 96752620040693; 96760620035971 to 9676062L984985; 9670342L864620 to 96703720082064; 967001200003157 to 9670082L975381; 9676072L886516 to 9676332L881646; 96720120020692 to 9672072L957182; 9672342L960980 to 9672342L961859

Volvo Bus B11R
During production the temperature sensors for the alternator have been installed/located in the wrong position. This can result in the driver not receiving an early warning of the alternator overheating. Recall all affected vehicles to inspect and, if found incorrectly positioned, reposition as per the technical service instruction, including checking the alienator bearings/friction. Vehicle ID: YV3T2U826DA162687 to YV3T2U827HA183702

Mercedes-Benz Citan
Unions on certain brake pipes may not have been tightened to the correct torque. This may allow fluid to escape and affect the braking efficiency. On affected vehicles check pipe unions and brake fluid level. Tighten unions and adjust fluid level where necessary. Vehicle ID: WDF4156052U196503 to WDF4156052U198133; WDF4157052U194877 to WDF4157052U197636; WDF4156032U196337 to WDF4156032U198093; WDF4156012U196963 to WDF4156012U198056; WDF4157032U196668 to WDF4157032U198046.

Iveco Stralis Hi-Way, AS/ AS-L, Hi-Road and Hi-Street
The Central Brake Unit and Rear Axle Modulator units may not function as intended. This can cause a higher braking retardation or quicker braking than anticipated. Recall all affected vehicles to check the production dates of the Central Brake Unit and Rear Axle Modulator units and change the units if found to be within the affected production range.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 963, Antos 963 and Arocs 964
Several steering spindles may have been fitted not to specification.The result could be loss of directional control. Recall vehicles to check dimensions of the steering spindle and, where out of spec, replace the spindle. Vehicle ID: WDB96300320110460 to WDB96300420110460; WDB96340320112294 to WDB96340620112965; WDB96402020112979 to WDB96402020119045; WDB96420020112918 to WDB96421820112922; WDB96302020111333 to WDB96302020120401; WDB9634272011865 to WDB96342720117715; WDB96441420117399 to WDB96442420112983; and WDB963420111133 to WDB963422420114508

Volvo FL and FE
The drag link rod ball joints and/or at the link rod clamp may not have been torqued correctly, so the securing nuts may become loose, resulting in the drag link rod detaching from the spindle arm or the pitman arm. Recall all affected vehicles and check the torque of the securing nuts.If incorrect, replace the drag link. Vehicle ID: Z108441 to Z108441; and Z108070 to Z108070.

Volvo FL and FE3
Rear leaf spring retaining bolts may not have been tightened to the correct specification. On affected vehicles check spring hangers and replace as required. Vehicle ID: Z101020 to Z111115

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Two out of the four screws/bolts of the trailer hitch may not have been tightened correctly resulting in excessive stress to the other bolts. Over time the connection could fail and the trailer detach. Recall affected vehicles and replace the fixing bolts/screws. Vehicle ID: WDB9062532N610429 to WDB9062532N610429

Wrightbus Streetvibe, Streetlite and Streetdeck
The multi-circuit protection valve section of the APU has been incorrectly piped. The driver could release the park brake without sufficient pressure in the service brake circuits for them to function. In this condition, the red low pressure warning light for service brake circuits will either be independently illuminated or both together, plus the low air pressure buzzer will be sounding. Recall vehicles likely to be affected to change the position of two air pipes on the APU. Vehicle ID: SA9DDRSXX14141001 to SA9DDRSXX16141271; SA9NSRVXX15360001 to SA9NSRVXX15360012; SA9DSRXXX10141001 to SA9DSRXXX14141870; SA9DSRCXX15141014 to SA9DSRCXX15141015; SA9DSRCXX13141001 to SA9DSRCXX14141013; SA9NSRVXX16360013 to SA9NSRVXX16360017; and SA9NSRVXX17360018 to SA9NSRVXX17360029.

Renault Trafic III
Incorrect tyre pressure label has been fitted and, if ordered, the spare wheel may also be incorrect. It is possible that the stability of the vehicle could be affected. Recall affected vehicles to replace both the tyre pressure label and the spare wheel. Vehicle ID: VF1JL000052838888 to VF1JL000554663090

MAN Bus P20, P21 and P22
The maintenance flap under the driver's window may open unintentionally. On affected vehicles, replace snap lock in the lower area of the maintenance flap under the driver's window by a lock with latch. Vehicle ID: WAGP21ZZ5FT022129 to WAGP22ZZ0GT023695,

Mercedes-Benz Atego 967
Rear service brakes may fail to activate, meaning that affected vehicles may experience a lack of braking control on the rear axle when reverse gear is engaged. On affected vehicles fit a pneumatic control system. Vehicle ID: WDB9670022L909892 to WDB9670022L909896

Renaullt Trafic III
The rear axle bolts may not have been correctly tightened, which may generate a noise from inside the wheel arch or cause friction on the Tyre. It is possible for the axle to become uncoupled from the body of the vehicle. Recall vehicles likely to be affected to ensure bolts are at the correct torque. Where axle bolts are missing the axle must be replaced. Vehicle ID: VF11FL10250257069 to VF1JL000X54613446

Mercedes-Benz Bus Citaro
Bonding on the glass panel of the rear left upper maintenance flap may not be to specification. This may allow the glass to vibrate and can result in either failure (shattering) or detachment of the glass panel from the frame. Recall affected vehicles and fit rubber buffers, an additional retention medium and protective film. Vehicle ID: WEB6280153126703 to WEB62801823130744

Mercedes-Benz Actros, Antos and Arocs
An incorrect mounting bracket for the power assisted steering pump may have been installed. This can cause misalignment of the pump and wear to the drive mechanism., which could result in failure of the drive shaft and loss of power assistance for the steering. Recall all affected vehicles to check the power assisted steering pump bracket and, if required, replace the bracket, pump and drive shaft. Vehicle ID: WDB96400010054268 to WDB96442420019778 and WDB9630030019587 to WDB9634272L991612

Mercedes-Benz sprinter
The seatbelt mountings on the two-seater bench seats may not be correctly tightened. This could cause the seatbelts to not fully restrain the passengers and heighten the risk of injury if the vehicle is involved in a collision. Recall vehicles and check and retighten the seatbelt mountings. Vehicle ID: WDB9067332P261171 to WDB906733P262144 and WDB906633P264275 to WDB9066332P264836.

Mercedes-Benz Actros, Antos, Aroc, Axor
A certain batch of tyres may be affected by progressive damage which may cause the tread to detach and adversely affect vehicle control. Recall vehicles likely to be affected, and check (including the spare), changing out affected tyre. Vehicle ID: WDB9302052L655785 to WDB9302052L793922 and WDB9630202L838863 to WDB9630202L838863.

Renault Trafic III
Driver may experience vibrations or noise from the steering wheel due to cracks starting in the steering wheel hub. If not rectified, the steering wheel could break. Recall vehicles likely to be affected and check the manufacturing date of the steering wheel hub. The steering wheel hub will be replaced it if the date is inside the identified period. Vehicle ID: VF1FL91B2EY535811 to VF1JLD1ESDY510144

Renault Trafic III
During production the EGR pipe has been manufactured from incorrect thickness material, meaning that cracking is possible so exhaust gases could leak, in turn causing surrounding parts to deteriorate, black smoke emissions, loss of power and leading to a warning light. Recall all affected vehicles and replace EGR pipe. Vehicle ID: VF11FL10250257069 to VF1JL000853554998

Iveco Daily 40c to 70c
On affected vehicles the eyelet connection of the parking brake secondary cable could break. If this happens, the parking brake function can be affected. Inspect and, where necessary, replace cables.

Volvo Bus B8R (3)
A potential chafing condition has been identified between the alternator power cables and P-clamp. This may result in a short circuit, which could lead initially to flickering of malfunction lamps on the instrument display. If corrected, a fire may occur. Action : Recall vehicles and replace the P-clamp with a more robust clamp secured with additional rubber protection in two locations. If serious cable chafing is identified, the cable should be replaced. Vehicle ID: YV3T7U529DA162334 to YV3T7U529HA181052

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
In the event of an accident, the windows, bonded tie down rails and the super high roof (if fitted) could detach and increase the risk of injury due to the lack of adhesion of non-conforming paint. Action : Recall vehicles likely to be affected and remove/install all bonded windows (excluding the windshield) and tie down rails and/or super high roof (if present), as well as repainting the corresponding bonding surfaces. Vehicle ID: WDB9061352N638892 to WDB9061352N639650; WDB9066332P143460 to WDB906332P211718; WDB9066331P172107 to WDB9066331P172107; WDB9066352P154112 to WDB9066352P209111; WDB9066372P184434 to WDB9066572P207637

MAN Bus P20 & P22
There is the potential that the brackets for the locks of the wheel cut-out trim panels may become detached causing an increase risk of collision. Recall vehicles likely to be affected and replace rear wheel cut out trim panels with a modified version. Vehicle ID: WAGP20ZZ0ET020667 to WAGP22ZZXFT022133