DVSA Recalls

Latest recalls affecting commercial vans and trucks, as well as coaches and buses, brought to you by Transport Engineer magazine and DVSA (the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)

Current recalls include:

Mercedes-Benz Vans (2013-2018 builds)
The ‘airbag off’ indicator lamp does not light up if the front passenger seat is recognised to be unoccupied. Manufacturer reference: SRX1802. Number affected: 36. Vehicle IDs: WDF44760323191981 to WDF44770523278313

Mercedes-Benz bus (2018 build)
Error in the documentation for system and vehicle type approval. Manufacturer reference: Ti86.60U10682A . Number affected: 1. Vehicle ID: WEB41056523001162

Volvo bus (2011-2018 builds)
The seat attachment rails may lack the stipulated extra rivets at the end of each rail. The remedial action is to check the assembly and install additional rivets as required. Manufacturer reference: C5519. Number affected: 158. Vehicle IDs: YV3T2P425B1148509 to YV3T2U826J1191053

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo bus (2015-2017 builds)
The pivot bearing for the bearing pin on the door drive could break. Manufacturer reference: TI72.10M10684A. Number affected: 431. Vehicle IDs: WEB63241523000485 to WEB63247523000921

Nissan NV200 (M20) van (2017 builds)
An internal ignition switch spring may have been maunfactured with a surface defect. Manufacturer reference: PS8B5. Number affected: 43. Vehicle IDs not given.

Irizar 16 coach/Scania bus (2011-2017 builds)
The front wheelchair lift control wire has been fused incorrectly, leading to the possibility of an electrical short circuit and subsequently an electrical fire. The remedy involves inspecting the electrical circuit and protecting the wire with a lower-rated fuse. Manufacturer reference: RC189999. Number affected: 43. Vehicle IDs: 99135295 to 99135387.

MAN Truck TGA, TGS and TGX (2004-2015 builds)
The propshaft may fail and fall of the vehicle, causing injury and damage to other road users. The remedy involves installing a prop shaft catcher to prevent failing prop shafts falling off. Manufacturer reference: 6115TRC. Number affected: 390. Vehicle IDs: WMAH17ZZ05W059888 to WMAH86ZZ65K001264; WMA18XZZ08W112655 to WMA18XZZXGP070214; WMA18SZZ08W119639 to WMA18SZZXFP061739

Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus (2003-2004 builds)
In this fault, the anti-entrapment protection of the pneumatic outward-opening door stops working after de-powering of the door. Manufacturer reference: T172.40M10699B. Number affected: 195. Vehicle IDs: WEB62804323103391 to WEB62824323105181

Mercedes-Benz Vito vans (2015-2017 builds)
In Vito models with rotating front seats (SA codes SB5/SB6), the front seats can loosen the wire fixings under the seats when being rotated. Should the wiring harness be damaged in the worst-case scenario, this could lead to deactivation of the thorax bag or to unintentional triggering of the thorax bag in the case of a short circuit caused in the process. A disarmed thorax bag is indicated via the SRS indicator lamp. Since the beginning of June 2017, the series has protected the wiring from jamming and damage by using an optimized mounting clip. We will recall and bring the installation of the cables under the swivel seats on the affected vehicles up to the optimized current series status. Manufacturer reference: SRX1801. Number affected: 33. Vehicle IDs: WDF44770123120383 to WDF44770523317835.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 906 vans (2017 builds)
Spot welds on the front side wall that join the door frame with the hinge reinforcements behind it might not have been applied. Manufacturer reference: SRV1802. Number affected: 667. Vehicle IDs: WDB9061312N735501 to WDB9061312N736036; WDB9062332N736647; WDB9061532N735082 to WDB9061532N736787; WDB9062552N737507; WDB9061351N735869; WDB9062352N736006 to WDB9062352N737445; WDB9061552N734256 to WDB9061552N736462; WDB9061332N734175 to WDB9061332N737686; WDB9061352N734213 to WDB9061352N738229.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class (2018 builds)
Tyre pressure monitoring system software error: on affected vehicles there is the possibility of a software error in the tyre pressure monitoring system of some X-Class vehicles. If the tyre pressure falls below the minimum level required, the intended warning message may not be shown in instrument cluster, as a result of this error. Driving with tyre pressure that is too low causes increased and/or uneven tyre wear and changes the steering and braking behaviour of the vehicle. This may increase the risk of accidents. Manufacturer reference: SRV1805. Number affected: 99. Vehicle IDs: WDF4702112G011543 to WDF4702312G012504.

Citroen Dispatch IV; Peugeot Expert 4 (2015-2017 builds)
Tow ball support bracket durability judged inadequate. The manufacturer has determined that the tow ball bracket could not withstand mechanical constraints when subjected to the highest stress levels which can occur during the vehicle's lifetime. The remedy involves the replacement of the tow ball support bracket with a redesigned version. Citroen details: manufacturer reference: GFW. Number affected: 103. Vehicle IDs: VF7******GZ075948 to VF7******HZ071468. Peugeot details: manufacturer reference: HYJ. Number affected: 96. Vehicle IDs: VF3******HZ001736 to VF3******HZ075817.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with NGT gaseous fuel engine (1999-2002 builds)
Gas fuel tanks fitted to affected vehicles may be affected by corrosion. Over time corrosion may weaken the tank wall(s) and the tank may burst. Garages are to assess the extent of corrosion and replace the tank where necessary. Manufacturer reference: SRV1801. Number affected: 18. Vehicle IDs: WDB9036622R146233 to WDB9036622R446877; WDB9030622P961507 to WDB9030622P961507.

Mitsubishi L200 (2016 model year) pick-up truck
Door latching mechanism may malfunction in hot temperatures. The locking mechanism in the door latch assembly may not operate properly in high temperatures. As a result, the door may not latch correctly and may unintentionally open whilst driving. This may affect one or more doors depending on vehicle identification number. Modified assemblies are available and the remedy is to replace door latch mechanisms as identified by the manufacturer. Manufacturer reference: R3033770 /71 /72 / 73. Number affected: 4,676. Vehicle IDs: MMCEJKL20GH230458 to MMCEJKL20GH234267, MMCJJKL10GH018789 to MMCJYKL10GH234306.

Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner (2017 builds)
Airbags may not be triggered in the event of a collision. On the affected vehicles, an internal component within the airbag triggering ECU may have been damaged which could lead to non-deployment. There are no early warning signs or symptoms for the customer to indicate if the ECU is incorrect. Manufacturer reference: GHE (Citroen), JAC (Peugeot). Number affected: 110 (Citroen); 124 (Peugeot). Citroen vehicle IDs: VF7******HJ878571 to VF77MBHY6HJ880776. Peugeot vehicle IDs: VF3******HJ876438 to VF3******HS326225.

Mercedes-Benz Evobus Citaro Euro VI (2013-2015 builds)
The rigid fuel return pipe may break at the fuel pump module due to engine vibrations. This will allow fuel to leak onto the road surface which will be a hazard to other road users. Fuel may also leak onto hot engine parts with a risk of fire. Manufacturer reference: TI47.00M10174A. Number affected: 111. Vehicle IDs: WEB62801523126703 to WEB62841823124454.

DAF LF (2005-2016 builds)
For the 5.10 type axle, the pinion nut may, over an extended period of time, become loose due to an undersized pinion shaft spline. This may cause the pinion flange to separate and in extreme cases the differential may seize. Manufacturer reference: 571. Number affected: 2,507. Vehicle IDs: XLRAE45BF0L265148 to XLRAS55GF0L433924

Vauxhall Movano B (2015-2017 builds) Renault Master (2016-2017 builds) and Nissan NV400 (X62) (2016-2017 builds)
The steering column may become detached from the rack due to incorrectly tightened bolt. Manufacturer references: E172112440 (18-C-021) – Vauxhall; 0CTQ – Renault; PN8B1 – Nissan. Some 160 Movano B vans are affected, with vehicle IDs: GB104161 to HB135529. Some 124 Master vans are affected, vehicle IDs VF1MA000056188469 to VF1VC000856778319. Some 41 Nissan NV400 vans are affected, but no vehicle IDs were published.

Volkswagen Transporter T6 (2017 builds)
The front passenger airbag may be faulty. There may be insufficient protection especially for smaller passengers in the front seat because of incorrectly folded passenger airbags. Manufacturer reference: 69U2. Number affected: 81. Vehicle IDs: WV1ZZZ7HZJH083234 to WV1ZZZ7HZJH084897 and WV2ZZZ7HZJH083037 to WV2ZZZ7HZJH084891.

Mercedes-Benz Evobus Citaro C2 Step 3 (2017 builds)
The "bus bar" of the fuse panel on the power distribution board (PDB) could be loose. This may cause faults in circuits associated with the fuse board circuits. Manufacturer reference: TI54.15M10640A. Number affected: 6. Vehicle IDs: WEB62801623134063 to WEB62801623134068.

Nissan NV400 (X62) (2016-2017 builds)
The fuel filter support bracket may crack and the fuel filter could become insecure, As a result the fuel filter and or fuel tube may leak. Manufacturer reference: PN8B0. Number affected: 25. No vehicle IDs published.

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo bus (2016 builds)
The bonding on the panelling under driver's window may be incorrect and the panel could detach. Manufacturer’s reference: TI88.60T10324A. Number affected: 36. Vehicle IDs: WEB63241523000723 to WEB63247523000807.

Mercedes-Benz Vito 4476 & 4477 (2011-2017 builds)
Electrical wiring in steering assembly may be insufficiently grounded. The steering column clock spring may break. This will cause warning messages to illuminate in the instrument cluster but in extreme instances it may cause the driver's airbag to deploy. Manufacturer reference: SRX1800. Number affected: 802. Vehicle IDs: WDF44760123048757 to WDF44760123060367; WDF44770313001033 to WDF44770323060229; WDF44770123051541 to WDF44770123058401; WDF44760523048281 to WDF44760523060621; WDF44760313012653 to WDF44760323060394; WDF44770513035104 to WDF44770523060695.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 964 (2014-2017 builds)
This issue affects vehicles with double drive axles and a trailing axle. Under very specific axle load conditions – including lowered chassis and slippery or loose terrain – traction at both drive axles may be compromised, and the vehicle may move. The fix involves fitting spring brake actuators to the trailing axle. Reference: R/2017/296. Number affected: 31. Vehicle IDs: WDB96404110064726 to WDB9643412L982556.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 964 (2017 build)
The battery positive lead may have been incorrectly fitted and may chafe. This may cause a short circuit. Reference: R/2017/277. Number affected: 4. Vehicle IDs: WDB96402420181176 to WDB96421420179446