DVSA Recalls

Latest recalls affecting commercial vans and trucks, as well as coaches and buses, brought to you by Transport Engineer magazine and DVSA (the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)

Current recalls include:

Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner (2017 builds)
Airbags may not be triggered in the event of a collision. On the affected vehicles, an internal component within the airbag triggering ECU may have been damaged which could lead to non-deployment. There are no early warning signs or symptoms for the customer to indicate if the ECU is incorrect. Manufacturer reference: GHE (Citroen), JAC (Peugeot). Number affected: 110 (Citroen); 124 (Peugeot). Citroen vehicle IDs: VF7******HJ878571 to VF77MBHY6HJ880776. Peugeot vehicle IDs: VF3******HJ876438 to VF3******HS326225.

Mercedes-Benz Evobus Citaro Euro VI (2013-2015 builds)
The rigid fuel return pipe may break at the fuel pump module due to engine vibrations. This will allow fuel to leak onto the road surface which will be a hazard to other road users. Fuel may also leak onto hot engine parts with a risk of fire. Manufacturer reference: TI47.00M10174A. Number affected: 111. Vehicle IDs: WEB62801523126703 to WEB62841823124454.

DAF LF (2005-2016 builds)
For the 5.10 type axle, the pinion nut may, over an extended period of time, become loose due to an undersized pinion shaft spline. This may cause the pinion flange to separate and in extreme cases the differential may seize. Manufacturer reference: 571. Number affected: 2,507. Vehicle IDs: XLRAE45BF0L265148 to XLRAS55GF0L433924

Vauxhall Movano B (2015-2017 builds) Renault Master (2016-2017 builds) and Nissan NV400 (X62) (2016-2017 builds)
The steering column may become detached from the rack due to incorrectly tightened bolt. Manufacturer references: E172112440 (18-C-021) – Vauxhall; 0CTQ – Renault; PN8B1 – Nissan. Some 160 Movano B vans are affected, with vehicle IDs: GB104161 to HB135529. Some 124 Master vans are affected, vehicle IDs VF1MA000056188469 to VF1VC000856778319. Some 41 Nissan NV400 vans are affected, but no vehicle IDs were published.

Volkswagen Transporter T6 (2017 builds)
The front passenger airbag may be faulty. There may be insufficient protection especially for smaller passengers in the front seat because of incorrectly folded passenger airbags. Manufacturer reference: 69U2. Number affected: 81. Vehicle IDs: WV1ZZZ7HZJH083234 to WV1ZZZ7HZJH084897 and WV2ZZZ7HZJH083037 to WV2ZZZ7HZJH084891.

Mercedes-Benz Evobus Citaro C2 Step 3 (2017 builds)
The "bus bar" of the fuse panel on the power distribution board (PDB) could be loose. This may cause faults in circuits associated with the fuse board circuits. Manufacturer reference: TI54.15M10640A. Number affected: 6. Vehicle IDs: WEB62801623134063 to WEB62801623134068.

Nissan NV400 (X62) (2016-2017 builds)
The fuel filter support bracket may crack and the fuel filter could become insecure, As a result the fuel filter and or fuel tube may leak. Manufacturer reference: PN8B0. Number affected: 25. No vehicle IDs published.

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo bus (2016 builds)
The bonding on the panelling under driver's window may be incorrect and the panel could detach. Manufacturer’s reference: TI88.60T10324A. Number affected: 36. Vehicle IDs: WEB63241523000723 to WEB63247523000807.

Mercedes-Benz Vito 4476 & 4477 (2011-2017 builds)
Electrical wiring in steering assembly may be insufficiently grounded. The steering column clock spring may break. This will cause warning messages to illuminate in the instrument cluster but in extreme instances it may cause the driver's airbag to deploy. Manufacturer reference: SRX1800. Number affected: 802. Vehicle IDs: WDF44760123048757 to WDF44760123060367; WDF44770313001033 to WDF44770323060229; WDF44770123051541 to WDF44770123058401; WDF44760523048281 to WDF44760523060621; WDF44760313012653 to WDF44760323060394; WDF44770513035104 to WDF44770523060695.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 964 (2014-2017 builds)
This issue affects vehicles with double drive axles and a trailing axle. Under very specific axle load conditions – including lowered chassis and slippery or loose terrain – traction at both drive axles may be compromised, and the vehicle may move. The fix involves fitting spring brake actuators to the trailing axle. Reference: R/2017/296. Number affected: 31. Vehicle IDs: WDB96404110064726 to WDB9643412L982556.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 964 (2017 build)
The battery positive lead may have been incorrectly fitted and may chafe. This may cause a short circuit. Reference: R/2017/277. Number affected: 4. Vehicle IDs: WDB96402420181176 to WDB96421420179446

Citroen Dispatch IV and Spacetourer – DV6FC engine, and Peugeot Expert 4 and Traveller – DV6F engine. Berlingo and Berlingo VU (B9) fitted with 1.6 DV6FC engines. Peugeot Partner Teepee (B9) and VU (B9) fitted with 1.6 DV6FC engine. (2017 builds)
An engine component may not be to specification which could result in loss of engine performance. This may lead to the engine stalling and potentially causing an engine failure. In very unlikely circumstances the vehicle speed may increase without warning but will stop on its own after a few seconds. Reference: R/2018/002 and R/2018/003. Number affected: 198 Citroen large vans, 314 Peugeot large vans. Citroen vehicle IDs: VF7******HZ089288 to VF7******HZ092275; VF7******J4074126 to VF7******HW526351. Peugeot vehicle IDs: VF3******HZ086872 to VF3******HZ083707; VF3******HS276992 to VF3******HS287075.

Ford Transit Connect
Localised overheating of the engine cylinder head may cause the cylinder head to crack. This may cause a pressurised oil leak which in extreme circumstances could result in a fire in the engine compartment. Following an inspection, the fix involves replacing affected components, and fitting a coolant level sensor along with associated software to provide audible and visual warning to the driver. Reference: R/2018/009. Number affected: 8. Vehicle IDs: WF0RXXWPGRDA02986 to WF0UXXWPGUEY66028

Scania Trucks with AS903 tag axle (2016-2017 builds)
This issue affects vehicles fitted with the AS903 tag axle. The wheel hub retaining nut may not be correctly tightened. The nut may come loose, which will allow the hub to float, and in the worst case, detach. Movement of the hub should in the first instance cause the ABS warning lamp to illuminate. Reference: R/2018/001. (No vehicle IDs given)

Mercedes-Benz Vito
The front wheel bearing retaing ring may not be correctly fitted; this may allow the axle to float in the hub. Reference: R/2017/323. Number affected: 232. Vehicle IDs: WDF44770123330316 to WDF44770123333541; WDF44760123330327 to WDF4476023333226; WDF4476032330457 to WDF44760323333365; WDF44770323328398 to WDF44770323333428; WDF44760523330296 to WDF44760523331944; WDF44770523330042 to WDF44770523333335

Mercedes-Benz Citan
The bolts securing the seat belts to the B- and C-pillars on the left side of the vehicle may possibly not have been tightened to specification. Reference: R/2017/316. Number affected: 15. Vehicle IDs: WDF4156052U224796; WDF4157032U224995; WDF4156032U224900 to WDF4156032U224921

Mercedes-Benz Actros 963, Antos 963 (2017 build)
The ‘catch’ bolt for the range change gearshift mechanism may work loose. This may affect gear changes and it is possible drive can be lost. Reference: R/2017/276. Number affected: 1,480. Vehicle IDs: WDB96300320131816 to WDB96342720167977; WDB96302020132089 to WDB96342720167327

VW Transporter (T6 fitted with mono and bi-turbo engine, 2016-2017 builds)
Some fuel hoses were not manufactured to specification and as a result could crack and leak fuel. The fuel could affect the drivability of the subject vehicle and possibly others using the roads. Reference: R/2017/344. Number affected: 2,501. Vehicle IDs: WV1ZZZ7JZHX016304 to WV1ZZZ7JZHX017460; WV3ZZZ7JZHX016326 to WV3ZZZ7JZHX016975; WV1ZZZ7HZHH074156 to WV1ZZZ7HZHX019033

VW Amarok (2016-2017 builds)
A hose clip can damage the power steering return hose for the steering rack. The power steering hose can also contact the wheel housing. If the hose is damaged, hydraulic fluid can discharge and the power steering assistance could fail. In unfavourable cases the hydraulic fluid could come in contact with a hot vehicle component or the brake disc. This could create a danger of accident or fire. Reference: R/2017/333. Number affected: 2,036. Vehicle IDs: WV1ZZZ2HZHH002360 to WV1ZZZ2HZJH004872.

Vauxhall Movano B (2016-2017 builds)
An incorrect surface treatment on the fuel filter collar may lead to breakage of the diesel filter strap, resulting in vibration and noise from the engine compartment. In the case of any mechanical pulses when driving with a broken strap, or as a consequence of an accident, this could result in breakage of the fuel pipes, with subsequent leakage. Reference: R/2017/331. Number affected: 402. Vehicle IDs: HB115682 to HB127890

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 906 (2017 build)
The windscreen may not be correctly sealed in the upper middle, which may allow water to enter the cabin. Reference: R/2017/298. Number affected: 128. (No vehicle IDs given)

Scania truck: P, G, R & S-series
Due to a deviation in the production process the wheel may crack and possibly fracture between the ventilation holes of the rim. Reference: RC/2017/330. Number affected: 8. Vehicle IDs: 2131381 to 9225352; 5422095; 5481418; 2138417 to 2139269

Wrightbus NBfL and NRM (2013-2015 build)
The rear door leaf may not react to command from the driver's manual control. It may also disable the ‘sensitive edge’ of the door and a body could become trapped. Manufacturers’ reference: NBFL-OPO. Number affected: 458. (No vehicle IDs given)

Mercedes-Benz Atego 967 and Atego II (2013-2014 builds)
Due to incorrect welding, an axle casing seam may crack and leak oil. In extreme cases, the axle casing may fail. Manufacturers’ reference: SRL1722. Number affected: 18. Vehicle IDs: WDB9670252L811170 to WDB9670272L841524; WDB9702781L823229 to WDB9702782L816013

Volvo Bus B5LH(3) (2013-2017 builds)
The brackets retaining the heat shield of the starter motor may fail and allow the heat shield to fall on and chafe through the B+ cable. If left alone, there is a theoretical risk of fire. Manufacturers’ reference: C5315. Number affected: 1,229. Vehicle IDs: YV3T1U227DA161950 to YV3T1U222JA187979.