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Mercedes-Benz Arocs

The four-axle rigid market has recently seen the arrival of new lightweight models. Brian Weatherley lists what’s available in the low-tare eight-legger marketplace for UK aggregate hauliers looking for maximum payloads

Regular customer demands for ever-lighter products have forced multi-axle chassis makers to find new ways to shave weight off an 8x4, not least to offset the rise in kerb weights caused by heavier Euro VI emission control systems. Following an April feature about lightweight tractors (https://is.gd/bufaja), we look at four-axle 8x4 rigids intended for aggregate work, prompted by the recent launch of new lightweight models from DAF and IVECO. As before, each of the big six truck OEMs supplied details of its lightest tipper for 32t gcw work along with a quoted kerb weight. Models are profiled below, heavy to light.

Mercedes-BEnz: Arocs 3240 K

Mercedes-Benz’s Arocs eight-legger has taken over from the Actros as its primary 8x4 chassis for the aggregate market. Beneath the narrower 2.3m wide S-cab ClassicSpace day cab sits its 10.7-litre OM470 in-line six diesel rated at 389bhp that drives through Mercedes’ own 12-speed Powershift 3 two-pedal automated transmission. The tare for the 5.15m wheelbase model quoted here includes optional alloy wheels and air tanks, twin-leaf steel suspension front and rear, single-reduction back bogie, PTO and standard downwards exhaust. Quoted kerb weight (including 80kg driver and full 290-litre fuel and 25-litre AdBlue tanks): 9,491kg

Scania: New Generation P410

This eight-wheeler for the aggregate market has a full-width (2.5m) cab and a 12.7-litre DC13 141 engine rated at 404bhp coupled to its GRS905 Opticruise automated gearbox. As yet Scania has no downsized diesel in the 10/11-litre range. However, its quoted tare for the New Generation P410 based on a 5.15m wheelbase chassis with the lowest and shortest P-Series day cab is nevertheless competitive. It includes twin-leaf parabolic steel springs front and rear, single-reduction back bogie, PTO, alloy wheels, fuel and air tanks, plastic SCR tank and downwards exhaust system. Quoted kerb weight (including 80kg driver and full 300-litre fuel and 47-litre AdBlue tanks): 9,490kg

DAF: CF 410 FAD ‘Construction’

DAF has been shaving weight off its eight-leggers since 2015, first losing 140kg by tweaking their front suspension and anti-roll-bar set-up, and by offering alloy air tanks. Another 250kg was recently gained on its FAD 8x4 from a more compact exhaust aftertreatment system and single-circuit steering system. And DAF’s 404bhp 10.8-litre MX-11 engine weighs 200kg less than its larger-displacement MX-13 diesel, while speccing the optional ventilated discs on the single-reduction DAF rear bogie (drums are the default fit) saves a further 100kg. The tare weight for the 5.0m wheelbase CF 410 FAD includes the standard 2.3m-wide CF day cab, TraXon two-pedal auto, all-round steel suspension, optional alloy wheels and air tanks, PTO and horizontal-discharge exhaust. Quoted kerb weight (including 80kg driver and full 340-litre fuel and 45-litre AdBlue tanks): 9,397kg

IVECO: Stralis X-Way

New front and rear suspensions feature on IVECO’s Stralis X-Way 340X42 ‘On+ Set-up’ 8x4 N3 (primarily) on-road chassis. The 5.02m-wheelbase model quoted is powered by the 414bhp 11.1-litre Cursor 11 ‘Hi-SCR’ engine coupled to ZF’s TraXon 12-speed auto, and comes with the 2.3m-wide ‘Active Day’ cab, all-round disc-brakes, two-spring front and multi-leaf rear parabolic suspension, PTO, and optional alloy air and fuel tanks. A further 290kg saving could be achieved by ordering the 395bhp 8.7-litre Cursor 9 engine – part of the optional ‘Super Loader’ spec, which also includes an alternative suspension. However, even with the Cursor 11, the X-Way is still light. Quoted kerb weight (including 80kg driver and full 290-litre fuel and 50-litre AdBlue tanks): 9,391kg

MAN: TGS 32.360 BB

This eight-legger is fitted with the narrower 2.3m-wide ‘M’ day-cab above its compact 10.5-litre D2066LF85 diesel, rated at 355bhp. If you want more power you’ll have to spec the larger (and heavier) 12.4-litre D26 in-line six diesel, offered at 395 and 434bhp. However, 355bhp should be more than adequate for on-road UK aggregate work. The 12-speed ZF TraXon auto box that goes with the D20 is branded ‘Tipmatic’ by MAN, and the 5.0m wheelbase chassis quoted here includes alloy wheels and air tanks, single-leaf front and twin-leaf rear steel suspension, single-reduction back bogie, PTO, and is fitted with a ground discharge exhaust system. Quoted kerb weight (including 80kg driver and full 300-litre fuel and 35-litre AdBlue tanks): 9,322kg

Volvo: FM11 410

While the FMX 8x4 is Volvo’s heavy-duty, off-road tipping specialist, the N3 FM 410 eight-wheeler is the one to go to for primarily on-road aggregate operations. The tare quoted for this FM11 8x4 is based on the 5.1m-wheelbase chassis with a 404bhp 10.8-litre D11K engine (which is also available at 365 and 444bhp) coupled to Volvo’s I-Shift two-pedal automated transmission beneath the 2.5m-wide short day FM cab. It also includes two-leaf front springs and the ‘B-ride’ three-leaf parabolic rear suspension on the single-reduction back bogie, alloy wheels and air tanks, PTO and vertical exhaust system. Quoted kerb weight (including 80kg driver and full 255-litre fuel and 32-litre AdBlue tanks): 9,293kg

Renault: C 430.32 RK

This chassis is powered by the 418bhp 10.8-litre DTI 11 engine coupled to the 12-speed Optidriver two-pedal automated transmission with aluminium housing (which is derived from Volvo’s I-Shift auto but with Renault’s own shift strategy software). The tare for the 5.1m wheelbase chassis specification quoted features optional alloy fuel and air tanks, and wheels, along with PTO, all-round discs, twin-leaf front and three-leaf rear parabolic steel suspension, single-reduction back bogie and downwards exhaust. The C 430.32’s day cab is unique in that its width tapers from 2.5m at the rear to just under 2.3m at the front. Quoted kerb weight (including 80kg driver and full 255-litre fuel and 48-litre AdBlue tanks): 9,275kg


As with all quoted tare weights, manufacturing tolerances and individual specifications may affect any final ‘on-the-road’ figure. And how much one’s eight-legger can carry will naturally depend on the choice of body and tipping gear. However, the good news is that all seven chassis here look capable of delivering the 20-tonne payload traditionally demanded by bulk hauliers.

Meanwhile, as truck makers strive to trim weight off their 8x4s, tipping bodywork is also slimming down. In particular, a new generation of steel bodies, such as Thompson Tippers’ new Loadmaster X-Lite, are being targeted at payload-conscious buyers.

Brian Weatherley

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