DVSA Recalls

Latest recalls affecting commercial vans and trucks, as well as coaches and buses, brought to you by Transport Engineer magazine and DVSA (the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)

Current recalls include:

Citroen Dispatch IV/Peugeot Expert 4 (2021 models)
Affected vehicles may have been equipped with headrests on the front modular seat which do not conform to the design. Remedy: check the conformity of the front headrests (presence of the catch); in cases of non-conformity the front headrests will be replaced. Number affected: 359 and 708, respectively. Manufacturer reference: JAS and KVC, respectively. Vehicle IDs: VF7******M7858840 to VF7******MZ118882, and VF3******M7858906 to VF3******MZ119910.

Isuzu Truck F-series N35.125 (2020 and 2021 models)
The Certificate of Conformity (COC) paper contains the incorrect information. Remedy: customers are requested to return the old COC paper and a new corrected COC paper will be issued. Number affected: 968. Manufacturer reference: W1088. Vehicle IDs: JAANLR87EK7100045 to JAANLR87HK7101179.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2020 models)
On certain vehicles with an OM654 classic diesel engine, the crankshaft might not correspond with the required specification. As a precautionary measure, the engines will be replaced on the affected vehicles. Number affected: 3. Manufacturer reference: SRV2209. Vehicle IDs: W1V9071332N110072 to W1V9071332N110515.

Mercedes-Benz Vito (2019 and 2020-21 models)
On certain vehicles the coolant pump which is controlled by vacuum might have a leakage between the vacuum system and the coolant circuit. Remedy: update the software of the coolant pump and replace the electrical switch valve on the affected vehicles. Additionally, for 2019 models, a check of the vacuum system for possible contamination with coolant or engine oil will be carried out as a precautionary measure for the vehicles in this recall without the so-called fail-boost function on the ESP system. Number affected: 1,889 (2019) and 3,440 (2020-21). Manufacturer reference: SRX2203 (2019); SRX2109 (2020-21). Vehicle IDs: W1V44760323747189 to W1V44770523791500 (2019); W1V44770123821825 to W1V44770523925110 (2020-21).

Mercedes-Benz Vito (2021 models)
On certain vehicles with the highline version of the airbag control unit, the electric resistance in the circuit board of the airbag control unit may be interrupted in the event of an accident. Remedy: replace the airbag control unit. Number affected: 4. Manufacturer reference: SRX2104. Vehicle IDs: W1V44770523899800 to W1V44760323897556.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2021 model)
The wiring harness of the alternator may have been swapped with the wiring harness of the electric steering in the assembly procedure of certain vehicles. Remedy: check the affected lines and if necessary connect the correspondent wiring harnesses. Number affected: 1. Manufacturer reference: SRV2201. Vehicle ID: W1V9076332P369587.

Volvo FH4 (2019-2021 models)
During operation of the vehicle with high loads on the engine, combined with an exhaust leakage in the engine compartment, there is a risk that the parking brake air tube can be affected by heat exposure. Remedy: retrofit a protection sleeve on the parking brake tube. Number affected: 1,007. No manufacturer reference given. Vehicle IDs: YV2RT40A0LB310274 to YV2RTY0F4LA861123.

Mitsubishi Fuso 7C18e/3400-Chassis (Mercedes-Benz Trucks) (2020 builds)
The sound generator (AVAS - Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) may permanently fail due to a software error. Remedy: the sound generator (AVAS) installed in the vehicle will be replaced. Number affected: 12. Manufacturer reference: SRC220228. Vehicle IDs: TYAFEB7UERDA10003 to TYAFEB7UERDA10078.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter (2020-2021 builds)
A software implausibility error in the HV ‘battery gateway’ control unit may cause the contactors of all HV batteries to be opened unnecessarily. Remedy: update the software of the HV ‘battery gateway’ control unit. Number affected: 2,323. Manufacturer reference: SRV2202. Vehicle IDs: W1V9106332P001881 to W1V9106332P429762.

Vauxhall Vivaro C (2021 builds)
The front modular bench seat headrests may not be to specification and might not be locked correctly. Remedy: check and if necessary replace the affected headrests and guides. Number affected: 638. Manufacturer reference: E222115562 / O8F (22-C-061). Vehicle IDs: VXEVFEHTMM7864492 to VXEVBYHVMM7860880.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus (2020-2021 builds)
The bonding of the front destination display glass may become detached. As a result the glass can become detached and fall out without any warning. Remedy: check the bonding of the glass on the destination display and if necessary repair the destination display. Number affected: 5. Manufacturer reference: 67.10M21190A. Vehicle IDs: WEB62821823139336 to WEB62821823139332.

Volvo Bus B8L(3) (2018-2021 builds)
The radiator fan cable harness has the wrong type of wire seals in the power supply connectors for the electric cooling fans. Remedy: replace the wire seal and if needed change components that have been damaged by water intrusion. Number affected: 102. Manufacturer reference: C0199. Vehicle IDs: YV3U2U525KA192916 to YV3U2U524NA207166.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibus (2018-2019 builds)
A fault could occur temporarily in the transmission parking lock function. Remedy: update the ESP control unit with the revised parameter data record. Number affected: 10. Manufacturer reference: TI42.45X22197A. Vehicle IDs: WDB9076552P034550 to WDB9076552P178087.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907 (2018-2020 builds)
On certain vehicles fitted with an automatic transmission (gearbox) on rare occasions a temporary fault with the automatic transmission internal park pawl mechanism may occur resulting in the park pawl not engaging as intended. Remedy: as a precautionary measure, the Mercedes-Benz service organisation will update the ESP control unit software with a revised parameter set on the affected vehicles. Number affected: 5,942. Manufacturer reference: SRV2200. Vehicle IDs: W1V9071332N074892 to WDB9076572P191127.

Mercedes-Benz Vito (2020-2021 builds)
On certain vehicles with an OM654 classic diesel engine the crankshaft might not correspond with the required specification. Remedy: replace the engines on the affected vehicles. Number affected: 10. Manufacturer reference: SRX2108. Vehicle IDs: W1V44760323767099 to W1V44770323774518.

Toyota Proace (2018-2021 builds)
There is an error in the specific software calibrations of the Engine Control Unit. Remedy: Reprogram the Engine ECU. Number affected: 767. Manufacturer reference: XGG01. Vehicle IDs: YARVEAHK#GZ149266 to YARVGAHX#GZ196844

Toyota Proace (2016-2017 builds)
The rear window heater cable may become damaged due to insufficient fixation design. Remedy: Inspect and add a fixation clip. If necessary, the tailgate glass will be replaced. Number affected: 29. Manufacturer reference: WGGA0. Vehicle IDs: YARVEAH#GZ031883 to YARVEAH#GZ058850.

Fiat Ducato (2021 builds)
Due to a nonconformity in production the side marker lights are not functioning. Remedy: The proxy file of the vehicle must be updated to allow the marker lights to function as intended. Number affected: 213. Manufacturer reference: 6402. Vehicle IDs: *********02S44662 to **********2T80567.

Volvo bus B8R B11R B13R (2018-2020 builds)
Vehicle may not meet standard ECE R55 where a towing hook must also have an attachment for the safety wire. Remedy: Add attachment for safety wire. Number affected: 74. Manufacturer reference: M0172. Vehicle IDs: YV3T2U829KA193400 to YV3T2U824LA203378.

Peugeot Expert 4 (2015-2016 builds)
The rear window electrical harness could become displaced from its original position and present a potential thermal issue. Remedy: Check the routing of harness and replace the electrical harness if necessary. Add a fastening clip to ensure that the electrical harness will be maintained in its normal position. Number affected: 51. Manufacturer reference: KLH. Vehicle IDs: VF3******GZ052165 to VF3******FZ064435.

MAN bus TGL TGM TGS TGX (TG2) (2017-2021 builds)
The fuel heater may fail due to a cable damaged by heat at the electrical connection of the fuel filter heater. Remedy: Fit heat protection sleeve over fuel heater electrical connector and wiring. Number affected: 8955. Manufacturer reference: TGL, TGM, TGS or TGX. Vehicle IDs: WAGP10ZZ0JT027678 to WMAN55ZZ9KY396619.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2021 builds)
On certain vehicles the engagement hooks of the cable duct of the starter-generator wiring harness may not be fully latched in the battery case. Check the fixings of the cable bracket and replace the engagement hooks of the affected cable duct with expanding rivets if required. Number affected: 132. Manufacturer reference: SRV2128. Vehicle IDs: W1V9076352P370960 to W1V9076352P374118.

VW Transporter (2020-2021 builds)
There is a possibility that tyres could suddenly lose air. On the affected vehicles the production data (DOT number) of all tyres including spare wheel are checked and if necessary tyres will be replaced. Number affected: 370. Manufacturer reference: 44R9. Vehicle IDs: WV2ZZZ7HZLH008383 to WV2ZZZ7HZMH068743.

Mercedes-Benz Evobus OC500 (2018 build)
The data record of the Instrument control unit has software bug issues. Remedy: Re-parameterise the Instrument control unit with the latest data software record. Number affected: 1. Manufacturer reference: TI54.30U21185A. Vehicle ID: WEB63440521700010.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 963 (2021 builds)
A steering shaft that is not equipped with a friction-reduced universal joint was installed. Remedy: the steering shaft must be replaced on the potentially affected vehicles. Number affected: 10. Manufacturer reference: SRL2109 LSP-ADA2. Vehicle IDs: ###########963004 to ###########963406.