DVSA Recalls

Latest recalls affecting commercial vans and trucks, as well as coaches and buses, brought to you by Transport Engineer magazine and DVSA (the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)

Current recalls include:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibus (2019 builds)
The lock washer of the pin joining the brake pedal to the bearing pedestal could come loose. Remedy: provide additional securement of the bearing pedestal to the brake pedal by means of fitting an additional retaining ring. Number affected: 10. Manufacturer reference: TI 29.10X21159A. Vehicle IDs: WDB9076552P034550 to WDB9076552P178087

Renault Master III (2018-2019 builds)
Fuel pipes chaffing might cause abnormal wear and consequently fuel leakages. Remedy: visual inspection/adding protection on the fuel pipe/replace pipe if applicable. Number affected: 2,324. (No manufacturer reference given). Vehicle IDs: VF6MF000759121281 to VF6MF000361338424.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2018-2020 builds)
The retaining washer on the bolt connecting the brake pedal to its bearing block could come loose. Remedy: secure the bearing bracket on the brake pedal by means of an additional retaining ring on the affected vehicles. Number affected: 44,820. Manufacturer reference: SRV2109. Vehicle IDs: WDB9106332P000797 to W1V9106332P212096.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter UNIMOG U323/U423/U427/U429/U430/U527/U529/U530 (2019 builds)
The hydraulic hose of the fan hydraulics may develop a leak due to a faulty crimping. Remedy: replace the hydraulic hose of the fan hydraulics. Number affected: 2. Manufacturer reference: SRU2101 2102U55W06. Vehicle IDs: WDB4051101V259094 to WDB4051101V259146.

Don-Bur floating deck trailer (2009 builds)
Wiring design for WABCO valve on affected trailers utilises the brake light circuit. During brake operation, the brake valve may allow a sudden spike in voltage which may feedback through the drawing vehicles control systems. Remedy: install a line protector to prevent excess voltage feeding back through the brake light circuit. Number affected: 7. Manufacturer reference: (none given). Vehicle IDs: (none given).

Ford Transit and Transit Custom (2019-2021)
Some vehicles may have been built with an additional bolt that may be loose within the Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS). Remedy: replace the steering gear on all vehicles affected. Number affected: 20. Manufacturer reference: 21S27. Vehicle IDs: WF0EXXTTREKY87198 to AFAJXXMJWJKJ51425.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibus (2018 builds)
The installation position of the clamps for the hydraulic hoses of the power steering may not be correct. Remedy: check the hydraulic hoses and clamps of the power steering and replace with new clamps if required. Number affected: 26. Manufacturer reference: TI46.25X21158A. Vehicle IDs: WDB9066552P589926 to WDB9066572P590188.

Volvo Bus B8R (3)step B (2013-2016)
The current software does not provide sufficient NOx monitoring to confirm that the legal requirements on NOx emissions are met. Remedy: update EMS software. Number affected: 382. Manufacturer reference: M9913. Vehicle IDs: YV3T7U529DA162334 to YV3T7U524HA182528

MAN Truck TGX and TGS (2020 builds)
The bolt connection of the steering propshaft to the steering gear may not be tightened correctly in production  or the hex socket fit bolt may be missing. Remedy: if the hex socket fit bolt is present, check for correct torque and tighten if necessary. If the hex socket fit bolt is missing, replace the lower part of the steering propshaft and both hex socket fit bolts. Number affected: 115. Manufacturer reference: TI 7344TWA.

Renault Trucks T C K D (2013-2016 builds)
Error in emission control readings. Remedy: update Engine management system software. Number affected: 3,667. Manufacturer reference: M0151. Vehicle IDs. D range: VF610A360GD005074 to VF631S367GD000255; K range: VF610A360GD005074 to VF631S367GD000255; T range: VF610A360GD005074 to VF631S367GD000255; C range: VF610A360GD005074 to VF631S367GD000255

MAN Truck TGM and TGS (2020 builds)
A friction weld seam has been over torqued at the manufacturer of the steering propshaft and incorrect guide rings installed. Remedy: Replace the steering propshaft and guide rings. Number affected: 2. Manufacturer reference: 7453 TR. Vehicle IDs TGM: WMA08DZZ8LY412810 to WMA23KZZ0LM857352; TGX: WMA08DZZ8LY412810 to WMA23KZZ0LM857352.

Volvo Truck FH4 (2018-2021 builds)
The after treatment injector pipe may crack and leak. Remedy: Software update to provide a warning that system fault exists in the event of a cracked pipe. Number affected: 347. Manufacturer reference: C0167 C0172. Vehicle IDs: YV2R002C0HB822527 to YV2R0P0GXKB893448.

Mercedes-Benz Vito (2021 builds)
Vehicles could be equipped with a front axle brake caliper carrier which could have been manufactured outside the specifications. Remedy: conduct a check the brake caliper carriers on the front axle and as a precautionary measure renew any front axle brake caliper carrier should it be part of the affected batch. Number affected: 64. Manufacturer reference: SRX2101. Vehicle IDs: W1V44770323846524 to W1V44770523858686.

Mercedes-Benz eVito and eSprinter (2020 builds)
The corrosion protection of the high-voltage battery housing may not be sufficient. Remedy: inspect, clean and wax the housing of the high-voltage batteries. In cases of existing significant corrosion an affected battery module would be renewed. Number affected: 170. Manufacturer reference: SRV2103. Vehicle IDs: W1V9106332P001881 to W1V9106332P001909

Mercedes-Benz Actros 93x and 963, Arocs 964 and Atego 967 (2019-2020 builds)
Vehicles may be equipped with portable fire extinguishers which may not be fitted with a lock nut on the strike knob. Remedy: Conduct a check of potentially affected fire extinguishers to establish if the lock nut is in place and if necessary have the fire extinguisher replaced. Number affected: 44. Manufacturer reference: SRL2106. Vehicle IDs (not given).

Vauxhall Combo E (2021 builds)
It may not be possible to engage the handbrake lever. Remedy: Check the handbrake lever locking mechanism and if necessary replace the handbrake lever. Number affected: 305. Manufacturer reference: E212102420 (21-C-062). Vehicle IDs: W0VEFYHWCMJ620929 to W0VEUHNP2MJ620947.

Renault Master 111 (2018-2019 builds)
Contact of the fuel supply hose with the cylinder head cover could cause hose wear. Remedy: carry out a visual inspection of the fuel supply hose and fit a protective sleeve. If necessary, replace the fuel supply hose. Number affected: 5,839. Manufacturer reference: 0DHB. Vehicle IDs: VF1MA000059722441 to VF1VE000X62417662.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2018-2019 builds)
The fuse for the electric system for the air suspension may be incorrectly specified. Remedy: check the currently installed fuse and control unit on the potentially affected vehicles and replace if necessary. Also replace the fuse assignment booklet if necessary. Number affected: 14. Manufacturer reference: SRV2101. Vehicle IDs: WDB9071352N071576 to W1V9076552P231233.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter (2020 builds)
Vehicles have been delivered with an operating manual that doesn’t contain a warning notice for the exclusive use of an approved charging cable for charging the high-voltage (HV) battery. A supplementary sheet with a corresponding warning notice in the operation manual for the affected vehicles is to be attached. Number affected: 140. Manufacturer reference: SRV2104. Vehicle IDs: W1V9106332P001881 to W1V9106332P272446.

Scania truck LPGRS (2019 builds)
The lower nut that secures the cab tilt cylinder to a mounting bracket may not be correctly tightened. Remedy: check and ensure the tightening torque of the affected nut. Number affected: 1,839. Manufacturer reference: RC201850. Vehicle IDs: YS2G4X20005569907 to YS2S8X40005573524.

Mercedes-Benz eVito (2020 builds)
The additional lock for the connector of the seat belt tensioner wiring harness in the co-driver’s seat bench may not be locked. Remedy: check the condition of the additional lock and if necessary lock correctly. Number affected: 6. Manufacturer reference: SRV2107. Vehicle IDs: W1V44760323808643 to W1V44760323809305.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2020 builds)
The rescue cutting line located in the seat box of the driver seat may not be accessible. Remedy: reposition the rescue loop on affected vehicles. Number affected: 628. Manufacturer reference: SRV2102. Vehicle IDs: W1V9106332P270444 to W1V9106332P290465.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2018-2020 builds)
The reverse gear light may occasionally be non-functional until the next ignition change or the next engine start. Remedy: update the software responsible for gear recognition on the affected vehicles. Number affected: 11,394. Manufacturer reference: SRV2106. Vehicle IDs: WDB9101312N008945 to WDB9106332P188790.

DAF LF CF (2021 builds)
The mating surfaces of the propshaft flanges may be contaminated with paint. Remedy: remove the propshaft, inspect and clean the flanges. Refit with new fixings. Number affected: 44. Manufacturer reference: 648. Vehicle IDs: LF: XLRAEL1500L504926-XLRAEL1700L505305, CF: XLRASM4700G344735- XLRAEM3700G345719.

Volvo FH FM 4 (2019-2020 builds)
A setting of the software parameter for the remote drive external parking brake request is set to an erroneous value. Remedy: software update. Number affected: 7. Manufacturer reference: CO162. Vehicle IDs: YV2RT40C7KA845544 to YV2R002GXLA865919.