Transport Engineer Magazine Editorial

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Every issue of Transport Engineer includes a mix of regular sections. It provides qualified plant and operations engineers and engineering managers with practical, up-to-date information in a professional and compelling format to support them in their daily activities and their decision-making. It talks their language.

Transport Engineer’s highly skilled pool of technical journalists includes qualified and experienced plant and operations engineers, with in-depth expertise and a passion for their subjects. The scope of content is set out in an annual editorial programme to ensure that all core topics are covered with high-value content throughout the year. But there’s more to each issue in print and online, with news, views, product and engineering updates.

Regular sections

Comment – the editor’s opinion of a particular development, current campaign or critical issue affecting the transport industry.

News and analysis – the stories behind the headlines – explaining their significance to transport engineers and managers.

Technology features – these one-, two- and three-page features, cover key engineering topics, and innovations, providing the inside views and practical tips on subjects ranging from trucks and equipment to technical developments in drivelines, suspensions, braking systems, consumables, tachographs, speed limiters and more.

Management features – again, one-, two- and three-page features, focusing on operating costs, legislation, vehicle stability, training, health and safety, and compliance in driver and fleet management.

Cover stories – typically three-page features on topical issues with broad appeal across Transport Engineer’s entire readership, such as environmental campaigns, hybrids, garage equipment and operations, and the aftermarket.

Interviews – two-page interviews covering senior industry figures with something serious to say.

Campaigns – on the burning issues for transport engineers and managers, including: transport engineering’s role in mitigating climate change, vehicle inspection, training and fuel duty.

Regulation updates – impending and existing legislation, as well as cases likely to set precedent.

Case studies – helping our readers to learn from their peers’ choices and experience.

Products & practices – what’s new for practicing engineers and fleet managers.