About us

About Institute of Road Transport Engineers

IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) was founded in 1944 and is one of the most respected names in UK transport.

IRTE supports transport engineers throughout their careers and encourages high standards, with an emphasis on safety and best practice.

IRTE members come from a wide variety of transport-related roles including apprentices and technicians in both the light and heavy vehicle and bus and coach sectors, workshop managers, fleet engineers, transport managers, company directors and the Armed Forces.

Recognised as the impartial voice of the industry, IRTE believes safety in operation is vital. Recent initiatives include research into tipper stability and safety, fuel efficiency, wheel loss prevention and tail lift safety.

About SOE

The Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) is a recognised professional membership organisation that represents more than 17,000 individuals and companies in engineering. It supports and encourages best practice and health and safety initiatives internationally, and is committed to the ongoing growth and personal development of its members, through specialist knowledge-sharing and professional learning.

SOE was created with the merger of The Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IPlantE) and The Institution of Transport Engineers (IPlantE) in 2000, and was boosted in 2003 when The Bureau of Engineer Surveyors (BES) also joined. These form the three professional sectors of the Society and collectively bring more than 50 years’ professional engineering experience. SOE provides central services, while each of the sectors is dedicated to the specialist needs of its members.

Who should join?

SOE welcomes applications for membership from anyone interested in career or business development in road transport, engineer surveying and plant and operations engineering. Members gain valuable professional recognition and enjoy career support from a leading professional engineering body.

Engineering professionals

SOE welcomes individuals from all fields of industry and at all levels. It is the SOE’s stated aim: to be recognised worldwide by all of our sectors as being the most relevant and professional organisation; and to continually deliver best practice.

Younger Engineering Professionals

As you take your first steps towards a career in engineering, the SOE is a life-long learning partner geared towards the development of your career.

Army Engineers

As an engineer working in the military, you are faced with a unique set of opportunities and obstacles. Whether you plan to stay in the military or want to transfer your skills to a civilian company, development and acknowledgement are key. Becoming a member of the SOE will help. Set yourself apart: professional body membership demonstrates a commitment to your career and can also help you to gain promotion within the armed forces and industry. The SOE is the preferred professional body for military personnel.

RAF engineers

The SOE welcomes applications from RAF engineers interested in career development in road transport or pneumatics. Working alongside the No.4 School of Technical Training in St Athan, the SOE has approved RAF training courses so engineers who have completed the courses below are eligible for registration with EC(UK) at EngTech level. Approved courses are: General Technician Workshops (2211); Painter and Finishers (2207); General Technician Mechanical (2208); Mechanical Transport Technician (2212); and SAC Technician Ground Support Equipment (2210)

More information

For more SOE membership information, and to find out if you are eligible for registration with the Engineering Council, please call the membership team on 020 7630 6666, email membership@soe.org.uk or go online at www.soe.org.uk

For more information visit www.soe.org.uk