John Challen


Fleet management: transport manager CPC

You can’t become a transport manager without putting in the hours on the necessary training. But the content of the CPC qualification divides opinion: John Challen finds out why

Transport CPC

Operator costs in 2022: a year like no other

After a global pandemic, how much more disruption to work and life could people take? As it turns out, quite a lot, reports John Challen

Fleet Operating Costs

Workshop management: up to scratch

The list of third-party reviews and audits for maintenance technicians is growing. John Challen finds out how valuable they are to transport fleets

Workshop Management Systems

Load security: rewritten road rules

New load security rules were published by DVSA earlier this year. John Challen investigates what has changed and the new enforcement philosophy

Load Restraints

Bodybuilding: technology in transition

Advances in ADAS componentry have made replacing and recalibrating the systems much easier than it used to be, but challenges still remain. John Challen explains all

Road Safety

Batteries and tail-lifts

Batteries are being touted by many as a potential power source for not only vehicles, but also some other components. John Challen investigates their possible use in tail-lifts

Tail Lifts

Operator costs are a case of deja vu all over again

There were reasons to be cheerful going into 2021, as operators looked forward to coming out the other side of the global pandemic. However, the world had other ideas. John Challen reviews operational...

Fleet Operating Costs

Parts and the aftermarket: quality assurance

The world of non-OE parts used to leave some operators concerned over the reliability of replacement components. However, things have changed and the aftermarket should be embraced, not feared, says...

Vehicle Parts

Jack of all grades

With a wealth of advanced technology in today’s vehicle workshops, it can be easy to forget how important the more basic items are. For example, John Challen argues the case of the humble jack


Post-COVID PSV precautions

As the world emerges from the pandemic – and life begins to get back to normal – some of the changes made to how we live could well be here to stay. John Challen looks at the bus and coach market

Bus & Coach

The space race in tractor cabs

DAF was the first vehicle manufacturer to reveal new cab designs based on the EU’s updated regulations that allow longer lengths for improved aerodynamics. John Challen looks at the development...

Truck Aerodynamics

Taking apprentices to another level

Standard apprenticeships have proven very successful for vehicle engineers who have completed them and subsequently gone on to a variety of roles. But what further learning is available? John Challen...