Richard Simpson


New approaches to low-temperature NOx aftertreatment

Controlling NOx emissions at low exhaust temperatures while avoiding choking the SCR system with AdBlue deposits is the latest challenge facing diesel engineers. Richard Simpson describes two possible...

Emissions Control

Free-wheeling: the benefits and the costs of low rolling-resistance tyres

Can fuel-economy truck tyres really offer operators something for nothing? Richard Simpson finds out

Tyres & Retreads

A particular issue: cleaning DPFs

With diesel emissions under ever-closer scrutiny, the maintenance of particulate filters has become a key issue for fleet engineers. Richard Simpson investigates


Supercharged vans

Operations of diesel light commercial vehicles are likely to be increasingly curtailed in many urban areas, and retrofitting electric drivelines may be a solution for some fleets. Richard Simpson...


A slippery business

The VECTO standard, due for introduction from 2019, will see official fuel consumption figures for heavy trucks published for the first time. But will they truly reflect the efficiency of today’s...

Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Volvo joins dash for gas

Diesel engines have led progress in efficiency and environmental protection for 40 years, but Volvo is now bringing alternative fuels and drivelines into the mainstream. Richard Simpson reports from...

Alternative Fuels