Steve Banner


Coach class

Rising customer expectations, but decreasing engine sizes, are squeezing the coach conversion business from both ends. Electric drivetrains are another new trend, reports Steve Banner

Battery Technology

Teach what you know

Many commercial vehicle operators now offer D-CPC training courses. That’s a good thing, as their familiarity with the day-to-day problems faced by drivers may offer greater practical insight than...

Continuing Professional Development

Workshop safety: gas safe?

Natural gas-fuelled trucks and buses are becoming a more common sight in operating fleets, and the workshop. But their service requirements, and the hazards that they pose to technicians, are very...

Personal Protective Equipment

Semi-trailer slipstreaming

Radical designs of trailers are racking up big gains in fuel consumption on the road in research and development tests. They suggest that we are entering a new era in aerodynamic design for large...


Burning issue: reducing fire risks

Traffic reports of delays caused by lorry fires on the motorway do not occur all that frequently. However, they are regular enough to prompt questions as to why such conflagrations break out, given...

Road Safety

Fridge maintenance to keep cool on the road

Maintaining truck and trailer fridge units has become a lot more challenging in recent years, thanks to the impact of environmental legislation, reports Steve Banner

Temperature Controlled Vehicles

Rescue me

Stationary for most of their working lives, then suddenly driven hard for a quarter of an hour, fire engines’ operational duty tends toward extremes. Steve Banner investigates how they are kept ready...

Fleet Operating Costs

Less is more

Truck manufacturers facing increasingly strict CO2 rules are aiming to reach the new targets through a thousand small tweaks, rather than focusing on a few big changes to their engine designs, finds...

Emissions Control

Best of the best

Last year’s inaugural prize winners Allan Eyre and Eddie Cross reflected on their careers in transport. Steve Banner reports

Road Legal

Choices, choices, choices: alternative fuels options

Speakers from Cenex, Gasrec and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership outlined the technical options for fleets to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, reports Steve Banner

Alternative Fuels

The new world of compliance

While O licences have traditionally been held on trust, a new crop of schemes, such as FORS, CLOCS and Truck Excellence, are requiring more energetic compliance metrics, reports Steve Banner


Jack of all trailers

From three northern UK factories, Montracon supplies a huge range of trailers, from reefers to machinery movers to curtainsiders and boxes. And it is just getting bigger, reports Steve Banner

Temperature Controlled Vehicles