Steve Banner


Crouching tiger

An expanding trailer builder is Tiger Trailers, which is planning to start construction of a new, 125,000ft² factory in Cheshire at the beginning of next year, in a £14 million initial investment.


Shortening the distance between bins

Local councils are generating cost savings out of rubbish, by planning bin collection runs more carefully. Steve Banner dives in


The alternative to batteries

If not a direct replacement to batteries, super-capacitors may offer complementary benefits, finds Steve Banner

Battery Technology

The great red bus upgrade

London mayor Sadiq Khan wants the capital’s bus fleets to clean up their act, so more than half of the existing vehicles are being upgraded to Euro VI in an £86.1m Transport for London (TfL) retrofit...


Dash light: stop or go?

A warning light appearing on the dashboard can be a recipe for confusion, especially if the truck is some distance from home base or a dealer’s workshop. Is it real? Is it safe? Will it cause problems...

Diagnostic Equipment

Engine room: Scania's new engine in context

Steve Banner travels to Sweden to understand the rationale of Scania’s new engine launch, and the company’s vision for alternative fuels

Alternative Fuels

Sample sense

The chemical contents of engine lubricant can reveal a lot about the health of an engine. Oil sampling should help ensure that minor problems do not become major – and potentially expensive – ones....

Lubricants & Systems

Eye in the sky

Vehicle monitoring systems stitch together the perspectives of multiple cameras into one single artificial overhead view, simplifying the driver’s job of monitoring nearby collision hazards. Steve...

Road Safety

Advance warning

On-board diagnostic technologies enable truck maintenance to begin long before the truck rolls into the workshop, reports Steve Banner

Fleet Management Systems

King concern

Fifth wheel systems that engage the trailer kingpin, as well as drawbar couplings, are simple mechanical connections. They require basic maintenance and training to use safely, but additional...


Hot air?

Diesel’s continued demonisation and the prospect of tougher emissions restrictions spreading beyond London to other UK cities should prompt transport fleets to look at alternative means of propulsion....

Alternative Fuels

Three lives of a tyre

Whether hot- or pre-cure, retreads offer environmental and financial benefits, doubling or even tripling tyre life, reports Steve Banner

Tyres & Retreads