Thanks very much to the 200-plus readers who took the time to respond to the Transport Engineer reader survey a few months ago.

It was reassuring to find that the vast majority of those who took part reported that they find the magazine relevant to their work. When asked how likely they would be to recommend the magazine (scoring from one to 10, with 10 being the highest), just under half put a 9 or a 10, which is a fantastic result. More than half said that they read all or most of the magazine. These figures are broadly comparable to the reader survey we carried out in 2018.

The survey respondents also voted on the topics about which they would most like to learn more. Listed in order of popularity, the top five were: legal and regulatory compliance information, HGVs, engineering intelligence, back-to-basics information about technology and maintenance equipment/tools.

We can reassure the survey respondents, and the rest of the readers, that we share those interests, too. Not least in this issue, for example, where each one of those is represented in some form. Following the same sequence, in this issue are features on: box body load security and roadside enforcement; transmissions in military vehicles; Euro 7 exhaust aftertreatment; steering and suspension maintenance essentials for LCVs and depot cleanliness; finally, mobile brake testers. Here’s hoping that they prove educational.

We will continue to digest the results of the survey as we plan future issues of the magazine. What we will not do is use the positive results from the survey as an excuse to rest on our laurels; we will continue to develop the magazine and website to better suit your needs. Please feel free to let us know how we are doing in that regard; all feedback is gratefully received.

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