Bridgestone brings Enliten tech to new range

Bridgestone has incorporated Enliten technologies into its new Ecopia long-haul tyre range to help enhance fuel efficiency for fleets and cut operational costs for fleets.

The launch of this new range is said to mark the first use of Enliten in a Bridgestone truck tyre. Enliten is a combination of technologies that are expected to improve tyre performance and reduce ownership costs.

The Ecopia’s Enliten technology package incorporates new technologies from Bridgestone. These include low-energy pattern designs and high-performance compounds focused on fuel efficiency and a new spiral belt construction in low-profile Ecopia Steer Enliten tyres that increase cornering power and optimise pressure distribution to improve wear life.

According to Bridgestone, the Ecopia Enliten range provides a performance that cuts costs and carbon dioxide emissions. The tyres have an EU label A-grade in rolling resistance, with a 12% rolling resistance reduction in the drive axle and an 8% reduction in the steer axle compared to its previous generation. The Ecopia Enliten’s wear life is also improved vs. its previous generation, with 40% higher mileage in the steer axle – without compromising on regular wear – and up to 6% higher mileage in the drive axle.

With an EU label B-grade in wet grip and the 3PMSF marking, Ecopia Enliten range is suitable for all-season long haulage. The tyre is also engineered with a robust casing for greater retreadability. In addition, the range is equipped with radio frequency identification and is ready to be fitted with tyre-mounted sensors.

The new Bridgestone Ecopia Steer Enliten and Ecopia Drive Enliten tyres are available from January 2024 in size 315/70 R22.5, with four additional sizes added throughout 2024 and one further size in 2025. Ecopia Trailer Enliten will be available from late 2024 to complete the range.

The tyres will also be available as part of Bridgestone Fleetcare, a customisable suite of solutions connecting product, data, technology and service for fleet operations.

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