Carbon capture device reduces particulate emissions

A trial of Advanced Hydrogen Technologies (AHT) Group’s carbon capture device on heavy goods vehicles (HGV) found particulate number counts plummeted by more than 90%.

The 18-month trial studied the microscopic particles emitted by control diesel trucks compared to identical vehicles operated by Abels Moving Services fitted with the capturing technology.

It said the control HGVs averaged a particulate number count of 116,300cm³ while those fitted with the AHT carbon capture device peaked at 10,030cm³ – a reduction of 91.4 % and more than 10 times less.

AHT’s testing process uses hydrogen to remove carbon build up, which is worst in diesel and high mileage engines.

AHT Group’s CEO Ben Kattenhorn said: “These results clearly demonstrate how our award-winning proprietary technology harnesses the power of hydrogen to drastically reduce vehicle emissions and over the coming months we will be revealing further evidence following independent trials with other household names.

“We envisage the widespread use of hydrogen as the primary source of safe, economical and sustainable energy, with the potential to reduce not only pollution but also household energy bills: it’s the future of cleantech.”

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