Centrad unveils Driver Guardian camera system

Centrad has launched a camera system that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and analyse dangerous driving behaviours that are likely to lead to accidents.

The Drivers Guardian system is said to detect unsafe behaviours such as not wearing a seatbelt, drowsy driving and using a mobile phone along with several other forms of distracted driving habits. In the event such behaviours are detected, drivers will be notified with an audible safety warning through the built-in speaker to promote safe driving.

Fleet managers also have the option of receiving real-time alerts notifying them of incidents. Furthermore, operators can access historical footage of harsh driving to review and enhance driver behaviour as well as utilise key metrics to encourage best practice.

The Drivers Guardian camera can be used as standalone product or can integrate with Centrad’s range of Mobile DVR’s for full 360 degree coverage of the vehicle supporting up to 11 other cameras.

“Our new Drivers Guardian system enables operators to proactively prevent accidents before they happen by safeguarding their drivers against avoidable incidents.

“Sadly, the vast majority of incidents that are attributed to either fatigue or distracted driving are entirely preventable. These are some of the leading causes of accidents on UK roads, and as such further headway needs to be made to drive down incidents as without such technological intervention incident numbers will unfortunately continue to rise.

“While fleet operators will inevitably regularly communicate the risks associated with these hazardous behaviours, an extra layer of protection is necessary to safeguard not only drivers but other road users as well. This is how the concept of Drivers Guardian was born. Our mission was to create a cutting-edge system that merged the most enhanced form of vehicle CCTV systems with AI to give operators a high-tech solution that focuses on accident prevention as well as evidence collection.”

Geoff continued: “Having operated my own fleet prior to Centrad, the pressure for operators to ensure their drivers are driving safely while out on the road is significant. With distracted driving on the rise, legislation tightening and driving penalties becoming more severe, drivers today have never been more in the spotlight. Therefore, providing that extra layer of protection not only keeps fellow road users safe, but also ensures the security and wellbeing for both drivers and their vehicle.”

“With this in mind, we predict Drivers Guardian will become a vital component to a fleet operator’s risk mitigation strategy and will furthermore pave the way to ensuring road incidents as a result of distracted or fatigued driving become extinct."

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