Ceramex boosts DPF cleaning volume

Ceramex, a provider of diesel particle filters (DPF) cleaning services, is ramping up production in response to customer demand in the UK and Europe.

Ceramex is seeing the number of DPFs for processing heading beyond pre-pandemic levels, due in part to increased logistics fleet activity.

The Reading-based company is said to offer DPF cleaning and remanufacturing for more than 2,500 large goods vehicles per week following its relocation to a 67,000 square-foot facility last year.

Cermaex managing director Barney Milles said: “Even before Covid-19, tighter EU emission controls meant that the demand for cleaning and remanufacturing of commercial DPFs was on a steady upward trajectory. We expect further growth over the next few years, so having our new facility fully operational with scope for increased capacity, gives our business a high degree of future-proofing during these challenging economic times.”

Ceramex’s Xpurge DPF cleaning process uses a combination of purified water and air to remove accumulated soot and ash deposits from the filter. As the deposits are suspended in water, there is said to be no risk of them entering the atmosphere.

According to Ceramex, the cleaning process removes between 350-450g of soot and ash from each filter, which restores it to at least 95% or more of brand new functionality, thereby avoiding the need for a brand new DPF.

The resultant soot and ash that’s collected forms a ‘filter cake’ of particulate matter. Ceramex ships around five tonnes of filter cake every two months, approximately 30 tonnes per year, to an unnamed waste management partner for further treatment prior to its disposal as non-hazardous waste at a licensed landfill site.

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