Clarke benefits from Michelin policy

Clarke Transport has moved its 475-strong fleet of trucks and trailers to a Michelin X Multi New and Remix policy to cut costs and reduce downtime.

Clarke Transport, a Midlands-based specialist in hazardous goods transport, has fitted X Multi tyres on the drive and steer axles of its 240 tractor units and rigids. The company’s 235 trailers have also moved onto tyres from the X Multi range.

Ray Sandle, fleet manager at Clarke Transport, said: “Switching to a Michelin tyre policy has transformed our operations. We are experiencing vastly reduced downtime through tyres wearing out and rapid deflations, which were some of the issues we experienced with our previous supplier.

“We were spending a lot of money on replacing tyres and had no management reporting. Partnering with Michelin has allowed us to significantly reduce costs.”

Service provider Tructyre supplies and fits the X Multi tyres while the company also uses Tuf Treads in South Wales for some of its local work.

Clarke Transport is benefitting from Michelin’s multi-life policy. Once the tyres are worn, the fitments will be regrooved and retreaded as Michelin Remix tyres and fitted to the company’s trucks and trailers to maximise the performance from each new Michelin casing.

“Through this multi-life policy, we have dramatically improved our tyre management approach and reduced the total cost of ownership of the X Multi tyres,” Sandle added. “We are now able to track the life cycle of tyres across all our trucks and trailers and ensure Remix tyres are used appropriately. I’m proud to say we are a fully Michelin managed fleet.”

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