ContiConnect enables digital tyre management

Continental is using ContiConnect Lite to create a bridge between tyre sensors and tyre management.

ContiConnect Lite is a free-of-charge gateway to selected ContiConnect functionalities via smartphone. The new app version is available for digital tyre monitoring in a range of industries, including agricultural and earthmoving.

Continental employs sensor technology and data transfer to better integrate tyres into the wider vehicle network. Since the end of 2023, the company has been supplying all the models in its Conti Urban tyre family from the factory with the latest-generation tyre sensors.

No additional hardware is required to use ContiConnect Lite. "After the self-registration is complete, the vehicle can be modified and connected via Bluetooth," said Clarisa Doval, global head of digital solutions at Continental Tires. This then also enables access to a limited version of the ContiConnect On-Site App. In total, five vehicles and three users can be registered free of charge. “When tyre sensors identify a change in pressure or temperature, drivers are instantly alerted via push notification, enabling immediate action." The real-time data from the tyres enables predictive maintenance while also helping to cuts costs and reduce emissions.

The Conti Urban bus tyre is said to be a specialist in mastering the demands of downtown traffic. Customers can choose from the Conti Urban HA3, Conti UrbanScandinavia HA3+ and Conti UrbanScandinavia HD3 – all of which are intelligent. Continental offers a family of tyres with sensors. Smart tyres additionally help municipalities and bus companies to ensure efficient vehicle operation with lower costs during the mobility and energy transition.

The pressure on companies to switch to alternative drive systems and digitalise their fleets is growing at a pace. "With digital innovations like the intelligent Conti Urban tyre, we're empowering our clients to master the growing challenges they face," said Doval. "Thanks to our ContiConnect On-Site App and our Conti Urban tyre family, customers can retrieve tyre data very easily and conveniently using any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone."

"Integrating the new Conti Urban tyre into our ContiConnect digital tyre management platform enables both city and public transport operators to provide a dependable, efficient, and eco-friendly public transportation system,” Doval added.

According to Continental, digital tyre management makes it possible to minimise real-life fleet costs, in keeping with Continental’s consultancy approach of lowest overall driving costs.

“Tyre sensors also lay the groundwork for leveraging advantages like remote fleet monitoring and future predictive maintenance scheduling,” Doval continued. "Data indicates that ContiConnect can cut tyre punctures by approximately 30 percent for users, yield a two per cent saving in fuel, and boost tyre lifespan by around ten percent."

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