DAF to equip new models with ADAS

DAF Trucks is to add a suite of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to its New Generation of DAF Models in January 20224.

These new systems will be standard on all DAF XB, XD, XF, XG and XG+ models.

The Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) of the latest generation is equipped with both a radar and a camera, warning of vulnerable road users (VRU) ahead of the vehicle. An additional radar takes care of the new drive off assist function to detect and warn the driver of any nearby VRUs when the truck is moving at low speeds. The Event Data Recorder records images and data when the AEBS brake warning is activated or if the DAF Side & Turn Assist warns of pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles that are in the vehicle’s blind spots, including all the way to the back of the trailer.

In addition, each New Generation DAF will come with Speed Limit Recognition, informing the driver about actual speed limits and warning in case of speeding, while the Lane Departure Warning System helps to avoid dangerous situations by warning of potentially unintended lane changes.

The new Rear View Camera shows what is happening at the rear of the truck on a display in the cab. The optional High Beam Assist automatically dips the high beam when other vehicles are oncoming or ahead. Additionally, an Emergency Stop Signal alerts other road users through flashing hazard lights when the truck decelerates strongly.

New features are also introduced to further enhance safety related to the driver. The new DAF Drowsiness Detection assesses the driver’s alertness and warns when a break is needed, while a preparation for an Alcohol Interlock is available to facilitate installation of a device that ensures a negative alcohol test outcome before the engine can be started.

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