Daimler launches serial production of eActros

Following two years of user testing, Mercedes-Benz is launching serial production of the battery-electric eActros truck, with the first vehicles rolling off the line in autumn 2021.

The 4x2 and 6x2 urban distribution vehicle offers a capacity of up to 27t, wheelbases from 4-5.5m and range of up to 400km (250mi) with four batteries, or 300km (186mi) with three batteries. (Those figures were calculated after battery preconditioning for a partially-loaded vehicle without a trailer at a temperature of 20°C).

The 105kWh batteries, which each weigh 740kg and are mounted below the chassis rails, power two e-axles as well as ancillaries such as goods and cabin cooling.

The e-axles’ electric motors are rated at 330kW continuous, 400kW peak, operating through a two-stage transmission mounted to the differential.

Apart from the zero emissions at tailpipe, another unique selling point is the lack of noise; the OEM claims at maximum acceleration the vehicle is only half as loud as a similar diesel. “The loudest thing is the indicator,” said one driver on the launch video. The OEM claims its low operating noise will help facilitate night deliveries.

The trucks also feature Daimler’s latest mod cons, including Mirrorcam digital mirrors, its multimedia cockpit, Active Brake Assist 5 and sideguard assist.

Also launching are consultancy services for charging infrastructure and fleet planning, which it calls eConsulting.

Daimler is also planning to launch series production of the eEconic rigid for refuse collection later in 2021.

Karin Rådström, the Daimler Truck board of management member responsible for Mercedes-Benz Trucks said: “We have to acknowledge that transport is a part of the problem when it comes to climate change. At the same time, we can and we will be part of the solution. We start with our eActros.”

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