‘Do you recognise these brakes?’ - DVSA issues aftermarket brake drum warning and call for information

Operators are being warned about seriously defective aftermarket brake drums that may be fitted to Scania P400 lorries within their fleet.

DVSA reports of two cases where aftermarket drums, which were not manufactured or supplied by Scania, have failed on P400 lorries.

Both lorries were left without front braking and were fully laden.

The drums failed in the same way when the braking surface fractured and separated from the mounting ring. It is believed that this was not due to normal wear and tear.

So far, DVSA has been unable to identify the manufacturer. It is now asking operators to report if they have similar drums fitted to their lorries, as well as the supplier.

DVSA can be reached by telephone on 0117 9543425 or emailing Vehicle safety defects can also be reported on DVSA's online vehicle recalls and faults service via

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