Drivers are the key to lower fuel use – CV Show report

Two-thirds of road haulage managers say better driving behaviour is the main way to reduce fleet fuel consumption, according to a major study published today (29 April 2014) at the CV Show.
Shell conducted research into fuel management by UK hauliers earlier this year. Researchers asked 200 fleet managers about their fuel use and methods employed to improve performance. More than half said fuel-efficient driving could cut their fuel bills by 5% or more, while one in ten believe the saving could be more than 10%. However, almost half of those surveyed (46%) said insufficient resources and lack of training funds are preventing them from capitalising on this opportunity. Fuel management telematics was cited by half (49%) as important for improving driver behaviour. However, although these systems highlight areas for improvement, many struggle to action them: nine out of 10 admitted they act on less than 60% of the insights offered – again, due to resource issues. Phil Williams, head of Shell Commercial Fleet UK, says this is due to the increasingly complex role of a road haulage operator. "Not only are they required to manage day-to-day fleet operations, they also have to stay on top of emissions regulations, investigate new fuel and vehicle solutions, and find ways to minimise fuel consumption." Shell's fuel management telematics offering is called Shell FuelSave Partner. To download a copy of the Fuel Matters 2014 report, click on the link below.

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