Durite highlights road safety technology

Road Safety
Durite is demonstrating how artificial intelligence (AI) and digital systems are improving road safety and how this technology can help attract more young people into the industry.
(Image credit: Durite)

Durite is exhibiting its Demo van, which is equipped with a combination of safety innovations, showcasing how the company can help to support fleet compliance with standards such as the DVS Phase 2, FORS, and CLOCS. The technology on the vehicle includes Durite’s DVR kits, 4G live-streaming DVR and CCTV kits, AI and Progressive Safe Systems, lighting and smart telematics tracking.

The company is also presenting its HD range of cameras and the new Durite Driver Status Monitoring System. This uses AI to detect dangers that drivers are facing daily, such as fatigue and distractions. It sounds an alert to make the driver aware of hazards, helping to improve safety for both drivers and other road users.

The system can be combined with Durite’s advanced driver assistance systems technology, designed to monitor the vehicle and road environment around it to predict potential collisions. By warning the driver early, it allows the driver to react in good time and avoid accidents.

In addition, Durite is taking part in the School of Thought Automotive’s program to highlight the opportunities that working in the automotive and fleet sector can offer the next generation.

School of Thought Automotive is an industry initiative to enhance recruitment and retention of young people.

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