East of England Co-op cuts fuel costs

Consumer co-operative East of England Co-op has confirmed fuel savings of up to 13.8 percent via an in-cab driver coaching technology and rewards platform developed by Lightfoot.

The technology has also helped East of England reduce vehicle idling by up to 9 percent across its fleet of 104 vehicles.

This has helped the East of England Co-op, which operates a range of grocery delivery vans, security vans, stonemason vans and flatbeds, funeral hearses and limousines, to remain on track to reduce its fleet carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 233 tonnes over the next five years.

The decision to roll-out the in-cab coaching and rewards platform fleet-wide follows a trial of Lightfoot’s technology, which led to 80 percent reductions in instances of harsh acceleration, a 25 percent drop in harsh braking and a 20 percent drop in harsh cornering.

Luke Warren, health & safety manager at the East of England Co-op, said: “We have vehicles that operate across Norfolk, Suffolk, North Essex, and parts of Cambridge. Some operate from our home delivery stores and have up to 20 users each, while others are based at hubs, or are assigned to individual drivers.

“For years we’d looked at different telematics options, but all were extremely time and labour-intensive, requiring extensive analysis and post-event feedback to drivers, which tends to have low impact. We wanted a simple self-managed solution that actively helps and motivates our drivers on the road.

“Lightfoot delivered exactly that with its in-cab dashboard mounted device, which guides our 550 vehicle users to be smoother, safer, and more mindful drivers, thanks to its audible and visual in-cab alerts. This keeps our team in the sweet spot of their engine, and gives those achieving Elite Driver status access to Lightfoot’s weekly prize draws on the smartphone app.”

Warren added: “Today, using Lightfoot’s vehicle ID sign-in, every one of our team has the chance to do their part for the environment, at the same time as unlocking access to a range of weekly prize draws. That’s resonated with our drivers who actively listen out for their end of journey score, especially following a £150 winner in The Drivers’ Lottery.

“But it doesn’t stop there. We regularly have drivers achieving a perfect 100 percent Lightfoot score, one of whom told me that it was their proudest moment working for the Co-op. That kind of feedback is priceless. It shows you the power of positive recognition, and reward.”

Local branch managers manage East of England Co-op’s delivery vehicles via Lightfoot’s management portal.

Lightfoot’s solution has a smartphone app-enabled vehicle check facility, servicing, tax and MOT alerts and First Notice of Loss notification service, which alerts East of England Co-op should a vehicle become involved in an accident. This enables team to contact the driver to check on their wellbeing and, if necessary, to alert the emergency services or roadside assistance.

Paul Hollick, managing director at Lightfoot, said: “East of England Co-op is a pathfinder partner on the Suffolk Carbon Charter. It recognises the importance of reducing its carbon footprint by empowering and incentivising its drivers to be smoother and safer on the road. That’s unlocked a wealth of CO2 savings, enabling the cooperative to decarbonise their existing ICE fleet, ahead of the transition to EV.

“Today, 96 percent of East of England Co-op drivers regularly achieve the weekly Elite Driver target. That’s up from 59 percent pre-Lightfoot and it’s leading to impressive fuel and emissions savings, as well as reductions in vehicle wear and tear, accidents, and idling. Together, we’re driving positive change for the better, one mile at a time, and we’re pre-conditioning the Co-op’s drivers to be EV-ready through Lightfoot’s range-extending style of driving.”

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