Fishers uses Fraikin-supplied rigids

Scotland-based Fishers Laundry Services has extended its agreement with Fraikin with the delivery of 25 new trucks, which include a single 7.5 tonne and 24 15-tonne rigids.

The new vehicles each benefit from Fraikin’s suite of connected technologies, including MySmartFleet, 360-degree cameras and access to maintenance portal, FraikinView, to help bolster safety and operational efficiency.

Lucy Renaut, group finance director at Fishers, said: “The partnership we have formed enables us to deliver our freshly laundered linen, towels and garments directly to our customers. Fraikin’s efforts to place new vehicle orders promptly have allowed us to maintain our typical renewal timeline and, more importantly, keep our focus entirely on our core business activities.”

By turning to Fraikin, Fishers will continue to receive the benefits associated with contract hire, which includes all scheduled vehicle maintenance and any repair work, alongside 24/7 support from the Fraikin team.

The array of connected technologies featured in the build specification offers real-time visibility and opportunity for analysis on metrics such as distance travelled, fuel efficiency and driver behaviour, as well as accurate predictive maintenance scheduling and breakdown and repair monitoring.

Fishers’s commercial vehicle fleet operates seven days a week, transporting laundry to and from the company’s five sites in Coatbridge, Livingston, Newcastle, Perth and Cupar to hospitality, industry, healthcare and cleanroom businesses.

PIC CAP: The new vehicles benefit from Fraikin’s full suite of connected technologies, including MySmartFleet, 360-degree cameras and maintenance portal, FraikinView

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