Fuel card misuse ‘a thing of the past’, predicts Airmax Remote

Telematics provider Airmax Remote has unveiled the results of research conducted over twelve months in 2017, highlighting fuel savings from mpg monitoring.

The data was drawn from its Airmax Remote Premium Plus product across a 10,000-vehicle sample. Using manufacturer-recommended values as a benchmark and comparing actual fuel use from the vehicle CANbus, the data showed an overall 9.08% improvement on the ‘delta’ – the difference between manufacturer mpg and Remote Mileage Manager analysis.

The research showed the average published manufacturer mpg to be 61.84, with the average mpg reported by Airmax Remote to be 46.42 – the difference (delta) was 15.42mpg, or 24.49%. This shows, says Airmax, a greater accuracy of fuel performance than data imported from fuel card transactions.

“We firmly believe that misuse of company fuel cards and exaggerated mileage claims are set to become a thing of the past,” says Richard Perham, managing director of Airmax Remote.

“Airmax Remote’s technology delivers complete accuracy and definitive reporting to identify fuel savings for fleet operators.”

Additionally, he adds: “We will be working with customers to provide insight into which of their drivers are most suitable for electric and plug-in vehicles by accurately monitoring existing fuel usage resulting from analysis of mapping, distances travelled and reasons for the journey.”

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