Kinaxia improves safety via new digital platform

Kinaxia Logistics has hailed the impact of a new digital platform in helping it to enhance safety across its sites as well as for its drivers.
(Image credit: Kinaxia Logistics)

Kinaxia implemented the system developed by workplace operations technology company SafetyCulture across its regional warehouses, offices, transport yards, fulfillment centres and a fleet of vehicles over the past year.

Stephen McCabe, Kinaxia’s quality, safety, health and environment (QSHE) director, said the platform has helped the company to improve safety engagement and culture, and incident key performance indicators.

Since the rollout began, Kinaxia has reportedly seen a 94% reduction in lost time incidents and a 75% fall in the number of incidents and accidents recorded under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR).

The strategy has also spawned an increase in the reporting of issues, from minor housekeeping matters to near-misses which could give rise to more serious problems, McCabe added. Notifications have increased from 160 a year to 6,400.

In the first phase of the rollout, hundreds of QR codes were posted around various locations, providing employees with access to the reporting platform.

The second phase saw the QR code system rolled out to vehicles in the fleet, enabling drivers to report safety issues from external locations as well as customer sites, with the ability to also upload images or video as supporting evidence.

McCabe said: “As a digital reporting system, SafetyCulture is having a tremendous impact, by providing the knowledge, tools and confidence to enable our teams to work more safely and meet higher standards.

“It allows limitless interaction across our sites and any UK delivery location. Its accessibility means that everyone, regardless of their role or location, can play their part in helping to improve safety across our business, driven by an inclusive culture and engagement rather than purely by compliance.

“Because reporting is being positively actioned, there has been a dramatic reduction in lost-time incidents and RIDDORs, more accurate measurement and improved outcomes across a range of safety KPIs.

“It has brought safe operating practices to the forefront of everyone’s minds and has empowered employees at all levels and locations with the ability to drive positive change in the workplace.”

Kinaxia’s version of SafetyCulture features a ‘Heads Up’ function to send details to managers across the business about any potential issues or urgent action required.

All data collected through the platform provides live dashboard reporting, enabling the company to capture trends and shape its strategy in a more rounded way to reduce risk in its workplaces.

Kinaxia chief executive Michael Conroy said: “Safety across our operations is central to everything we do. It’s also everyone’s responsibility, and the new strategy has not only improved our safety KPIs but has also empowered our colleagues with greater responsibility and the ability to contribute to their own and everyone’s welfare.

“The adoption of SafetyCulture is the latest demonstration of our strategy to fully embrace digitalisation to drive efficiency, safety and continuous improvement across our business operations.”

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