Novadata helps Tamdown to gain DVSA Earned Recognition status

Transport consultant Novadata has assisted Tamdown, provider of infrastructure, groundworks and reinforced concrete frame services for residential, commercial and public sector developments, to achieve DVSA Earned Recognition scheme status. Following preparatory work completed across 18 months with Novadata, Tamdown passed the Earned Recognition audit with flying colours.

Mark Cain, Tamdown’s plant & procurement director, commented: “Achieving Earned Recognition status is the result of work we began a couple of years ago, when we became aware of available process improvements to serve us better operationally. With that in mind, we called in Novadata, who had already provided our tachograph analysis for many years, so we could draw on their vast experience. They helped us to review and then strengthen all our transport systems and processes, so we were in great shape for the Earned Recognition audit.”

Novadata’s experts provided an initial independent transport audit which highlighted some areas which could be enhanced. Tamdown then embarked on a review of its transport operation, ensuring the most robust processes and systems were in place. A second independent transport audit over a year later helped to confirm the improvements achieved. At every stage, Novadata advised the Tamdown team as they worked towards meeting the standards required for Earned Recognition status.

During the 18-month preparation period, Mark Cain gained his transport manager Certificate of Professional Competence (Manager CPC) and he and transport manager Lee Bellotti also completed their ADR training with Novadata, each gaining their ADR qualifications. Driver Mark Willoughby also completed his periodic driver CPC training with Novadata.

Su Winch, managing director of Novadata said, “Tamdown took an exceptionally joined-up approach to its compliance as it worked towards Earned Recognition. It took positive, decisive steps to ensure that they had all the relevant training, systems and processes in place. So, for the official DVSA Earned Recognition audit, it had demonstrably robust systems, well-trained key personnel and were thoroughly compliant, fulfilling all its O Licence undertakings and applying best practice throughout the transport operation. Its is definitely an example for others to follow.”

Tamdown adheres strictly to best practice and is now working towards attaining the add-on HS2 module, which is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for major infrastructure projects throughout the UK. It continues to work closely with Novadata.

Mark Cain continued: “Gaining Earned Recognition status has brought huge immediate and potential benefits for us. By sailing through the intense audit process, we’ve more than adequately demonstrated our commitment to compliance and best practice. This not only stands us in good stead should anything unforeseen happen while our drivers are on the road, it is also helping to further our plans for future expansion and progress. An added advantage is emerging in our recruitment process, as our drivers know that we fulfil all our legal responsibilities. They can rest assured that we aren’t going to ask them to compromise in observing any aspect of transport legislation or put themselves in a legally vulnerable position.”

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