Renault Trucks debuts right hand drive E-Tech

Renault Trucks has expanded its electric line-up with the debut of the right hand drive E Tech.
(Image credit: Renault Trucks)

According to Renault, the 44 tonne E-Tech T runs on two E-Tech motors, with six 90 kWh battery packs to deliver 540 kWh of power. It offers a range of up to 300km on a full charge and up to 500km with an intermediate fast charge (250 kW) of an hour. Designed for driver comfort, the high-spec’d cab features a host of optional extras, including 4-point air suspension with ride-height control system.

Elsewhere in the range is the day-cabbed E-Tech C 6x2 rigid, with a 4,100mm wheelbase, operating at up to 26 tonnes. Its two E-Tech motors are powered by four 90 kWh battery packs delivering 360 kWh with peak torque of 530 Nm. Power take-off comes from the electric motor powered by the vehicle’s 600V electric network.

Additionally, the 3.1 tonne L2H1 E-Tech Trafic Red Edition is a work tool for SME trades and fleet businesses. Powered by a new 90 kW (120 bhp) electric motor, it has 52 kWh batteries and a range of 297 km WLTP in the combined cycle.

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