RVS workshop gets Maha equipment

Maha UK has completed the installation of equipment at a new workshop facility in Coventry that Rogers Vehicle Servicing (RVS) established, having outgrown its original site.

Rogers civil engineering director Natalie Birch said: “We outgrew our existing facility with our expanding fleet. Also, we used to have to travel miles for servicing and testing – it was always in the middle of the day too. That meant vehicle downtime, which wasn't practical for the business.

“We needed to upsize; we had a defined plan to increase from our in-house facility to a larger venue to create a standalone business, offering services at a larger scale and to external customers. Thankfully we found an ideal location, situated very close to RCE, but we didn’t have experience in running a commercial garage and the equipment. That’s when we engaged with Maha UK. Now, we can work at night, reduce downtime and offer a larger menu of services in the process.”

RVS sought to enhance its vehicle servicing capabilities to accommodate both internal fleet maintenance, such as diagnostics, servicing, PMIs, MOTs, as well as service the public.

Maha managed the installation of an ATF lane, including pit, MBT 7250 Eurosystem commercial brake tester, MLT 1000 headlight tester and LMS 20.2 axle play detectors, as well as two-post lifts, the MA STAR 3.5 and 5.5.

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