Schmitz electric semi-trailer enters Finland

PNO Rental’s business partner Kylmästi Paras is using Schmitz Cargobull's electric semi-trailer to distribute groceries to stores in Helsinki, Finland.

The S.Koe Cool Semi-trailer is equipped with an electric refrigeration unit with integrated power electronics, a high-voltage battery and an axle generator.

According to Schmitz, the electric vehicle is quiet, enabling deliveries in urban areas in the early morning hours as well as in the late evening. The electrically powered S.CU ep85 refrigeration unit is designed for emission-free cooling and heating of the load. It offers a cooling capacity of up to 15,800 watts and a heating capacity of 10,500 watts. Batteries on the support winch replace the diesel tank, and offer the option of installing an additional pallet box with space for 36 pallets. The electrified Schmitz Cargobull trailer axle recuperates energy during braking, and therefore extends the operating time of the refrigeration machine or reduces the recharging times of the battery via the power grid.

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