Tod Technologies launches MV-Media Pod

Tod Technologies has launched a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) municipal digital media product that comes with a 24-12 volt electrical power drive train system.

Tod Technologies designs and manufactures street-level digital advertising technology.

According to Todd Technologies, the MV-Media Pod product has been designed to ensure reliability, smooth running, and hardware longevity by (in particular) successfully mitigating any potential power challenges associated with introducing large-format LED display technology to commercial HGVs. There are two 4 metre wide 3.9mm pitch-high bright LED screens (one installed on each side), with customized enclosures and fitted with polycarbonate protective covers.

It is a digital media pod that features situationally aware LED screens. The proprietary technology consists of 5G-GPS and environmentally controlled light sensors, which control the display's brightness to suit all ambient light conditions. The sensors are said to ensure that the displayed content is optimised in various lighting conditions, including full sunlight, and at night are set at the ideal level to ensure there is no glare.

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