UK-first Astra 7.2t Daily EV conversion

Chassis conversion specialist Astra Vehicle Technologies is working with Guest Truck and Van to produce an electric 7.2 tonne IVECO Daily.

The vehicle, which will have a range of up to 220km, will be fitted with a caged tipper body for customer Ringway, a company providing highway services in London.

Astra removed the standard diesel engine and gearbox and replaced it with a fully-integrated zero-emission electric drivetrain.

Astra Vehicle Technologies owner, John Chadderton, said: “This is a first for the UK in terms of converting a vehicle in this weight range to electric.

“The conversion process is not just about removing an engine and bolting on a motor, it’s about seamlessly integrating electric power into all of the primary and ancillary systems of the vehicle, such as steering, braking and original manufacturer control systems. With this vehicle we have achieved that.”

Ringway is making a significant investment in greening its fleet, and converting existing fleet to deliver best practice. Scott Wardrop, chief executive, said: “We are investing at every level in building more sustainable ways of working. From new zero or reduced emission electric models and associated infrastructure, solar plant and equipment, LPG energy and alternative fuels.

“We are committed to creating a greener future – taking responsibility for the things we can change now, that make a difference for future generations. This means improved air quality, quieter operations and safer working for our teams and the communities we work in.”

Guest Truck and Van, the UK’s leading IVECO vehicle dealer, supplied the vehicle and supported Astra in ensuring that the conversion was fully integrated in-line with the functionality associated with IVECO vehicles.

Robert Spittle, managing director of Guest Truck and Van, said; “We hope this is the first of many conversions of its kind, not just for highways companies but a wide variety of operators using five- to seven-tonne vehicles.”

The conversion systems have been custom-designed to integrate into the IVECO Daily chassis, with technical support from Guest Truck and Van and remotely from Elinta, the Lithuanian traction motor and battery supplier, through video conferencing, enabling the process to continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic period.

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