Vector is cool choice for fresh food deliveries

Family-run haulage firm Robert Burns has ordered six Vector 1950 MT (multi-temperature) systems, from Carrier Transicold, after seeing how well the units performed on trailers it hired to transport fresh meat and perishables.
The refrigeration units have been mounted on tri-axle Gray & Adams multi-compartment semi-trailers and join a fleet of 38 trucks and 50 trailers. The new units are claimed to offer a 4% increase in refrigeration capacity, up to 18.8kW, giving faster pull-down times and the ability to haul larger cool chain loads over long distances. Their condensers are also smaller and lighter than the previous model, meaning improved efficiency. "We haven't specified a Carrier Transicold refrigeration unit for more than a decade, but we've recently had a lot of experience with Carrier systems on trailers we've hired," confirms Andrew Burns, fleet engineer for the Broxburn-based haulier. "This was enough to convince us of the Vector unit's impressive performance and reliability." The units have a microchannel condenser coil which helps to lower fuel consumption by 10% per watt delivered. The coils also allow the unit to be smaller, resulting in a 17% reduction in the refrigerant charge. Carrier's patented E-Drive all-electric technology removes mechanical transmissions found in conventional belt-driven systems, transforming engine power into electricity through a generator. The firm says that this ensures temperature control to within +/- 0.3 C of the set point for maximum load protection.

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