Volvo to unveil Dynamic Steering and 7900 Electric

October’s Busworld exhibition, in Kortrijk, Belgium, see the debut of Volvo Buses Dynamic Steering stabilisation system and its 7900 Electric – Volvo’s first own-brand series produced all-electric bus.

Volvo Dynamic Steering – claimed to improve directional stability, comfort and safety – is currently being integrated into several of the OEM’s coaches, having seen fitment on its trucks since 2013.

Volvo says it automatically compensates for uneven road surfaces, eliminating vibration and steering kicks. Additionally, at low speeds steering wheel inertia is reduced by around 75%, making manoeuvring easier.

As for Volvo’s 7900 Electric city bus, the company says it is its first mass-produced version and has been validated at around 80% greater energy efficiency than comparable diesel buses.

Batteries are charged using energy generated during engine braking, as well as at bus stops via the grid – the latter taking less than six minutes, and corresponding to 10 km of driving.

The Volvo 7900 Electric is available in a 12m design and is effectively a variant of its 7900 Hybrid and the 7900 Electric Hybrid.

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