WABCOWuerth to offer OEM-agnostic security gateway for W.EASY CV diagnostics

WABCOWuerth is developing an online portal through which all diagnostic functions on commercial vehicles can be performed easily and quickly in the future with OEM-certified Security Gateway technology.

As the number of electronic components installed in vehicles increases, so does the risk of unauthorised access and control of these electronics by third parties. It is not uncommon for such unauthorised access to have drastic consequences.

As a result, more and more manufacturers are securing the diagnostic access of their vehicles with a security gateway.

In summer 2020, the W.EASY multi-brand diagnostic solution for Security Gateway technology was authenticated on FCA vehicles (IVECO and Fiat Professional).

Now, the company is developing a manufacturer-independent online portal for simple and convenient operation of the Security Gateway solutions in W.EASY multi-brand diagnostics.

During the development of the online portal, special attention was paid to intuitive operation and, above all, to the time aspect. Thus, only a one-time registration in the portal is required, after which the user can work in W.EASY diagnostics almost as usual and without any obstacles. The only difference is that when starting the diagnosis on an affected vehicle, the registered login data must be entered, and then the diagnosis can be performed immediately.

The intermediary WABCOWuerth Online Portal eliminates the need for time-consuming registration and purchase processes for certificates from the individual manufacturers. Likewise, the scattering of private data is prevented. An unnecessary spreading of sensitive data like payment information over different portals is avoided by WABCOWuerth's portal acting as an interface.

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