ZF Aftermarket launches bus and EV products at Automechanika

ZF Aftermarket has launched a number of products at the Automechanika 2021 event in Frankfurt, Germany.

ZF Bus Connect is a new product that caters to the connected next generation aftermarket. This fleet management tool enables public transport or private bus operators to enhance and improve efficiency and performance of their fleets. It is suitable for use in hybrid and electric buses, and mixed fleets. The user can check every aspect of the vehicle, including live viewing of vehicle locations, observe current fuel consumption, battery charge or maintenance status of the vehicles parts, tyre pressure, brake wear and other system messages. In addition, the system offers driver monitoring, detection of dangerous driving situations and geofencing prevent accidents and to help protect against theft. It also offers live data evaluation on a per-vehicle basis allows for optimised driving and route plans and reduced fuel consumption.

Second, new WABCO modular ABS sensors are said to solve a common problem: when commercial vehicles come to the workshop with a defective ABS sensor, a specific version of this part has to be ordered, which may not be in stock at the dealer. A modular ABS sensor concept that counteracts this problem has been developed for independent workshops. It consists of a short ABS sensor with the standard KEA connector that is attached to the wheel, an extension cable in various lengths, and a range of adapters that cover the main electronic control units (ECUs) available on the market. Once the modular concept is installed on the vehicle, only the defective component needs to be replaced, which significantly speeds up the repair process, reduces downtime and lowers costs. Depending on just three parameters (sensor type, length, and connector), they can replace hundreds of variants with just a few products. A combination of two existing ABS sensors, ten extension cables and eight adapters can replace over 400 OE references. Future plans include the introduction of additional adapter variants to cover even more references. A wheel speed sensor selection-tool will be available by the end of the year to help workshops find the right combination even without having a cross-reference material to hand.

Third, it showed a new braking product. The TRW-branded electric brake booster (EBB) uses a special electronic system to provide improved brake actuation: replacing the vacuum brake boosters and, if necessary, the vacuum pump with its associated cables, sensors, switches and control units. This TRW system not only meets high comfort requirements and safety standards, but also supports the recovery of braking energy and thus the range of purely electric vehicles. A software function also ensures that the vehicle is held securely in parking mode by the electric parking brake, meaning that a mechanical parking brake can be dispensed with.

The company is also sourcing green energy for its factories, and is launching a green aftermarket label for a range of TRW brake pads.

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