DSVA recalls

Mitsubishi Canter

Fuel may leak: it has been identified during product quality monitoring that, on certain vehicles, it is possible that the fuel line may detach from the connectors due to chemical influences. Insert an additional hose clamp and thereby fix the return line in place. Vehicle ID: TYAFB83SB4DV00045 to TYAFEC71KDX00464

Ford Transit

: It is possible that the material specification of the brake pedal pin retaining "R" clip is not correct. This can cause the spring tension of the clip to reduce. If not rectified, there is a possibility that the "R" clip could become detached, which can result in the separation of the brake pedal and the brake booster push rod. This will result in brake failure. Recall all affected vehicles and replace the "R" clip with a new quality assured one. Vehicle ID: WF0KXXTTPKBS86741 to...

Volvo bus B13R

It is possible that the wrong specification mounting bolts have been used on the passenger seat floor slider. If involved in an accident/collision, it is extremely possible that the bolts could fail and result in detachment of the seat. Recall all the affected vehicle to check the mounting bolt and replace if required. Vehicle ID: 157035 to 158227

Ford Transit

The rear brake pipe bracket to axle securing bolt may fail, due to inconsistencies in bolt manufacture. Low clamp load of the joint could lead to bolt failure and subsequent fatigue failure of the rear brake bundy pipe. This would result loss of brake fluid and significantly reduced brake performance (single circuit brake operation only and soft brake pedal). : The original bolt will be replaced with a new bolt and locking nut.

Isuzu truck F Series

Compressor may leak. On some vehicles, the air compressor head gasket has been produced with an inadequate bead height. Hence, the seal between the air passages of the exhaust side of the air compressor may leak air into the water passage and blow back to the coolant sub tank. Replace the air compressor head gasket.

Iveco Stralis and Trakker

On a number of vehicles, the torque setting value of the retaining screws of the A frame guide rod joint to the axle could be wrong. Checks must be carried out to ensure that the correct torque is applied. Vehicle ID: WJMM1VUH40C260575 to WJMM1VTH40C255768.

Iveco Eurocargo

Shock absorber mountings may fail. Some vehicles in the Eurocargo Euro 3 and MY2008 range may be subject to breakage of the rear shock absorber bottom support when used in demanding work situations.This will result in failed operation of the shock absorber. Replace the defective rear shock absorber bottom support bracket within the listed chassis range with support brackets of correct conformity. Vehicle ID: ZCFAITJ0402597656 to ZCFA1TM1402601313

Iveco Stralis and Trakker

Braking efficiency may be compromised. On a limited number of vehicles, it may be necessary to replace a component of the brake valve EBS2 in order to ensure efficiency of the braking system. Failure to replace the component described could compromise the correct operation of the braking system. Replace the relay piston/sealing ring on the brake value of the EBS2 (CBU) tractor. Vehicle ID: WJME2N5H404383581 to WJME2NWH404387566

Neoplan Cityliner, Euroliner, Starliner and Skyliner

Directional control may be compromised. Bolts of the trapezoidal control arms on the front axle and trailing axle of the affected vehicles could break as a result of corrosion. This could lead to instability and the directional control to be compromised. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the bolts of the trapezoidal arm, seal the repair area and apply corrosion protection.

MAN TGM (Truck and Bus) N08,N16,N18,N26,N28N34, N36,N37,N38, N44, N46, N48,N65

Directional control may be lost. Lock nuts fitted to the ball heads on the steering drag link and track rod ball joints may have insufficient securing function. It is possible that the nuts might loosen and allow the steering joints to separate and the directional control to be compromised. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the affected lock nuts. Vehicle ID: WMAN08ZZODY291115 to WMAN48ZZ9DY290789.

Mitsubishi Canter TF

On some vehicles, the mounting clamps at the oil lines from the Duonic transmission have been attached incorrectly, making it possible for an oil line to detach. If the vehicle is used regularly, the detachment of the oil hose from the tube may result in automatic transmission fluid escaping.This leads to further shifting no longer being possible and hence loss of drive, Remedial action: replace the mounting clamps at the oil line. Vehicle ID: TYA4681122A500146 to TYA4684132A501319

DAF CF75, CF85, XF105

Further to Recall 440 (R2012/059) and investigations undertaken by DAF, it is suspected that the most likely cause of cracked Hytrel brake pipes in Circuit 3 (hand brake circuit) is due to stress on the air pipe in combination with a chemical agent that may be used in vehicle cleaning. Remedial action: replace Voss couplings with the Raufoss type coupling on Circuit 3. Vehicle ID: E904937 to E945605.

Hardstaff OIGI duel-fuel fitted to Mercedes Benz Axor

Fire risk: in extreme circumstances, it is possible that part of the wiring harness for the HDXi dual fuel system may become exposed to high temperatures produced by the vehicle's high pressure compressed air system. Should direct contact between the compressor pipe and the wiring harness protective sleeve occur, damage will result. However, should prolonged contact occur, this can result in a total failure of the harness or, in extreme cases, a vehicle fire. Recall all affected vehicles and...

SDC drawbar trailer (telescopic towing beam)

Drawbar beam may crack. It is possible that the reinforcing plates for the drawbar mounting on the trailer may have been manufactured using brittle steel. This has resulted in fractures around the mounting point on the trailer. If this is not identified during routine maintenance, then a trailer detachment could occur. Recall the affected trailer and rework the drawbar mounting on the chassis. Vehicle ID: SDCSK215300111655 to SDCSK215300111655

Mercedes-Benz Actros

Risk of fire. Water can enter the front passenger footwell, because of incompletely installed stop plugs at the cab under the windscreen wiper recess trim. If this fault exists, water can penetrate behind the sealing of the cab/chassis connecting point. In the worst case, contact corrosion and consequential damage, such as short circuits and undefined current paths with high current flows, may occur at plug contacts, wiring harness and a sensor not designed to be watertight. Check affected...

Iveco Eurocargo

Cab may tilt without warning. On vehicles equipped with the electric cab tilting mechanism, it is possible that water may enter the control relay for the system. This can cause a short circuit in the pump control relay, which will operate the tilt pump and, if the driver has failed to leave the control valve in the lowered position, an involuntary tilting of the cab may occur.Recall all affected vehicles for the fitment of a watertight protection to be fitted to the control relay. Vehicle ID:...

Isuzu truck N series

The ECM main relay and the engine stater relay have been inserted the wrong way round, which causes the stater relay to overheat and burn out. Dealers to check the two relays are in the correct location and, if not, then replace them both.
Vehicle ID: JAANPR75MA7100565 to JAANPR75MC7100186

Dennis Eagle Elite

Wheel knave may break away from the outer ring, due to poor weld penetration.This could lead to the wheel breaking, which could cause damage to the vehicle. Replace wheels
Vehicle ID: SEG2230CR5BB152276 to SEG2230CR5BC16415

Volvo FH/FM

A heat shield mounted on the frame can fall down on the starter motor and could cause a short circuit.The heat shield breaks due to fatigue caused by vibrations. Remove the heat shield.


Risk of fire. The turbocharger oil pressure line may fail.This will allow oil to fall onto the road surface, causing concerns to other road users. In the worst case scenario, the oil could ignite and cause a fire. Recall vehicles likely to be affected to replace the oil pressure line and connecting flanges for the turbocharger, and, where necessary, replace the exhaust pipe mounting bracket for a modified version.
Vehicle ID: WMA06SZZ0AW141986 to WMA49SZZXBM563544

Volvo bus

The gearbox may remain in gear even when neutral is selected because an internal gear selector fork may fail. This could unintentionally allow the vehicle to move off on its own. Recall all affected vehicles and replace the gear selector fork. Vehicle ID:126530 to 149450


Wheel bearing may fail: under certain operating conditions, it is possible that the wheel bearing or a tyre on the leading or trailing tag axles can fail as a result of a brake overheat. If the driver ignores warning signs, then ultimately it is possible that the wheel and hub could detach or the tyre could blow out. As an interim action, recall all affected vehicles for a check of the tolerance on the brake calipers fitted to these axles, if required replace specific brake components and the...

DAF CF75, CF85 and XF105

There is a possibility of air leaks on the brake circuit. As part of an ongoing investigation and improvement process, there is a requirement to inspect the air piping connections on the hand brake circuit (Circuit 3) for completeness and serviceability. Recall all affected vehicles for inspection of pipework and report finding to manufacturer. Vehicle ID: E905565 to E942858

MAN TGS, TGX , X types, bus and coach chassis

Certain vehicles may have been fitted with power assistance steering pipes that have connections that have not been correctly crimped. Should they fail, it would result in the loss of power assistance and the loss of fluid onto the road surface. Recall all affected vehicles and replace the power assistance steering pipes.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

the screws/bolts used for fastening the towing eyes, the crossmember of the trailer hitch and the rear step for the support of the crossmember on 5t vehicles may be of the incorrect type.This could cause the bolts to work loose and in the worst case snap.As a precautionary measure the screw/bolts will be replaced on affected vehicles. Vehicle ID: WDB9066352S644628 to WDB9066552S645897

DAF CF75, CF85 and XF 105

The recoiling of the Hytrel pipes during fitment at production may cause the pipes to split at the pipe connection on the hand brake circuit (Circuit 3). Recall all affected vehicles for the inspection and if required, the replacement of the brake pipes. VehicleID: E905565 to E910246


Wiring for the auxiliary cab night heater might not be secure and could allow the wiring to get too close to the heater exhaust pipe.The worst case scenario is the possibility of fire. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to check and where necessary correctly secure the wiring.

Iveco Stralis AS/ATAD

Pneumatic suspensoin may fail: ongoing product and quality checks have shown that there may be defects in the air suspension supports. Check the supports for the air bellow manufacturing and casting numbers and replace as required. Vehicle ID: WJMA1VNH404382365 to WJMS2NUH404384833.

Mercedes-Benz Actros

Steering may fail: irregularities may have occurred during assembly of the steering shaft. Water entrapment may have occurred in a few cases. At exceptionally low temperature's and after long idle times (freezing in the cab) the entrapped water may freeze. It is possible, if the water freezes, that there could be, in extreme cases, damage to the bearing shell of the constant velocity joint. During the first few meters after driving off, a damaged bearing shell could lead to the connection from...

Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano

In a situation where the window airbag is deployed, the trim that covers the airbag may not stay in a safe position and, as such, could present an additional risk of injury to the occupant. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the A-pillar trim. Vehicle ID: WDF63981323651940 to WDF63981523652971

Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus

A defective welded seam on the brake pedal may cause the pedal to deform during heavy braking manoeuvres. This can result in a change in the brake pedal travel - particularly an increase in the amount of travel - which will affect brake performance. Recall the affected vehicles and replace the brake pedal with a reinforced version.Vehicle ID: WEB62800023095649 to WEB62824323103989

Iveco 105E-106E

Bolts may be missing from the rear bumper support brackets which, in a collision, may cause the bumper not to function as intended and result in additional injuries. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to check and where necessary restore the correct fastening of the rear bumper support brackets. Vehicle ID: ZCFA1LG0402565138 to ZCFA1LG0402579186. Build start date: 01/01/2008. Build end date: 31/12/2008.

Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano

A fuel leak may occur from the area of the fuel drain opening in the fuel filters, which leaks onto the road. Recall the vehicles likely to be affected to check the fuel filter and replace where necessary. Vehicles affected: WDF63960123578537 to WDF63981523604836

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

A fuel leak may occur from the area of the fuel drain opening in the fuel filters, which leaks onto the road. Recall the vehicles likely to be affected to check the fuel filter and replace where necessary. Vehicles affected: WDB9061132N463524 to WDB90665725544493

Iveco bus: Citelis, Access-Bus, Arway, Crossway, Evadys, Recreo, Eurorider with Cursor98 diesel engines

Fuel pipes may fail causing a leakage of fuel. Replace all engine fuel pipes.
Vehicle ID: ZGA7B2N100E000012 to ZGA7B2N100E001639; ZGA7B2N100E000012 to ZGA7B2N100E001639; ZGA7B2N100E000012 to ZGA7B2N100E001639; ZGA7B2N100E000012 to ZGA7B2N100E001639; ZGA7B2N100E000012 to ZGA7B2N100E001639; and ZGA7B2N100E000012 to ZGA7B2N100E001639.

Renault Kangoo van

Seat belt may fail: there is a possible issue with the security of the lower seat belt mounting bolt, which could cause it to loosen. If this were to occur then the bolt could ultimately fully unwind and detach. This would then result in the occupant not being restrained by the seat belt, if the vehicle was to be involved in a collision. Recall all affected vehicles and replace the lower seat belt mounting bolts.

Workhorse custom chassis: motor coach W20, W22, W24

Fire may occur: on vehicles fitted with the GM L18 petrol/gasoline engine, it is possible that the retaining clip for the fuel rail pulse damper may not have been correctly heat treated. This could result in the retaining clip fracturing without warning, which will allow pressurised fuel to spray onto the engine. If an ignition source is present, it may cause an engine bay fire. Recall all affected vehicles and replace the fuel rail damper retaining clip.

Workhorse custom chassis W24, W22, W20

Braking efficiency may be affected: : the Actia instrument cluster has been programmed with the incorrect software.This may result in the driver not receiving any warnings regarding defects within the vehicles brake system, as the system will not illuminate warning lights indicating brake system fault codes. This could, in extreme cases, result a reduction in braking efficiency. Recall all affected vehicles and reprogram the Actia instrument cluster, the dash.

MAN truck TGS, TGX

It is possible, in certain conditions, for humidity to enter the voltage vonverter, which can lead to smouldering/scorching inside the unit, producing smoke and toxic fumes in the cab. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to fit a cover that more effectively protects the voltage converter against humidity. Vehicle affected: WMA06SZZ08W119951 to WMA94XZZX9L056693

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Rear suspension springs may not be to specification and could fail at the spring eye. If such a failure occurs vehicle control could be lost. Recall vehicles likely to be affected to check and, where necessary, replace the suspension springs. Vehicles affected: WDB9062552N482706 to WDB9061532N825826

Mercedes-Benz Atego

The electric heater of the charge air preheating system can overheat and a vehicle fire may occur. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to carry out modifications to the electrical actuation system of this heater.
Vehicles affected: WDB9702232L223029 to WDB9702232L223029

Isuzu Truck F series fitted with ISRI seat

Seatbelt may not retract because of Insufficient clearance between the connector of the driver's side seat belt pretensioner and the seat cushion. Carry out modification to seat cushion.
Models affected:
JALFVR34T97000001 to JALFVR34T97000012
JALFSR34LA7000001 to JALFSR34LA7000012
JALFSR34N97000001 to JALFSR34N97000012
JALFVR34M97000031 to JALFVR34M97000036
JALFSR34JA7000002 to JALFSR34JA700007
JALFSR34J97000013 to JALFSR34J97000024
JALFSR34797000001 to...

Isuzu Truck

Reverse light may not function onvehicles fitted with MYY/MZZ gearboxes, due to a fatigue fracture where the lead wire fixes to the reverse light switch. Replace reverse light switch.
Models affected:
JAANLR85E97100015 to JAANLR85EA7101605
JAANLR85H97100015 to JAANLR85HA7100893
JAANNR85H97100042 to JAANNR85HA700308
JASANNR85F97100011 to JAANNR85FA7100042
JAANMR85E97100085 to JAANMR85EA7100854
JAANPR75H97100009 to JAANPR75HA7101113
JAANPR75K97100002 to JAANPR75KA7101722

MAM TGL, TGM and TGS with crew cab

Unintentional opening of rear door: If the lock operating mechanism is forced past the unlocked position, it is possible that the door could inadvertently open, without the operation of the door handle. Recall all affected vehicles for an information sticker to be applied to the door.

Isuzu Truck N series fitted with Easyshift transmission

Instrument cluster may fail to operate correctly:Failure of the instrument cluster printed circuit - due to overheating and stress, with the introduction of the gear change position in the instrument cluster of the easy shift transmissions - means that the instrument cluster lights will not function or, while driving, may fail. Replacement of the instrument cluster is required.

Citroen Dispatch III

Risk of fire: the engine cylinder head may not comply with manufacturing specification, whichmay lead to an oil leak that, if not rectified, could result in fire if the oil contacts hot engine components. Recall the affected vehicles, check the cylinder head and replace if required. Vehicle affected: VF7*****BZ028083 to VF7******BZ028083

Vauxhall Movano

Rear wheel bearing may shear: It is possible that the rear wheel bearing has been damaged while it was assembled onto the stub axle. This should be identified by excessive noise. However, in the worst case, if not detected, it could result in bearing failure and the detachment of the wheel and hub. Recall all the affected vehicles and replace the wheel bearings with new items, which will have protective sleeves to aid correct installation. Vehicles affected

Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano

Fire may occur: in certain arduous operating conditions it is possible that the air conditioning fan relay could overload and, in the worst case, could catch fire. Recall the vehicles likely to be affected to replace the air conditioning fan relay with a modified component. Build dates afected: 01/01/2007 to 31/12/2010

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

A program error may result in misleading instrument cluster information and ESP functions. Re-Program the control unit and replace the SRS control unit. Affected vehicles: WDB9066332S600671 to WDB90665728600574

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

The electric heater on the charge air preheating system can overheat, so a vehicle fire may occur. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to carry out modifications to the electrical actuation system of this heater. Vehgicles affected: 214008 to 226766. Build dates: 01/01/2009 to 31/12/2010