DSVA recalls

Renault Kangoo II (2018-2019 builds)

Risk of a fuel leak in the engine compartment. Remedy: inspect and install protection to the fuel pipe or replace the fuel pipe if damaged. Manufacturer reference: 0DGX. Number affected: 293. Vehicle IDs: VF1FW52H259943312 to VF1FWT8M362317020.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2018-2019 builds)

The electrical wiring harness pre-installation for the HERMES control unit (communication module) could become stuck between the brake light switch and the brake pedal. Remedy: Correct the routing of the concerned wiring harness through the installation of an additional cable tie. Manufacturer reference: SRV2021. Number affected: 17. Vehicle IDs: WDB9076332P026360 to WDB9076372P096717.

Volvo bus B5LH/B5LH (3)

Passenger hand poles may become insecure. Remedy: fit modified seat consoles, hand poles & roof poles. Manufacturer reference: C5862. Number affected: 24. Vehicle IDs: YV3T1R924D1159415 to YV3T1U225F1170438.

Mercedes-Benz bus SETRA S 531 DT (2018-2020 builds)

Due to insufficient bonding, plastic end body trim pieces can loosen at the front and rear. Remedy: replace the front and rear plastic end trim pieces and secure with metallic holders. Manufacturer reference: 65.10U20105A. Number affected: 14. Vehicle IDs: WKK41001013125696 to WKK41001013128387.

Dennis Eagle ELITE 6 ETS mid- or rear-steer (2020-2021 builds)

Axle hub bolts may become insecure. Remedy: recheck torque value of axle hub bolts to 500Nm. Manufacturer reference: none given. Number affected: 158. Vehicle IDs: SEG2628GR6BM27046 to SEG2628GR6BM29302.

Ford Transit (2019-2020 builds)

On affected vehicles the rear driveshaft bearing support bracket has not been fitted with the intended internal bushes. Remedy: fit a new driveshaft bearing support bracket. Manufacturer reference: 20S70. Number affected: two. Vehicle IDs: (not given).

Peugeot Boxer/Citroen Relay (2019 builds)

Affected vehicles are not fully compliant to European regulation (165/2014 + EU 799/2016) covering the “Smart Tachograph” requirements. Remedy: replacing the tachograph gearbox and on certain vehicles the windscreen, depending on the specification of the vehicle. Manufacturer reference (Boxer): KAM. Number affected: 20. Vehicle IDs: VF3******12K72655-VF3******12L27721. Manufacturer reference (Relay): HFW. Number affected: 1. Vehicle ID: VF7******12L18230.

Scania Truck LPGRS (2018 builds)

A cable chafing risk between the cab heater and the harness-to-component connector against the heater bracket. Remedy: check, re-route and secure or replace the harness as necessary. Manufacturer reference: RC201853. Number affected: 2,122. Vehicle IDs: YS2G4X20005569907 to YS2S8X40009260376.

Volvo Bus B0E (3) (2016-2020 builds): two faults

A fuse rating has been under-specified and could blow during normal operation, causing the full electric drivetrain to shut down. Remedy: Fit uprated 400amp fuse to position F251. AND Gearshift stops working. Remedy: fit additional spring pin for the Control Cylinder. Manufacturer reference: C5936 and C5930. Number affected: 24. Vehicle IDs: YV3U1W122HA182728- YV3U1W129MA204444

Volvo FH, FM 4 (2020 builds)

One or more pins may not have been soldered correctly in the main switch control unit. Remedy: check the main control switch unit and replace if necessary. Manufacturer reference: none given. Number affected: 25. Vehicle IDs: (data provided but mis-formatted).

MAN TGX (2020 builds)

The braking effect of the vehicle may be delayed leading to longer braking distances. Remedy: install the correct data file into the Electronic Control Unit. Manufacturer reference: TI 7313TR. Number affected: 19. Vehicle IDs: WMA23KZZ4MM865665-WMA23KZZ5MM868798.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter (2020 builds)

The threaded connections that join the front axle wheel bearings and drive shafts may work loose. Remedy: check the threaded connection of the drive shaft on the affected vehicles and correct it if necessary. Manufacturer reference: SRV 2016. Number affected: 5. Vehicle IDs: W1V9106332P001881 to W1V9106332P217952.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 910 (2020 builds)

Possible damage and short circuit of the glow plug relay in certain collision scenarios. Remedy: retrofit a housing for the glow plug relay and install a pyrotechnic fuse on the affected vehicles. Manufacturer reference: SRV 2018. Number affected: 879. Vehicle IDs: WDB9106332P023832 to W1V9106332P211270.

Toyota Proace (2019 builds)

There is a risk that the rear seat rail lock might not function as designed. Remedy: inspect and if necessary replace the rear seat frames. Manufacturer reference: VGG74. Number affected: 5. Vehicle IDs: YARVEEHZ8GZ167084 to YARVEEHZ8GZ168506

Renault Master III (2019 builds)

Risk of a fault in the trailer coupling socket due to incorrect positioning of the ground wire potentially causing the lights on the trailer to not function. Manufacturer reference: 0DAB. Number affected: 5. Vehicle IDs: VF1MA000064390869 to VF1MA000X64151510

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907 (2020 builds)

Vehicles were produced and delivered without the necessary rear underride guard. Manufacturer reference: SRV 2019. Number affected: 37. Vehicle IDs: WDB9076552P112448 to W1V9076552P231233.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2020 builds)

On affected vehicles front and rear brake hoses may have sustained an outer cut. Remedy: check brake hose condition and renew if necessary. Manufacturer reference: SRV2020. Number affected: 1,564. Vehicle IDs: W1V9106312P231568 to W1V9106332P280951

Optare Metrodecker EV (2019-2020 builds)

Material and weld failure at frame connection and mounting points of the battery support frame. Remedy: check battery mounting frame and surrounding structure; repair if necessary. Manufacturer reference: CCR11144. Number affected: 75. Vehicle IDs: (not given).

Mercedes-Benz Atego 967& Unimog (2014-2020 builds)

The ball type tow-bar does not meet the requirements of the fatigue strength. Action: change of the ball type tow-bar of the affected vehicles. Manufacturer reference: SRL2004. Number affected: 10. Vehicle IDs: 398949-421087; 452132.

Optare Metrodecker (2019-2020 builds)

Gradual overheat degradation of the vehicle charge sockets. Actioin is to fit a revised charge socket to include temperature monitoring to allow automatic charge reduction and termination. Manufacturer reference: CCR11107. Number affected: 46. Vehicle IDs: SAB6JSE0JS340021 to SAB8JSEXK340053.

Mellor Orion (2017 builds)

Rear suspension bracket may be damaged in production by incorrect seat fitment. Action: replace the rear suspension bracket and correctly fit the seat fixing. Manufacturer reference: 6530-6538. Number affected: 9. Vehicle IDs: E05042-E08135.

DAF CF & XF (2020 builds)

Prop shaft centre bearing support brackets are potentially under-torqued in production. Action: check the fixing bolts of affected brackets and tightened to the correct 110Nm torque setting. Manufacturer reference: 636. Number affected: 347. Vehicle IDs: XLRAEL1400L500557- XLRAEM3700G327176.

Volvo bus B5TL(3) (2013-2020 builds)

The P-Clip holding the starter motor cable may chafe through the outer insulation of the cable and cause a possible short circuit. Actions: replace and re-position the P-Clips with new brackets; replace affected cables as required. Manufacturer reference: C5732. Number affected: 1,167. Vehicle IDs: YV3T9U221EA165390-YV3T9U229MA203723.

MAN TGE (2018-2019 builds)

Side and rear windows may come loose and fall out. Affected windows are to be replaced. Manufacturer reference: TI 7186 TR. Number affected: 37. Vehicle IDs: WMA03VUY0K9012896 to WMA12VUYXK9005011.

MAN TGS (2020 builds)

Electronic Stability Program may malfunction or fail. It may contain incorrect data. Action is to install the correct data file. Manufacturer reference: TI 7181TR. Number affected: 9. Vehicle IDs: WMA37SZZ1LM858504 to WMA90SZZ7LM854276.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK Unimog U527, U529, U530 (2015-2017 builds)

Damage may occur at the electrical frame wiring harness along the right longitudinal frame member. Action: check the wiring harness and repair as necessary. Manufacturer ID: 1804U54W06-SRU1901. Number affected: 92. Vehicle IDs: WDB4050901V247297 to WDB4052222V252109.

Alexander Dennis E200 and E300 (2002-2018 builds)

The rear suspension spring locating bolt could fail and migrate. Also: front spring may fail allowing excess axle movement. Actions: fitment of an anti-migration bracket (on rear suspension), and fitting of an axle catcher bracket and bush to limit movement (front suspension). No manufacturer reference given. Number affected: 5,847. Vehicle IDs: SFD111AR14GG10152 to SFD8S1AR6HGY16518.

Volvo Truck FH FM 4 (no date range given)

Premature degradation of emission control component. Action: If found, then replacement of silencer. Manufacturer reference: M0059. Number affected: 432. Vehicle IDs: 688829 to 825161.

Scania bus KEB Caetano Levante III (2017-2019 builds)

Bolts in the front chassis module may become loose. Action: replace missing bolts and tighten all of the bolts to manufacturers recommended torque setting. Manufacturer’s reference: RC199997. Number affected: 114. Vehicle IDs: 1902961 to 1915430.

DAF Trucks LF CF (2019 build)

Torque values on the propshaft centre bearing and drive flange may be incorrect. Action: check and torque the propshaft centre bearing and drive flange. Manufacturer reference: 607. Number affected: 299. Vehicle IDs: XLRAEL1500L490179 to XLRAEL3700L490841, XLRAEM3700G281370 to XLRASM4700G283532, respectively.

Volvo Truck FL FE DE 3 (no date range given)

Premature degradation of emission control component. Action: If found, then replacement of silencer. Manufacturer reference: M0079, M0092, M0097. Number affected: 1,278. Vehicle IDs: (not given).

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Unimog Euro IV series 405 (2013-2019 builds)

The transmission-reversing group may be switched from hydrostatic to manual transmission unintentionally. Action: software update of the transmission control unit. Manufacturer reference: SRU1902. Number affected: 17. Vehicle IDs: WDB4051041V244306 to WDB4052021V256087.

Scania truck LPGRS (2017-2019 builds)

If the hand control is released when activating parking brake the brake system may release the parking brake inadvertently. Action: a software update on the control unit EPB1 is to be carried out. Manufacturer’s reference: RC191624. Number affected: 2,876. Vehicle IDs: (not given).

Scania bus FK N (2019-2020 builds)

Incorrect heat shrink tubing on the battery positive cable terminal/harness connected to the fuse board. Action: check and rectify the heat shrink tubing on the cable terminal/harness if necessary. Manufacturer reference: RC201613. Number affected: 344. Vehicle IDs: YS2K4X20001912473 to YS2N4X20001917882.

MAN TGS (2013-2019 builds)

The seat scissor and/or guide rail of the driver's seat can break. Action: Check the correct installation of the securing strap on the seat scissor of the driver's seat. Fit or re-position if necessary. Manufacturer reference: 7116TR. Number affected: 1,828. Vehicle IDs: WMA03WZZ0HM731028 to WMA90SZZ8JM785997.

Scania truck PGR with Euro VI (2014-2015 builds)

Vehicles may not comply with specific emissions criteria. Action: carry out a SOPS software conversion or evidence exemption compliance. Manufacturer reference: RC201612. Vehicle IDs: YS2G8X40005409828 to YS2R6X20009187281.

Volvo Bus B5LH, B5TL and B5TL (3), B8RLE and B8RLE (3) (2013-2018 builds)

The electric steering pump inverter shuts off when the ignition is switched off even if the vehicle is moving. Action: Change the steering pump wiring. Manufacturer reference: C5734. Number affected: 3,514. Vehicle IDs: YV3T7U520EA163244 to YV3T9U226KA193844, YV3T7U520EA163244 to YV3T9U226KA193844, YV3T7U520EA163244 to YV3T9U226KA193844, YV3T7U520EA163244 to YV3T9U226KA193844 and YV3T7U520EA163244 to YV3T9U226KA193844, respectively.

Volvo Truck FH FM 4 (2018 builds)

Possibility of painted wheel rims becoming loose. Action: the wheels must be replaced. Manufacturer reference: CO117. Number affected: 6. Vehicle IDs: ***********836619 to ***********840562.

Renault Trucks D range and D Range Narrow (2013-2018)

Premature degradation of emission control component. Action: If found, then replacement of silencer. Manufacturer references: M0077, M0078, M0091, M0098, M0100. Number affected: 233. Vehicle IDs: VF640J560EB000587 to VF640J86XHB004727, VF620A861GB000071 to VF640J86XGB002278 and VF620A868HB000103 to VF640J86XGB001972. (M0077 and M0078 vehicle IDs not given).

Volvo truck FH 4 (2020 builds)

The stop screws for the pin between the fifth wheel plate and pedestal might be missing. Action: fit the stop screws where required. Number affected: 5. Vehicle IDs: 308966 to 310624.

Scania bus K N Euro VI (2015-2016 builds)

The material composition of the gas system high pressure regulator has been found to be outside of specification. Check the component serial number and renew the high pressure regulator if it is in the defined batch of defective components. Manufacturer reference: RC 190323. Number affected: 6. Vehicle IDs: YS2N4X20001894415 to YS2N4X20001900258.

Scania truck LPGRS (2018 build)

Malfunctions in the heat exchanger for the LNG fuel tank heating may result in very cold liquefied gas reaching components that are not designed to withstand such low temperatures. Action: carry out a software update to engine and gas management systems creating control measures and a warning light in the event of a fault occurring. Manufacturer reference: RC201608. Number affected: 7. Vehicle IDs: YS2G4X20005529646 to YS2R4X20005510563.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Atego, Arocs, Actros (2018-2019 builds)

One or more threaded connections of the steering bracket may not have been correctly secured. Action: check, loosen and correctly apply the required tightening torque to the affected connections. Manufacturer reference: BEF-LENK SRL 1905. Number affected: 22. Vehicle IDs: WDB96702420347593 to WDB96700120369939, WDB96420020326615 to WDB96420020326615 and WDB96340320333974 to WDB96342320391588, respectively.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Actros 963 Arocs 964 (2019-2020 builds)

The connections of the ASAM control unit may not be correctly engaged. Action: check the engagement of the connectors on affected vehicles and correct where required. Manufacturer reference: SRL1907 STG-ASAM. Number affected: 97. Vehicle IDs: (not given).

Mercedes-Benz bus Citaro and Conecto (2015-2019 builds)

Potential for a thermal overload of auxiliary switchboard. Action: Check if an auxiliary switchboard with the batch 35/2015 or 36/2015 has been installed, and if necessary replace the panel with an improved version. Manufacturer reference: HRB17316. Number affected: 23. Vehicle IDs: (not given).

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Econic 956.4 NGT (2016-2019 builds)

The aluminium housing on the high pressure side of the gas pressure regulator may develop cracks. Action: replace the gas pressure regulator on affected vehicles. Manufacturer reference: SRL1902. Number affected: 35. Vehicle IDs: WDB9564312V257980 to WDB9564332V258065.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Actros 963 Antos 963 Arocs 964 Atego 967 Econic 956 with OM93x engines (2013-2019 builds)

The rigidity values of the support sleeves on the threaded connection of the high-pressure fuel lines may be lower than the prescribed values. As a result, high-pressure fuel lines may leak. Manufacturer reference: SRL1904 HUELSE-LTG. Number affected: 166. Vehicle IDs: (not supplied).

Volvo bus B5LH (2013-2019 builds)

Feed knob starter switch support spring failure could possibly result in ignition-off whilst vehicle is in motion. Action: change Starter switchbharness & cover to new version, if not already fitted. Manufacturer reference: C5851. Number affected: 1,497. Vehicle IDs: YV3T1U227DA161950 to YV3T1U222KA196585.

Volvo truck FH, FH 4 (2019 builds)

There is a too short a distance between exhaust outlet and the right-hand first driven axle brake chamber. A new design and installation of the exhaust end pipe will be implemented. Number affected: 2. Vehicle IDs: A-855838, A-856451.

Mercedes-Benz bus Citaro (2016-2018 builds)

Driver’s cabin door may not open due to corrosion in the wiring junction. Action: retrofit a suitable cover above the star wiring junction to prevent liquid ingress. Manufacturer’s reference: TI182.00M19032A. Number affected: 78. Vehicle IDs: (not given).