DSVA recalls

Volvo bus B11R (3) (2016-2019 builds)

Due to an incorrect signal value received by the vds motor the steering motor can provide steering input without any input from the driver. Action: update VDS software and calibrate the active steering. Manufacturer reference: C5752. Number affected: 286. Vehicle IDs: YV3T2U829GA177964 to YV3T2U829L1201013.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Actros 963

The main leaf or the ancillary leaf of the 2-leaf spring of the front axle could fracture. Action: inspect, and leaf springs showing signs of corrosion will be exchanged. Manufacturer reference: V-FEDER SRL1903. Number affected: 3. Vehicle IDs: WDF9634031B984795, WDF9634031B991253 and WDF9634031B983752.

DAF Trucks LF, XF and CF (2017-2019 builds)

Possible failure of flexible air brake hose to the front axle. Action: Replace affected hoses with an updated component. Manufacturer reference: 613. Number affected: 75. Vehicle IDs: XLRASM4100G248229 to XLRTSH4300G253350.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Actros 963 and Arocs 964 (2019 builds)

When using an auxiliary starter facility there is a risk that the ignition can be automatically switched off while the vehicle is being driven. Action: change the switch-off time by means of a software change. Manufacturer reference: SRL1906 FREMDSTART. Number affected: 743. Vehicle IDs: 327359 to 433194.

Renault Trucks T High, T, C and K ranges (2013-2017)

Premature degradation of emission control component. Action: If found, then replacement of silencer. Manufacturer reference: M0071, M0082, M0104. Number affected: 576. Vehicle IDs: VF610A360GD003227 to VF631S165ED000190, VF610A360GD003227 to VF631S165ED000190, VF610A360GD003227 to VF631S165ED000190 and VF610A360GD003227 to VF631S165ED000190, respectively. (Vehicle IDs not given for M0071 nor M0082).

Renault Trucks C and K ranges (2013-2019)

Premature degradation of emission control component. Action: If found, then replacement of silencer. Manufacturer reference: M0083, M0105. Number affected: 743. Vehicle IDs: VF630S160ED000083 to VF631S362JD000638 and VF630S160ED000083 to VF631S362JD000638, respectively. (M0083 vehicle IDs not given).

DEL Column Lifts

DEL has identified a potential risk on a limited number of side arm failures on some models of DEL Column Tail Lifts. On these models we have found some side arms showing signs of cracking.

Products potentially affected include:
a. TL500 (built after 01/01/06)
b. TL1000 (built after 01/01/06)
c. DT500 (built after 01/06/09)
d. DT1000 (built after 01/06/09)
e. S1500MK5 (built after 01/03/19, note only MK5 type affected)
f. DD750 lifts.

Users are urged to contact DEL with:
1. Tail lift Serial...

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 468 RHD (2011-2017 builds)

In severe collisions, the electrical wiring harness of the airbag control unit could be damaged. The OEM reports that the electrical wiring harness of the airbag control unit must be relocated. Number affected: 6,110. Manufacturer reference: SRC1806. Vehicle IDs: TYAFEB01GRDY09843- TYAFEC71KRDY04881.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3363 (2017-2018 builds)

The fender bracket may crack and become insecure at the welded structure between the rear axles. Garages are told to replace the bracket with a modified component. Number affected: 38. Manufacturer reference: SRL1807. Vehicle IDs: WDB96441610115557 to WDB9644162L992493.

Ford Transit and Transit Custom (2017 builds)

An incorrectly-torqued left hand seatbelt to seatbelt shoulder height adjuster bolt has been identified. Garages are instructed to replace the left hand seatbelt and shoulder height adjuster with new parts. Number affected: 3. Manufacturer reference: 18S41. Vehicle IDs: WF0XXXTTGXHP29510 to WF0PXXGCHPKC23226, and WF0XXXTTGXHP29510 to WF0YXXTTGYHR85546.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 906 facelift with OM651 engine (2013-2018 builds)

A failure of the glow plug relay may result in an electrical short circuit and in overheating of the component. Number affected: 114,055. Manufacturer reference: SRV1900. Vehicle IDs: WDB906****N560540 to WDB906****N773438; WDB906****S830372 to WDB906****S999786; WDB906****P100012 to WDB906****P647682; WDB906****P999931 to WDB906****P999964.

Citroen Berlingo vans (2017-2019 builds)

The OEM warns that the handbrake mechanism may not be correct, according to specification. Number affected: 89. Manufacturer reference: GSR. Vehicle IDs: VF7******JJ672671 to VF7******JJ838419.

Toyota Proace (2016-2018 builds)

Recall 1: The air conditioning compressor pulley could break and damage other components. The intervention involves installing a pulley with improved design. Number affected: 1,355. Manufacturer reference: LGGB0. Vehicle IDs: GZ011333-GZ016153 and GZ102379-GZ111831. Recall 2: one of the bolts holding the front suspension arm on the chassis could potentially be deformed/elongated. Number affected: 8. Manufacturer reference: LGGB1. Vehicle IDs: GZ052214-GZ106049 and GZ132063-GZ132889. Recall 3:...

Isuzu Truck NLR, NNR and NPR (2017 builds)

There is a possibility that insufficient torque was applied to the retaining bolts of the propshaft. Garages are advised to replace any bolts, nuts or washers that may have already become detached, and re-torque the propshaft retaining bolts. Number affected: 127. Manufacturer reference: W1072. Vehicle IDs as follows. NLR: JAANLR85FH7101090- JAANLR87HH7100656; NNR: JAANNR85HH7100339-JAANNR85HH7100339; NPR: JAANPR75HH7104179- JAANPR85KH7100892.

Volvo FH FM 4 (2019 builds)

The EGR oil hose geometry is out of specification. Garages are instructed to replace the EGR oil hose between the EGR valve and the oil filter housing. Number affected: 39. Manufacturer reference: FH FM 4. Vehicle IDs: 843369-904403.

Volvo Bus B5TL and B11R (2018 builds)

There is possibly a defective self-adjuster function in the brake caliper housing. Garages are asked to inspect the brake housings and replace them if found faulty. Number affected: 37. Manufacturer reference: C5598. Vehicle IDs: YV3T2U822KA193237- YV3T9U220KA193306.

Volvo Trucks FH, FM 4, FE 3, FMX (2018 builds)

The self-adjusting function in the brake caliper housing may be non-functional. Garages are asked to inspect the brake housings and replace them if found faulty. Number affected: 262. No manufacturer reference given. Vehicle IDs as follows. FH: 832940-839841; FE: 121576-121977; FM: 832915-839868 and 876668-891367; FH: 876635-878735; FMX: 876691-879613 and 833875-839834.

Renault Trucks T, T High, C and K Ranges (2018 builds)

The automatic brake adjuster may fail, allowing the brake adjustment to wind off. Garages are instructed to replace the automatic brake adjuster housing on the calliper of each affected wheel. Number affected: 119. Manufacturer reference: C0086/1D4. (No vehicle IDs supplied).

Ford Transit Connect (2016-2018 builds)

A number of vehicles fitted with a 1.0, 1.5 or 1.6 Ecoboost engine and six-speed manual transmission could suffer clutch pressure plate fracture. This results in clutch smell, reduced vehicle speed and performance. In the unlikely event of clutch pressure plate fracture, a noise (thud / bang) could be heard from the vicinity of the transmission, in extreme cases resulting in clutch / transmission fragments being released and striking under hood components, creating a risk of smoke and fire from...

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907 & 910, as well as Sprinter 906 and Vito 447 (2018 builds)

An incorrect operating lever might have been installed to the door locks on the right side of the vehicle. For Sprinter 907 & 910: number affected: 437. Manufacturer reference: SRV1819. Vehicle IDs: WDB9071332N005507-WDB9076352P015744 and WDB9106232P012635-WDB9106332P012733. For Sprinter 906: number affected: 365. Manufacturer reference: SRV1818. Vehicle IDs: WDB9066112P640827-WDB9066572P645252. For Vito 447: number affected: 16. Manufacturer reference: SRX1803. Vehicle IDs: WDF44760323511711-...

Mercedes-Benz Actros 963/964 (2017-2018 builds)

The front end flap air deflector outer section does not match current series production specifications; as a result the front air deflector may become detached. Number affected: 4,777. Manufacturer reference: SRL1805. (No vehicle IDs given.)

Volvo trucks FH FM 4 (2018-2019 builds)

The steering link rod joint clamp may be insecure, because the link rod retainer joint torque tightening process was not sufficiently secured. Garages are told to check the torque on the link rod and if applicable replace the link rod. Number affected: 9. Manufacturer reference: FH FM 4. Vehicle IDs: 890493-897370.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 910 (2018 builds)

The bolted connection between the steering shaft and steering gear may have been fitted with a bolt of the wrong length. Number affected: 7. Manufacturer reference: SRV1817. Vehicle IDs: WDB9106232P029550-WDB9106332P029566.

Optare Solo, Versa, MetroCity and Tempo buses (2005-2019 builds)

The battery surge protector could fail and cause a risk of fire. As a result, they are to be removed from the system. Number affected: 2,575. Manufacturer reference: 30130. Vehicle IDs as follows: Solo: SABFNJAF09R193111-SABLCK2A8HS291477. Versa: SABWW5ACEAL320239-SABWWYSCHCS320552. MetroCity: SAB4HD2A3HS400171-SABWW0ML0ES400007. Tempo: SAB28000000000019-SABKWVATH8B280107.

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo (2018-2019 builds)

The contact surface for the transverse link connection on the bearing pedestal does not conform to design, according to the OEM. There are missing cut-outs on the edges of the mounting surface for the upper transverse control arm. As a result, garages are being required to rework the mounting surface to ensure a proper contact to the upper transverse control arm. Manufacturer reference: 61.25U19041A. Number affected: 304. Vehicle IDs: WEB41054523001137-WEB41057523001623.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus (2018 build)

The roof cover for hybrid storage batteries could become detached; new, revised mounting brackets and fixings are to be fitted. Number affected: 1. Manufacturer reference: TI65.00M19027A. Vehicle ID: WEB62801623136439.

Peugeot Expert 4/Citroen Dispatch IV (2015-2018 builds)

Excessive loading of the front suspension could result in the loosening of the front wishbone lower ball joints. The remedial action is to tighten the ball joint and adding thread lock to the ball joint threads; if the ball joint threads are found to be rusty, the ball joint will be replaced. Peugeot reference: JHK. Citroen reference: GQH. Number affected: 2,942 Peugeots; 2,633 Citroens. Peugeot vehicle IDs: VF3******JZ050666 to VF3******JZ056550. Citroen vehicle IDs: VF7******GZ012398 to...

MAN TGA, TGS and TGX (2004-2016 builds)

Potential for premature failure of the propshaft universal joint. Remedial action: replace propshaft and with a modified unit that can be greased at one end (the axle end). Propshaft is to be replaced every 300,000km. Manufacturer reference: 6483TR. Number affected: 390. Vehicle IDs: WMAH18ZZ85W056453 to WMA18XZZ4GP068278.

VW Transporter (2002 build)

The driver airbag generator housing could come loose. Increased humidity may have affected the gas generator propellant for the driver’s airbag. The remedial action is to replace the gas generator of the front airbag on the driver side. Manufacturer reference: 69X3. Number affected: 786 (including also VW Golf, Bora and Passat models). Vehicle IDs: WVWZZZ1JZ3U029946 to WVWZZZ1JZ3U031793; WVWZZZ1JZ3P060672 to WVWZZZ1JZ3P061034; WVWZZZ1JZ3D009898 to WVWZZZ1JZ3D010502; WVWZZZ1JZ3W139145 to...

Renault Trafic (2018 build)

The rear seatbelt may become stuck due to an incorrect fitting of the reel housing. Manufacturer reference: 0D05. Number affected: 5. Vehicle IDs: VF1JL000459003318 to VF1JL000859003368

Citroen Dispatch IV (2016-2018 builds)

The steering rack assembly may not be correct to specification. The remedial action is to replace the steering rack assembly and the fixings. Manufacturer reference: GPK. Number affected: 10. Vehicle IDs: VF7******HZ020550 to VF7******HZ058023.

Peugeot Expert 4/Citroen Dispatch IV (2015-2018)

Under certain driving conditions the air conditioning compressor pulley could break, risking damage to other components. Remedial action is to replace the air conditioning compressor pulley and if necessary the protective cover. Peugeot reference: JCP; Citroen reference: GCD. Number affected: 2,643 Peugeots; 2,310 Citroens. Peugeot vehicle IDs: VF3******HZ001736 to VF3******HZ083862; Citroen vehicle IDs: VF7******GZ012398 to VF7******JZ033698.

Citroen Dispatch IV/Peugeot Expert 4 (2016-2018 builds)

The rear suspension wishbone mounting bolts may not be correct to specification. Service agents are to replace them. Manufacturer reference: GPM. Number affected: 313 Citroens; 326 Peugeots. Citroen vehicle IDs: VF7******JZ079186 to VF7******HZ011395. Peugeot vehicle IDs: VF3******JZ050666 to VF3******JZ056550

Citroen Dispatch IV (2016-2018 builds)

The fixing bolt of the front suspension wishbone may not be correct to specification. Service agents are to replace the fixing bolts and nuts of the front suspension wishbones. Manufacturer reference: GNR. Number affected: 47. Vehicle IDs: VF7******JZ022686 to VF7******HZ031529

Mercedes-Benz Econic (2015-2018 builds)

The rear axle brake pipes may chafe on the propeller shaft when the suspension is at its lowest position. As a result, the dealer is to check, and, if required, reposition, repair or replace the brake pipe. Manufacturer reference: SRL1806. Number affected: 75. Vehicle IDs: WDB9560332V240571 to WDB9560332V253951.

Mercedes-Benz Vans: Sprinter 907 and 910 (2018 builds)

The post-collision brake function within the Electronic Stability Programme was not activated during production; the recall will involve updating the ESP. Manufacturer reference: SRV1809. Number affected: 149. Vehicle IDs: WDB9106332P000797 to WDB9106332P004362; WDB9071332N001063 to WDB9071332N001476; WDB9076452P003641 to WDB9076452P004242; WDB9076332P003157 to WDB9076332P004204; WDB9076352P003636 to WDB9076352P004185; WDB9076552P003670 to WDB9076552P003670.

Also, a separate recall on the same...

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo Bus (2017-2018 builds)

The drop arm does not conform to prescribed specification; it needs to be checked and replaced, if necessary. Manufacturer reference: TI46.40U10716A. Number affected: 44. Vehicle IDs: WEB41054523001134 to WEB41057523001167

Fruehauf Mercedes Arocs tipper body subframe (2015 build)

Cracked chassis/side members and/or twisting/deformation of the chassis affect 10 units. Manufacturer reference: Tipper Recall SM/DT. Number affected: 10. Vehicle IDs: WDB9642302L938432 to WDB9642302L947426

Volvo FL3 truck (2018 build)

The screw/nut for the cab tilt cylinder might come loose. Remedial action: inspect, and if necessary, replace screw nut and spacer in tilt cylinder upper attachment. Manufacturer reference: C0078. Number affected: 8. (No vehicle IDs given).

Mercedes-Benz Vans: Citan 415 (2018 build)

A hole may appear in the heat shield connection at the diesel particulate filter/catalytic converter housing, due to a fault in the welding process. Manufacturer reference: SRV1807. Number affected: 7. Vehicle IDs: WDF4156032U199010 to WDF4156032U241768

Mercedes-Benz Vito 447 (2014-2018 builds)

Software updates across multiple control units improves the vehicles’ emissions performance. Manufacturer’s reference: SRV1813. Number affected: 16,778. Vehicle IDs: WDF44760123048977 to WDF44760123218917; WDF44760323018968 to WDF44760323219342; WDF44760523048767 to WDF44760523219094; WDF44770123055937 to WDF44770123218863; WDF44770323020435 to WDF44770323219460; WDF44770513112467 to WDF44770523213775; WDF44770123051541 to WDF44770123478496; WDF44770523052349 to WDF44770523478086;...

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo and Citaro buses (2018 builds)

The vehicles’ USB charging sockets stop working and may overheat. Manufacturer’s reference: TI82.00M18010A. Number affected: 55. Vehicle IDs: WEB41055523001279 to WEB62801623136655.

Renault Kangoo Van (2018 build)

The van’s catalytic converter is welded incorrectly. Manufacturer reference: 0CW2. Number affected: 1. Vehicle ID: VF1FW51H160199226

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907 (2018 builds)

The van’s blind spot monitoring system’s exit warning is inoperable after the ignition is switched off. A software update is required. Manufacturer reference: SRV1806. Number affected: 31. Vehicle IDs: WDB9076332P006960 to WDB9076332P006960; WDB9076352P004976 to WDB9076352P006983; WDB9077332P005171 to WDB9077332P005322

Hyundai 1800 iload (2018 builds)

The rear sliding door may close suddenly; this is caused by the catch that holds the doors open not functioning properly. Manufacturer reference: 80C050. Number affected: 4. Vehicle IDs: KMJWA37KMJU984404 to KMHWG81KAJU990193.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907/910 (2018 builds)

The backlight illumination of the hazard warning push-button switch is deactivated after approximately 20 minutes driving due to faulty software, and should be reset. Manufacturer reference: SRV1808. Number affected: 770. Vehicle IDs: WDB9071332N001063 to WDB9071332N002737; WDB9071352N001769 to WDB9071352N002757; WDB9076332P003149 to WDB9076332P006965; WDB9076352P003636 to WDB9076352P007102; WDB9076452P003641 to WDB9076452P004242; WDB9076552P003670 to WDB9076552P005892; WDB9077332P005171 to...

Volvo bus (2011-2018 builds)

The seat attachment rails may lack the stipulated extra rivets at the end of each rail. The remedial action is to check the assembly and install additional rivets as required. Manufacturer reference: C5519. Number affected: 158. Vehicle IDs: YV3T2P425B1148509 to YV3T2U826J1191053

Mercedes-Benz bus (2018 build)

Error in the documentation for system and vehicle type approval. Manufacturer reference: Ti86.60U10682A . Number affected: 1. Vehicle ID: WEB41056523001162

Mercedes-Benz Vans (2013-2018 builds)

The ‘airbag off’ indicator lamp does not light up if the front passenger seat is recognised to be unoccupied. Manufacturer reference: SRX1802. Number affected: 36. Vehicle IDs: WDF44760323191981 to WDF44770523278313

Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus (2003-2004 builds)

In this fault, the anti-entrapment protection of the pneumatic outward-opening door stops working after de-powering of the door. Manufacturer reference: T172.40M10699B. Number affected: 195. Vehicle IDs: WEB62804323103391 to WEB62824323105181