Driver CPC: no last minute reprieve, says FTA

There will be no last minute reprieve on Driver CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence). That's the warning for passenger vehicle operators from the FTA (Freight Transport Association).
James Firth, FTA's head of road freight and enforcement policy, is reminding operators that there are just six months to go until the deadline for completion of Driver CPC training for PCVs (passenger carrying vehicles). Non compliant drivers must now receive the training as a matter of urgency, he says. "This is a reality that is not going to go away. If the required 35 hours of Driver CPC training is not completed before the 10 September deadline, Traffic Commissioners will take action against vocational drivers and the operators who allow them to drive illegally," warns Firth. "If there is a last minute rush to book courses, it is the quality training that will be squeezed first, so we advise companies to book now to make sure their drivers receive the best possible training," he adds. To help operators choose the best courses, FTA has issued its top tips on what to look out. Apart from ensuring that the course provider and content are approved by the Joint Approval Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT), FTA recommends that operators ask seven questions to get the most from their Driver CPC course. 1. Is there a post-course test? 2. Are trainers qualified to teach? 3. Does the provider know the industry? 4. Is the provider experienced and credible? 5. Is the syllabus relevant and useful? 6. Does the course format hold drivers' attention? 7. Will they get the admin right? For more information, use the link below.

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