DVSA names and shames operators for 2021 safety offences

DVSA has published enforcement statistics naming operators and the offences covering the 2021 calendar year.

It said: “We hope that publishing this data will remind operators who don’t operate within the rules that they put road users and their reputation at risk. There is guidance on how to keep heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and public service vehicles (PSVs) safe to drive on GOV.UK. We want to thank the majority of vehicle operators for following the rules, helping to keep everyone safe on Britain’s roads.”

The data covers road safety offences committed by operators in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) from January to December 2021. There are separate tables for HGV and PSV operators.

These reports include defects and offences DVSA found during roadside checks and during visits to operator sites. They do not include data from offences found by the police.

DVSA admits that if an offence is challenged by the operator and DVSA agrees with them, it might still show on the report.

The lists are available via

In total, there were 29,347 listings of HGV operators and 554 PSV operators with at least one infraction in the 2021 table, however some companies were listed multiple times.

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