DVSA to change rules about FRT placement in April

DVSA has reported that free rolling tyres, marked ‘FRT’, which are intended for use on non-steer, non-drive axles of trucks and trailers, will fail a vehicle at annual inspection when found on a front steer axle from April 2023.

Previously, only fitment of FRTs on drive axles resulted in a major failure.

Until April 2023, FRTs fitted to steering axles may be issued with an advisory at annual test.

DVSA said: “A robust tyre management system is an essential part of any operator’s maintenance system.

This includes in-service tyres which are appropriate for the vehicle and positions which they are fitted to.

“Tyre checks should be part of a driver’s daily walkaround checks – as well as the regular management controls that operators need to have in place. Vehicles which are being used for a driving test must be compliant. We will refuse to carry out a test if vehicles are not in a roadworthy condition.”

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