Fedex orders Stertil lift for workshop upgrade

FedEX UK has invested in Stertil-Koni's ST4120 heavy-duty 4-post lift, complemented by an air hydraulic jacking beam to support wheel-free maintenance.
(Image credit: Stertil Koni)

With more than 4,000 employees and contractors, and a fleet of 2,200 vehicles nationwide, FedEx UK is said to deliver more than 170,000 shipments every day from 66 depots across the country.

The Maidstone site in Kent supports FedEx by providing servicing and maintenance for its fleet of road vehicles.

According to Stertil, the 12t vehicle lift, ST4120, stands out not only for its reliable lifting technology and crossbeam-free design, but also for its low drive-on height. While simplifying the positioning of low ground clearance vehicles, the design of the approach ramps enables them to automatically tuck in as the lift rises to create an obstruction-free area around the lifts. Additionally, the two 8 metre platforms can be adjusted inwards to cater to vehicles with narrower axle widths, thereby extending the working range of the lift.

A hydraulic system is electronically controlled on the ST4120 to ensure smooth lifting and lowering cycles, even in the event of uneven load distribution. Other safety features include impact-resistant LED lights that switch on and off automatically just above floor level, supported by an audible warning signal for foot-trap protection.

The patented mechanical locking system works independently of the lifting system and is permanently enabled. The mechanical locking, which is activated by gravity alone, is expected to guarantee safety alongside an integrated pressure-relief valve that prevents all four lifting columns from becoming overloaded.

Stertil-Koni’s ebright Smart Control System allows operation of the lift from a control box attached to one of the posts. Precise raising and lowering of vehicles is controlled by the patented eBright system, which features a touch-screen panel interface.

The sale was conducted via one of Stertil-Koni’s distributors, CCS Garage Equipment, based in Leigh, Lancashire.

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