FleetCheck enables Wolesely UK DVSA accreditation

FleetCheck software has enabled Wolseley UK’s new earned recognition accreditation from the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The DVSA’s earned recognition is a voluntary scheme that allows fleets to prove they meet driver and vehicle standards by continuously monitoring their own compliance using approved software such as FleetCheck.

Wolseley UK is a Warwick-based plumbing, heating and cooling trade specialist merchant that operates a fleet of more than 800 vehicles across the UK, including vans, heavy goods vehicles and cranes. It operates FleetCheck’s fleet management system to produce all the maintenance key performance indicators required by the DVSA, which are then sent to the official body on a weekly basis.

FleetCheck’s Driver app is also used to perform digital vehicle checks and all defect reporting takes place through the software, which also collects relevant data from some of Wolseley UK’s suppliers through bespoke interfaces.

FleetCheck managing director Peter Golding said: “Earned Recognition saves time and increases accuracy for businesses operating commercial vehicles, as well as underlining their commitment to a genuine safety culture. More and more of our users – and fleets in general – are choosing to use it.”

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