DVSA shows off mobile inspection unit

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has showcased its latest tool to take dangerous drivers and vehicles off Britain’s road network.

The Mobile Inspection Unit (MIU) is a portable vehicle check site which boasts a range of vehicle inspection capabilities. The facilities rival DVSA’s most capable of enforcement sites, and include a roller brake tester, under vehicle inspection cameras, shaker pads, weigh pads, vehicle calibration and tachograph analysis equipment.

When fully operational, the MIU can be deployed in a matter of minutes and will allow DVSA to be less predictable in its quest to tackle these dangerous operators. DVSA’s intelligence unit has insight that some non-compliant operators deliberately change their routes to avoid known DVSA sites.

The MIU presents DVSA with the opportunity to be less predictable and stop potentially dangerous heavy vehicles on these alternative routes.

The MIU is transported by using a standard container trailer. DVSA contracts the haulage out to an Earned Recognition operator at a competitive rate. As the unit is self-loading and self-unloading, it requires no additional special equipment to use.

The procurement and build cost of the MIU is significantly less than any rebuild or installation costs for equipment with the same capabilities at a fixed site. It will also provide efficiency savings as vehicles can be examined more thoroughly and at greater speed.

In theory, it can be used in or on any large, flat, surfaced area where heavy vehicles are present.

This is a pilot, and the kit will be trialled at fixed check sites across the country over the next few months.

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