FTA welcomes new construction logistics standard for cyclist safety

Road Safety
The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is voicing its support for the launch of a single standard for construction vehicles in London to improve cyclist safety.
The standard, launched yesterday (9 December), has been developed by the logistics and construction industries, with the backing of Transport for London. FTA, and some of its members, participated in the expert working group that defined the standards. Christopher Snelling, FTA's head of urban logistics policy, described it as a "major initiative", adding: "It is a good example of the right way to tackle safety issues. "A specific focus has been identified – tipper lorries, used as part of construction logistics, are involved in a relatively high proportion of cyclist fatalities. The measures set out are those shown by industry testing and use to be beneficial to safety, not ones that are just designed to grab headlines." However, he said, the standard is one element of improving safety and needs to be backed by enforcement against road freight operators who break the law. And, he added: "Public authorities need to improve the roads and cycling infrastructure. There is also a need for cyclists to take up training, make themselves visible and to understand how HGVs manoeuvre so they do not put themselves at unnecessary risk."

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