J Web enhances safety via Totalkare brake tester

Shropshire-based J Webb Mechanical Services has made an advancement in its service capabilities with the purchase of an agricultural brake tester from Totalkare.
(Image credit: Totalkare)

The company is using the brake tester to enhance the safety of its agricultural trailers in anticipation of more stringent regulations being enforced in future.

The brake tester offers a comprehensive analysis of the condition and efficiency of brakes on each axle, pinpointing specific problem areas.

One of the main features of the mobile brake tester is its built-in axle pull-down system and hydraulic power station, which allows the brakes to be operated independently of the tractor. This is said to ensure that every test yields precise and reliable results.

Capable of handling axle loads between 16,000kg and 20,000kg, the brake tester is versatile enough to accommodate a range of agricultural vehicles. Its design includes single or bi-directional rollers, further enhancing its adaptability in various testing scenarios.

John Webb from J Webb Mechanical Services said: “Our top priority has always been to increase safety and awareness of vehicle maintenance within the agricultural sector. The addition of Totalkare’s agricultural brake tester allows us to offer a new level of service, ensuring that both the brakes of our trailers and our clients’ trailers are checked for their safety”.

George Georgiou, Totalkare area sales manager for Totalkare said: “It’s great to see J Webb pushing for increased levels of brake testing in the agricultural industry as many accidents could be prevented by testing the brakes of trailers and making the required adjustments. Our agricultural mobile brake tester is a vital piece of equipment to ensure the brakes of agricultural trailers are functioning and maintained correctly meeting all legislations.”

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